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Save Big: This program is included in the Relationship Series and the Personal Freedom Series for Emotional Health.
On the other hand, anger can be handled in a healthy manner which can be used to improve health and strengthen relationships.
This is the one program with the power of hypnosis, cognitive restructuring, and practical healthy techniques in anger management, inspires one to look beyond the ugliness to see the beauty of life.A Express your anger in the workplace effectively to strengthen your relationships. The self help program includes subliminal suggestions (suggestions below the level of hearing). Side one (tracks one thru nine) lays the foundation for the hypnotic suggestions on side two (tracks ten thru twelve) using a river meditation where you begin as a stream (early years) and mature into a lake (adult years) puts anger into a proper perspective where it can be recognized, acknowledged and experienced.
Side two tracks (eleven and twelve) hypnotically moves one through the stream of anger and into the calm of life. Note: this program contains some foul and primitive language customary with the expression of anger.
Does the thought of flying fill you with fear?Do you always expect the worst when planning a journey by plane?Do you feel sick and nervous at the very thought of stepping aboard a passenger jet?
This Mind-Sync relaxation programme helps train the subconscious mind to create powerful changes in state and perception of some of the most challenging symptoms of the Menopause, hot flashes and disturbed sleep. With Level 1 of 7 you will be easily able to gain access to the root of your Chakra system so that you can find a way to cleanse and re-balance your energy body. With Level 2 in the series you will be introduced to the next chakra, the Sacral Chakra and learn to condition its function so it always stays balanced and healthy. With Level 3 in the series you will now be accustomed to the 'Energy Lake' but now the tuning through specially coded trinaural tones specifically related to the Solar Plexus Chakra allows you to not only re-balance your current chakra but also keep the other two chakras perfectly tuned and aligned with your intention. With Level 5 you should by now be well trained in spontaneously influencing the development of your chakra system. Listen to the program, follow the easy instructions and thenA¬† you decide if this self help program is anger therapy or just plain common sense. Whether because of our immediate environment or because of other people or simply because of the inability to manage our time with the sheer volume of things we have to do, stress leaves most people feeling tired, drained and unable to function properly.Now with our Mind-Sync recording you allow yourself the space to switch off and literally recharge those drained batteries. Then let the power of your subconscious mind help reprogram this irrational phobia and allow you the freedom to make more positive choicesThe fear of flying is an extremely common condition brought about by the mind’s ability to over generalise the perceived threat of something going wrong when flying, or flying being dangerous in some way. NLP trains you to re-wire the mind with new behaviours which are healthier and more productive.
The specially encoded trinaural sounds entrain the ideal hypnotic state so that the mind can be taught to effectively create a trigger for neutralising the feelings of overheating and skin irritation.
This very relaxing programme lasts approximately 20 mins and with practice can be a powerful resource in your daily meditation programme. This particular meditation is useful if you have been feeling emotionally dependent recently. With Level 3 you are able to work on your self-esteem in a way which can build inner power and confidence. In this exercise you will learn how to connect with your compassionate side so that you can feel more loving and giving in your everyday life. Because anger is anger and it doesn't care the age, sex, or race of the individual dealing with it.
Get beyond the beliefs that keep you from feeling anger and learn how to discharge anger safely and in such a manner as to benefit your relationships and at the same time keep anger from manifesting itself in your body where it can make you sick. The problem lies within in the pictures we create in our minds, often well before we even face the challenge.
You have probably heard of how a quick nap during the day can help you feel refreshed and ready to move forward more productively?

