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Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes! My beautiful cousin was murdered along with her co-worker during an attempted bank robbery 6 months ago. My cousin took his life three months ago from post traumatic stress and the pain it has caused my family is unimaginable. Thanks for the poem, like others who posted here I also lost a beloved cousin he died 10 months ago and he will celebrate his Bday Oct 7, we still miss our dear cousin, a loving, thoughtful, caring and a happy person. Thank you very much for this poem in a couple of days it will be year since I lost my cousin who was more like a brother to me in car accident out of 5 people in the car he was the only one to die.
My cousin was run over, and stabbed repeatedly, and slowly bled to death on March 27th of this year. My family and I lost my cousin on the 25th of September in the early morning I received a phone call at 2:30 am stay Frankie is dead he commit suicide He was only 28 year old. I lost my 13 year old cousin yesterday, she was rushed into hospital and something was found on her brain. My younger cousin Billy had a massive heart attack at the young age of 30 an died from it. I lost my beloved cousin Eric on Monday, March 5 to a weak heart and a collapsed lung, he was two years younger than me and lived in Altamonte Springs, Fl., I live in Miami, so I didn't talk with him much, but when I heard he was sick I road up to Orlando to see him, I hugged and kissed him, talked with him, took pictures of him, I thank God for the short time Sunday I spent with him and now reading this poem made me realize just how much he meant to me.
She told me that 3 years ago, she went to the cinema with some of her college friends as her celebration of her birthday. I lost my son at a tree accident on June 18 2013 my heart broke and it will always will he is my first born it kills me inside.
He got shot in the back of the head by his girlfriend and her dad and his friend shot him left him sitting there till the next day to call 911 and he has a three years old, a one year old and a baby on the way.
It was the early morning Monday, July 9, 2012 that we got the call my cousin Richard was in a terrible car accident and died along with 2 girls. That day was the hardest day of my life she was 26 years old she was a loving caring happy person. He died 26 days before his birthday and 23 days before Christmas, Me and him were so close, he was my bestfriend.
She felt someone injected something on her right arm but she didn't care because it was dark inside. She was only 17 years old and at times I think that's what hurts the most that she was so young and didn't have the chance to do all the things we said we would.

I am not able to get the comfort from my family because we all split up 9 years ago after my mums death.
Everyone was getting ready for a bathrobe party and didn't see her walk outside into the pool.
He was someone who always had a kind smile on his face, someone who you could always count on and didn't judge. In a car accident she was killed instantly on the very first roll of the car and broke her neck , I think she felt her time was coming as she was only 17 but told her younger sister if I died would you lay in my room and smell my clothes to be reminded of me, she told her dad where she wanted to be buried and that she was going to die this year the sad part is she was so young and had so much to give and show us. Her name was Amelia, she was so beautiful, she loved to dress up and always put a smile on everyone's face.
He was shot 6 times for trying to do the right thing, he was trying to stop violence and in the end got his life taken.
It was so hard to hear it and hard tell people but I know he is in a much better place and some day I will be with him.
It has almost been a year and I still cry overtime I see her picture or hear the song "Angle" that she was buried to. He was loved by his family wife and 5 wonderful children he was a wonderful father, brother and son.
I know I didn't get to spend much time with him before, but I'd sure give anything to have him back. Ashley was a survivor full of life and loved it to the limit, she was kind to all quite and reserved in her manner.
She went into the hospital on Dec 1st 2011 with a headache and never made it back out of the hospital. His life was going somewhere, he had just got his degree for personal training and was the fittest person I knew. We told each other everything, he protected me from everyone, He wouldn't let anyone touch me. She will miss out on life having her daddy around to have her grad school, getting married and have such pretty grandkids my hearts hurts for my poor granddaughters.
Take of Mamma for me and Brutus (the dog)" I asked why and he said what if I pass away tonight, and I told him to stop saying what if all the time. She was taken from us June 21, 2012 by a Monster of a man who thought that if he could not control her or have her back again that she to him was better off dead.
He was more like a brother to me then cousin because we grew up together and did everything together.

It took a maybe a month or so before the hospital diagnosed her with Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Me and her were soo close I can't find myself to accept the fact that she is no longer here. They couldn't find who did that to her but I can see that she had lived her life positively these few years.
Now we are reaching all that are left behind for anything that might help us make sense of this terrible crime, the only comfort that we have is now her fight is done she will never have to fear him or hurt again from now on. I now think about everyone around me that love me and always try to make time for everyone as tomorrow.. Now he's gone it's never going to be the same without him, I always think of him everyday and everynight. At first I blamed her for not telling the truth but after I read the letter that she wrote for me before she passed away, I finally understand her.
This is more than a tragedy to me, my heart hurts so much knowing that I will never be able to see them become something in life. Everyone agrees one of the best things about him were his hugs you could stay in them forever.
So thank you again for this poem you have shared it has given me sometime to reflect and share. RIP and we will celebrate together again dear sister-cousin when we are reunited in heaven. There is several other cases with this unknown pneumonia virus so if he can save another life he would be very pleased.
Every time I look at her two year old daughter she left behind it breaks my heart that she won't be able to watch her daughter grow. When my cousin left to heaven he took a part of me with him and left a part of him with me. It's a horrible feeling, I don't know when the pain will go away, but I know that it will in time.

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