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Domestic Violence has been thrown into the social forefront and given a much needed spotlight following the release of the Ray Rice elevator video showing the physical attack of his then fiance, now wife.
According to Eleanor Roosevelt, "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt in believing that facing fears is very important to survival.
Dodging the things in life that we are afraid of as opposed to facing and coping with them will never give us the opportunity to overcome our fears. So many times we allow the defeating force of fear to alter our confidence, judgment, hopeful aspirations for the future, and so much more. That video was so sad to see and then to hear that the wife was defending his actions was even worse.
The best way to learn and grow from any experience is to face it head on and move on with your life. Our worst experiences are definitely the ones that shape us and determine how we face the next thing that comes along. I believe whole-heartedly that a person becomes stronger every time they realize that monster under the bed is just a dust bunny. I'm definitely an advocate for facing my fears head on because I'll never know what I'm able to accomplish if I never try.
I think experiencing fear or maybe even pain as well, is the building block to gaining confidence and strength. Domestic violence is a major problem across the globe and is often overlooked or minimized by the majority. Fear is just a small obstacle in your way to achieve your goals and to become something great. As for me, fear is no longer something I greet with open arms, but a feeling (oftentimes than not) I stand courageous in and fight through. Going through a tough experience will only help to develop a person's character and make them stronger. Once in the heat of the moment, fear can take over and conquer every ounce of good judgment one may have. As a college student, I face little personal battles everyday to overcome my own personal fears. I would say they are crucial for our growth, so every time I find myself in a bad circumstance, I remember that it will be useful in the long run while at the same time using the lessons of past experiences to get out of it in the best way possible. Once you are able to overcome a situation that is difficult or unpleasant, to see that it may not have been even half as scary as you first though, it builds trust within yourself to be able to walk with your head higher and know that nothing, not even yourself, can stop you.
I've faced a few horrible circumstances, but I refuse to let situations outside of my control dictate and determine how I live my life.

Like learning to ride a bike, no one wants to intentionally fall but falling is a necessary step to learn what not to do in order to progress and have a smooth ride. Being able to face your fears shows that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for and your confidence level starts to rise. She delivers clinical direction through articles that address various mental health concerns and provides education and information about community resources. With the Ray Rice incident, it is even more important to defend oneself when it comes to violence, and I truly believe that the exposure of the case has helped more than anything.
To feel that you have conquered and succeeded in your life, trumps the feeling of fear and doubt. One day, I decided to put my fears aside, take a chance, and perform my spoken word poetry to the public. Feeling fear is a natural emotion of our human existence, but we all have the free will to determine whether it will propel us forward or hold us back. However, in this state it becomes more difficult to face the challenge or situation head on.
It’s almost like girls are being taught that this very well could or will happen to them at some point in their lives, which is a horrible thought. As women, especially, situations such as domestic violence are seen as the most vulnerable and fragile moments of life, however those are the same moments that change begins. Often times the experience of our fall will stick out boldly in our heads but I bet you won't fall again!
Facing my fear of becoming an actress was one of the most horrible circumstances in life because I was such a shy girl and was always afraid of everyone else's opinion. Nicole has also been involved with other aspects of TEEN DIARIES including the formation of Dear TD (formerly Dear Nicole) and Project Butterfly. For instance, a portion of Jay-Z's "Run This Town" featuring Rihanna was cut from last Thursday's Baltimore Ravens vs. This case has opened so many eyes to domestic violence and hopefully serves as an impetus to take action in resolving this prevalent issue. Putting myself out there gave me the confidence to express myself freely in every situation, and I can honestly say I have become a stronger and more free-spirited person because of it. We have to realize that a moment in fear may seem like all that matters but that exact moment will soon pass despite the circumstances of the situation. I feel like the access to violence in video games and movies that boys are exposed to at a younger age could be a negative result in the future of domestic violence.
I learned that if it was something I truly wanted and believed In, I had to block everyone else out and do what I felt was best. But when he was with someoneA else who had a different opinion, he agreed with that person.

Pittsburgh Steelers game because CBS was covering the controversy over Ravens running back Rice's assault of his then-fiancee. It would be a shame to look back on that exact moment and realize that you did not face a problem because you were fearful.
Unfortunately, these dismissive responses by society do nothing but further promote fear, shame, and isolation in the victims of such horrible crimes. In the moment, fear may paralyze us, but it can also give us that slight spark of energy and motivation to face a problem. It is the pictureA ofA a man or woman who says one thing to one person but a different thing to the next. It is compulsory inA marriages, in friendships, and in relationships between employers and employees or between a pastorA and his leaders.
That person doesna€™t demonstrate the character that is required in leaders.A Being honest isna€™t always easy. It is much easier to hear the truth if it is mixed with love, patience, andA understanding. In fact,A it can be such a chilling experience that you may be tempted to throw it right back!
In other words, God wants you to develop theA habit of always telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God!
If you are guilty of agreeing with whomever you are talking to at the moment, ita€™s time for you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome this weakness.A If your opinion is required, be sure to speak exactly what you think and believe. If you later decide you were wrong, go back to the person you talked to a€” your pastor,A boss, friend, or so forth a€” and tell him that youa€™ve changed your position. On the other hand, if you tell one person one thing and then turn aroundA and say something different to someone else, the first person you spoke with will not understandA your behavior. After reading todaya€™s Breakfast, I realize it is wrongA to act this way with those who are over me in authority. Every day I amA growing in grace a€” and God is making me stronger, better, more dependable, and moreA truthful every day. Have you seen him sway back and forth in his opinions, depending on whom he is with at the time?
Have you told your leader one thing and then said something different behind his back to people in the church, business, or organization?

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