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Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre offers a wide range of retreats including yoga, hillwalking, Tai Chi, arts and alternative health, all complementing a programme of introductory meditation teaching.
Dhanakosa is beautifully situated in the southern part of the Scottish highlands in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, and this setting provides ideal conditions for retreats.
These Bali hot springs are located in the Singaraja Regency not far from The Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Monastery of Bali in a lush tropical jungle setting. The pools of the hot springs were built hundreds of years ago, as the site is well known for the healing properties of the hot water.
The water continues its journey to the second pool via five of the mythical Naga sculptures.  The second pool is the largest and just slightly less hot than the previous.

The third pool is a bit different as the water cascades down from a height of 13 feet  (4 meters) providing an invigorating back and neck massage. It is definitely worthwhile to stop at the Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Monastery as it is a special temple with fantastic views of the mountains and ocean and it is one of the few true Buddhist temples in Bali. We invite you to join our newsletter so you can follow along with us and keep up on upcoming retreats (plus you’ll receive discounted soft opening prices, spa treatments, yoga classes and travel tips as well). Additionally, there are meditation and Buddhist study retreats designed for those with a more regular practice.
The upper pool is the hottest as the water spouts directly from its source and out of the fanged mouth’s of eight stone carved dragons or Nagas.

Try to avoid the crowds on the weekends and use caution when entering the pools as the visibility can be poor and the steps can be quite slippery.
There is a small temple where the healing waters bubble up from underground and you are welcome to provide offerings.

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