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Computer Program to perform regression analysis and calculate its CIs is available at the end of this page. Kappa is a coefficient that measures the proportion of agreement above that expected by chance. I am looking for a formula to convert a z-score into the percentile or confidence interval. I do not want to use an online z-score to percentile calculator, and I do not want to use a table or graph.
G-day MarkFL2, cheers for putting up this equation, I've been scouring the web for hours looking for this.

I am using some programing language but I'd really like to wrap my head around the maths beforehand.
It?s handy to know how to double check using the graphics calculator for small data-sets but I have 40 billion data points and need to write code using the underlying mathematics, this is where my issue is I need to interpret the equation in a way that I can use, such that I can calculate the % confidence interval associated with the z value for the given data point in a given data-set.
The reason for the is to make sure that when all possible z-values are integrated (from to ), we find a probability of exactly 1.
Originally Posted by MarkFL2 Just so the OP understands, I used the even function rule to state: Oops.
You would get something with an expression in (+z) from which you subtract the same expression in (-z).

I was wondering if you might be able to clarify it a bit, I attempting to use the standard deviation and mean from some data to classify the probability (as a %) that a new value belongs to that data, i can calculate the z score (by subtracting the mean from the potential new value and dividing by SD) but need to use an equation to convert the z score to a % as my data-set has approximately 40 billion points ruling out the manual table method (i could use some kind of automated table lookup but a smaller equation would be preferable). I am assuming you are using a programming language, and it may have an intrinsic function that will calculate this for you.

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