With the power of self hypnosis using our mind-sync subliminal audio you can quieten that part of your mind which constantly wants to think about the previous day or focus on tomorrow, or remind you have to do pick up that dry cleaning before the weekend! The fact is that flying is statistically safer in some respects than crossing a busy road but no matter how aware people may be of this fact that deeper subconscious programming is hard to overcomeWith the power of self hypnosis using our mind-sync trinaural technology you can quieten that part of your mind which constantly wants to alert you to the dangers of flying.
With this Mind-Sync audio relaxation recording, you can learn to neutralise this inner negativity. Each our subliminal programs have been crafted and produced by a professional therapist and are not a re-sell of other people's work. When you decide to buy our Aversion to Alcohol Hypnosis Session, you are going to find that it is so relaxing and easy to absorb. With regular practice the unpleasant effects of the Menopause can be dramatically reduced and controlled. As you build the strength of your Sacral chakra you may notice your relationships in general 'flowing' more easily as your empathy and understanding is strengthened.
From an experiential point of view this Level 3 meditation is very effective at counteracting any self doubt or esteem issues or when you may be feeling pessimistic. Starting as always from a Beta brain wave frequency, this meditation takes you more into Alpha levels of awareness where you can remain more conscious as you begin working with your heart chakra.
Thoughts of being nervous or not being able to achieve a goal dominate our minds and trigger the natural fight or flight response which exhibits itself as nerves, butterflies in the stomach and that all too familiar feeling of wanting to run away.Now with our Mind-Sync subliminal audio you can learn how to switch off that nervous inner voice.
Well with this specially encoded relaxation program, you are guided into a place of inner peace, distracted by a combination of music, suggestion and the latest in audio trinaural technology.
Through practise and regular use, this audio programme can be used prior to bedtime to help silence those thoughts and ideas distracting you from the This recording has one audio track which must be listened to using headphones only because of the audio technology used in the production of the mind-sync effect.
With the subliminal positive suggestions which with regular use bombard the subconscious with the opposite messages, you can train yourself to remain calm and in control before, during and after a journey involving a plane.This recording has audio track which must be listened to using headphones only because of the audio technology used in the production of the mind-sync effect.
By listening to the hypnosis program regularly, you will be able to tap into your subconscious mind and adjust the way you think so that you do have an attitude of abundance.You have the ability to create a more hopeful atmosphere around you, and therefore attract more positive things into your life. Professional Hypnotherapist David Faratian's voice will guide you with soothing and healing hypnotic suggestions to help re-train the subconscious part of the mind which is malfunctioning and producing unpleasant physical and psychological feelings and emotions. In effect you invite the universal energy to connect you from your base and begin 'switching on' each of your 6 other chakras progressively. Learn to build on Level 1 The (Base Chakra) meditation by working on more powerful visualisation of the basic system and begin to appreciate how one energy level can strengthen each and every consecutive level.
This meditation will help you engage more with the giving and receiving dynamics within the universal Law of Attraction. With regular practice you will be able to develop a better self image which in turn should help you feel stronger and more in control in all kinds of situations, from developing better relationships, to being more in charge of your own lifeThis programme has one track which must be listened to with headphones because of the audio technology used to produce the mind-sync effect. Having an Attitude of Abundance means that you view your life in a more upbeat and cheerful manner.
The recordings are made using state of the art technology using special trinaural and monaural frequencies which help entrain the brains natural rhythms to a level of calm reflection and attention before exposing the mind to positive suggestions tailored for each condition being dealt with. Your base chakra meditation will leave you feeling stronger and more grounded so that you can feel more productive and energetic during the day. Once you open your heart chakra through the powerful chakra tuning sound you may begin to notice yourself attracting more happiness and contentment into your life.
Through the use of this hypnosis program you will learn to appreciate what you already have and attract what would make your life even more abundant.You will find that your attitude can be one of your greatest assets.
With your base chakra switched on you can also feel more energy for projects which may have otherwise seemed overbearing and onerous.
With this meditation the re-tuning process will help relax muscles, nerves, and thoughts and find a way to cleanse and balance your energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony.

You should spend at least 7 days working with Level 1 before moving forward.* * *The Root (also called the Base) Chakra is located at the base of the spine. Being one of our energy centers closer to the core means that it is more of a physical energy source. Represented in Indian writings as a 12 petaled Green flower, we can see the colour itself as a sign of abundance and growth. This may seem a bit like a superlative but the fact is that the energy from one affects all the others and permeates throughout your entire being.An understanding of the Sacral Chakra enhances certain areas of your life more than others. Our spiritual growth and expansion of our loving and understanding reside strongly in the Green Chakra.Being the center energy for love and passion meditation and understanding of this chakra will bring about a feeling of patience and love, not only for yourself but for those around you as well. Accomplishing goals gives you self-satisfaction and gives you an even greater attitude of abundance. Love itself is patience, and a quick reflection on your Heart Chakra in a moment of stress can bring quick relief and a good understanding to why you feel the way you do.Emotions are a form of intelligence, one that in our modern schooling system is completely overlooked in favour of our reasoning skills and intelligence located in our brain and frontal cortex. This hypnosis program will assist you in having that attitude of abundance you deserve.Your attitude in life directly affects how you feel day to day. But the intelligence of emotions and their understanding are tools that can be applied to all situations, instead of some of the academic skills that we learn being only applied specifically and often with no real value other than something to measure by the school system.The West has been stunted in full growth because of the lack of Green Chakra awareness, a lack of understanding why and how our emotions work. Meditating keeping the colour orange in mind, or with an orange gemstone can increase the power of this energy wheel.
This, again, is done through many different methods, meditation being the core practice and different other schools of approach like yoga, reiki, tai chi, adding physical movement and practice.If you find some reasoning and scientific understanding comforting I completely understand, it helps in my over all full body health as well.
Do yourself a favor and start having an attitude of abundance today.This Mind-Sync relaxation programme gives you access to The Secret of Universal Power and Positive Thinking. A sunstone or orange colored citrine piece are great stones for this use.The orange chakra is associated with relationships but also with emotional needs.
So you should understand that doctors and researchers are finding that the heart is made up of over 60% neural cells, or more easily understood as brain cells. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to just go through life taking one day at a time and life seems effortless?
Our heart is a thinking organ, it reacts, organises and expresses our emotions which are a form of intelligence that allow us to interact with other human beings and recognise changes in our energy fields.
Are these people any different to you and me, of course not, but they have learnt how to access and use the natural law of attraction to have a happier and more positive life. The law of attraction teaches you that thoughts become our reality and so chose your thoughts wisely as you may just get what you were wishing for or unfortunately what you weren't wishing for. The Heart Chakra is essential on keeping this balance and healing energy and spiritual damage, AS WELL AS mental.
This mind-sync programme teaches you a daily regime of channeling positive intentions so that you become a magnet for whatever you want in life, a new home, a better job, a stronger relationship.
Personality Traits: Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sporty, self-assured, and constructive.
TURQUOISE also has a helpful effect on the immune system and also helpful in relation to the throat chakra. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation - ideal for sleep problems, and hyper-active children. Connects us to holistic thought, and gives us wisdom and clarity enhancing communication and speech.

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