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The head of a golden BuddhaThe head of a golden Buddha statue located near the grand palace.
A giant guard statue.A giant buddha statue standing in front of a very old buddhist temple. A buddha statue located at the Royal Grand Palace.A detailed picture from a buddha statue located at the RoyalGrand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.
A royal palace buddha statueThis is also the buddha statue located at the royal palace in BangkokThailand, taken from a greater distance. A buddha statue in front of an old temple.This is very old buddhist temple with a buddha statue who is wearing a yellow robe. A Laughing Buddha.A Laughing Buddha they mostly located near by the royal palace or in the temples.
Wood Carve Buddha.Wood Carve Buddha can also be found in any temples and souvenir shops in Thailand.
Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai is an active temple, with 70 resident monks living and working there at the last count. The temple was built between 1911 and 1918 in the style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), with symmetrical halls and courtyards, upturned eaves, and bright saffron yellow walls, making it readily identifiable. Inside, the centerpiece is a 1.9-meter-high white jade Buddha, which was installed after a monk brought it from Burma to Zhejiang Province in 1882. Alongside the temple is a branch of the Antiques and Curio Store, which sells miniature sandalwood drums and gongs, replicas of the large ones used in ceremonies. Based on the culinary system of Buddhist temples, the vegetarian restaurant at Jade Buddha Temple combines it with the cooking techniques of Shanghai cuisine. The Temple of the Tooth (Dalada Maligawa) is the most venerated shrine on the island as it contains an important Buddhist relic held within an inner sanctuary, a tooth from Buddha himself.

Images are continually being added to the Lankapura website, so be sure to visit frequently. In the large hall there are three gold-plated Buddhas, and other halls house ferocious-looking deities.
It is believed that the tooth was snatched from the flames of the Buddha’s funeral pyre in the 6th century BC and smuggled into Sri Lanka for safe-keeping in the 4th century AD, hidden in the hair of a princess. Additionally, it houses what Buddhist leaders regard because the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic in a stupa made up of 320kg of gold donated by devotees.
This free photo may be used for different types of artworks, like digital presentations, books, web design, videogames, exibitions and more. As one of the most important Buddhist relics, it was moved to various capitals by successive kings until it was finally enshrined in Kandy in the 16th century. Little remains of the original shrine and the present structure mostly dates from the late 17th century.
The full stock photos collection includes thousands of photos; more photos related to "Lama temple god Buddha" are available in the section lama temple. The relic is carried in procession in a casket on the back of an elephant during the famous Festival of the August Moon (Esala Perahara), accompanied by traditional dancers and chieftains wearing the regalia and dress of the ancient Kandyan Kings. In the process of restoring a collapsed stupa (Buddhist relic structure) and Buddha statue, Ven.
Cakkapala and the assistants were said to have discovered the tooth within a stupa of solid gold on Bagan Hill. Shi agreed to help and in August, he visited the Bandula Monastery and formed a detailed relationship with the elderly Ven. Cakkapala found its way to Singapore, where he visited the Golden Pagoda Temple and also the Metta Welfare Association, founded by Ven.

Shi, adding that the monastery should be built to house the relic and receive Buddhist pilgrims. Shi secluded himself inside a year-long retreat and emerged using the inspiration for the name from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. He seemed to be set on the temple’s architectural style being with different mandala (Buddhist diagram representing the universe) in addition to incorporating the Buddhist art from the Tang dynasty of China. Chinatown was chosen for that proposed temple’s location, with Ven. Shi stating that he hoped the BTRTM would increase the vibrancy and heritage from the area. The project seemed to be supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), which noticed that the BTRTM would add to Chinatown’s attract visitors interested in religious attractions. The BTRTM was registered using the Registrar of Societies in February 2003 so that as a charity in January 2004.In May 2004, another exhibition featuring your tooth relic was held, drawing over 500,000 visitors. Details of the planned temple were released in media, including its estimated cost, structure and it is various exhibits.Structure and services from the BTRTMThe basement of the BTRTM, above its vaults, holds a theatre and multi-purpose hall, along with a vegetarian dining hall. An entry gate and courtyard, between two towers, is the temple’s entrance on the floor level, as are two halls of Buddha images.Around the mezzanine level are two halls, such as a chamber for ancestral tablets, along with a wax museum exhibiting images of prominent foreign and native monks. The relic is housed inside a 3.6-metre high stupa made from 420 kilograms of gold, around 234 kilograms which were donated by devotees. Visitors can view the relic chamber twice daily from the public viewing area.On the top of the temple are pagodas of varying sizes, pavilions along with a garden containing the Dendrobium Buddha Tooth, an orchid named for that BTRTM. In the centre of the roof is really a pagoda housing a Buddhist prayer wheel.The BTRTM’s front office offers services including adoption of Buddhist ornaments, books, ancestral tablets and artifacts, public participation in Buddhist ceremonies, offerings of flowers and lights, sponsorship of vegetarian meals and marriage solemnisations.

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