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Robert made his way over to the huge Buddhist temple on Canal Street, by the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge. Shortly after his brother died, Robert, in a fit of rage, had called his ex-girlfriend again and again in the middle of the night, hurling insults and curses at her over the phone. Many of his colleagues have a second job, or they have another way to make money on the side, like selling Avon products. His brother died two years ago after a battle with aids, and a sense of grief seems to permeate the place.

He knelt before the golden Buddha at the front and remained there for a minute or two, his hands clasped, eyes closed. Instead, he bought a jumbo hot dog (92 cents) and headed north, walking all the way to Union Square.
Visiting this temple was part of his strategy for staying sane, for preventing himself from becoming too angry or frustrated or depressed. He placed a photo of his children on the floor in front of him and stared at it for a while, maybe an hour.

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