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There are 1100 Kadampa Centers and branches in 40 countries around the world where people can study and practice the teachings of Buddha. These centers are open to everyone and offer a full program of introductory classes, study programs, andmeditation retreats. All Kadampa centers are non-profit organizations dedicated to benefiting their local community, and all their profits are donated to the International Temples Project. ONLINE RESOURCESPlease visit Tharpa Publications Online to order books and audio on Buddhism and meditation.
Diamond Way Buddhism: Over 650 Buddhist Centers worldwide You are using an outdated browser. So the last two weeks me talked about the aura and how this energy field is constantly radiating energy and colour and exchanging with our environment and the people me meet. But in addition to radiating colour from our aura me also have energy centers or charkas as they are often called, that radiate a specific colour too.
As me expose our body to different colours our bodies absorb that colour vibration, changing our own body’s energy vibrations which can bring our chakras energy back into balance. I work with the 8 chakras in the body during my consultation and workshops so I shall explain what these chakras are, their meaning and their corresponding colour. The eight chakra is Alta Major chakra, also known as the “zeal point” and has been described as a 5th dimensional chakra.

Another way is to place your hands on each chakra point and once you feel a tingling then move on to the next center until you have completed all the eight chakras. Lie down and place a crystal chakra set on the eight energy points and just concentrate on breathing.
PressMarcia was invited to speak on UK's Natural Health Radio, discussing Colour Therapy and guiding listeners through her Orange Colour Meditation. Marcia also contributed a guest post for Standing Ren-Ovation, called 'How to Change the Personality of a Space' – bringing a new perspective to colour in interiors. Diamond Way Buddhism in North America is a network of centers where people meditate and learn the teachings of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibet.
We are part of over 650 centers and groups worldwide founded by Lama Ole Nydahl according to the wishes of his teacher H.H.
Contributions support SGI-USAa€™s many activities and Buddhist Centers across the country, helping to build and strengthen our network for peace.  Thank you! Where the Charkas are placed implies their respective levels of consciousness; each Chakra receives, stores and transmits energy while representing distinct frequencies of Universal energy. When energy does not flow freely from the chakras, the body does not function properly and this will mean that they will be underactive or overactive. This is our power center and influences the pancreas and liver as well as the digestive & nervous system.

One way is to do a colour meditation, you can download my colour meditation audio for free from my website if you haven’t done so already. I actually work with eight chakras, the seven major chakras and one minor chakra located at the back of our neck. They were founded by Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl under the spiritual guidance of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa.
All our centers are directed by Lama Ole Nydahl under the spiritual patronage of Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa.More about Buddhism Find a Buddhist center near you What is meditation?
The red energy in this center means this center is linked with courage, physical and emotional survival, grounding and security. The video was shot while Karmapa was visiting the Europe … Continued UNESCO prize awarded to Lama Ole Nydahl Bratislava amazed by Buddhist art exhibition Search Diamond Way Buddhism is an international network of Buddhist meditation centers for people who want to integrate the Buddhist view with daily life and work.
We offer a wide range of meditations, from those for complete beginners, through to advanced methods learned in retreat conditions.
All Diamond Way meditation practices come from the Karma Kagyu lineage, a thousand-year-old tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, whose teachings have been passed down from the historical Buddha.

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