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Important Notice: From the 22 April 2013 EzyDVD users will only need their email address and password for login, usernames will no longer be used. Half-witch Sabrina enrolls in secret witchcraft training classes while attending her normal, “mortal” high school, but discovers she must share her clandestine instruction AND her regular school with a full witch from the “other side” who makes her life miserable. Artwork, pricing and product information may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Please place your order by the 21st of December for UK orders and by the 3rd of December for international orders if you would like your order to arrive in time for Christmas.

French fanboy Gregoire Guillemin has produced these awesome Secret Life of Superheroes prints; letting us look beyond the mask and superpowers to see our heroes in all their (super)humanity. Behind closed doors (or sometimes in the great outdoors), the two of us get along like wild fire. PORTIA, a snooty young witch from the “other side4” – and niece of ENCHANTRA, the most powerful sorceress of all time – has been sent to attend school with Sabrina to learn how to fit into the mortal world of ordinary teenagers. You’d think a magical lasso and the ability to fly would be enough, but no, apparently I also need giant breasts.

Even Superman produces a bit of mucus to prevent himself suffering from super coughs and colds.

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