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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. In both the above, a suggestion it may be related to a network profile, which I do not and never have had.
I changed my passcode manually, but am still worried about the source of the dialog and why it appeared. If you are unsure this is malware, change your password manually using system configuration instead of that dialog box. I changed the password manually (via system preferences) and the password change request dissapeared. What's puzzling is what triggers this presumed reevaluation of what a secure pin code might be and also the number of people that reported having a six digit pin but being able to reset a four digit pin when this prompt is presented to them.
Delete any configuration profile that you don't want to keep, then delete any that control passcode. If Profiles is not near the end of the list (below VPN and above Reset >) then you may have no profiles and can continue to the next step.
Lastly, Exchange servers can institute a passcode requirement, so you might disable any Exchange mail accounts - temporarily removing them from the device to see if the Exchange server was sending the message or setting any requirements.
You can choose your same pin again, but the OS will likely want to keep reminding you that a change is required until you clear the "warning". If you have jailbroken the device, I might consider rolling back to a stock iOS for a bit and choosing an entirely more complicated passphrase for a while just in case it is some phishing attempt. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone ios security password malware or ask your own question. Is it unethical to say my current employer has financial problems when looking for another job? A lot of times when you’re purchasing loads of apps, you may run into issues with your Apple ID. If you want to know how to change an Apple ID by either changing your current ID or switching to another existing ID, read on.

First, let’s verify the account that you are currently using for iTunes and App Store purchases. If you’ve created one in the past, you’ll see your current Apple ID at the very bottom of the iTunes or App Store. Now that you’re sure what account you’re dealing with, press the Home button and launch Settings. If you tap on View Apple ID, you will see the payment information associated with your account (things like credit card information, billing address and phone number). If you’re looking to change your Apple ID email, you can tap on your current Apple ID, and you’ll be presented with your email, password, security questions, etc. If what you’re seeking is to sign in with another existing Apple ID, simply go back and tap on the Sign Out button and you’re well on your way. When you’ve signed out, the next time your are purchasing apps or iTunes Store items, it will promptly ask you to sign in. If you’re on your actual computer and thus, enjoy the glory of a full-sized keyboard, you can change your Apple ID email address, password, billing information and all that other good stuff by launching iTunes on your desktop. You will need to enter your password for verification, after which you’ll be presented with all the information Apple has for your account, which you can readily edit. Even tho i changed the apple id and password and am not logged in (this is on my iPod touch) it still says i’m connected to my old apple id when i go to update apps and it wants the password for that apple id. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Status Audio hopes to buck the trend of expensive celebrity-endorsed headphones by selling direct to consumers. Due to copyright issues, the iTunes Store 'discriminates' against users based on their geographical location. Google hammers another nail in Flash's coffin, Netflix wastes too much of your time, Project Spark loses its spark, GCHQ joins Twitter, and how the Internet reacted to Infinite Warfare. I don't know if this sets a profile or not, but will edit things if I can find a reference to how this works in practice.
Enough people have reported that just "changing" the passcode doesn't work that something must be up.

I haven't jailbroken, nor have I got Exchange set up, nor is there a Profiles option in my General settings. On this page, you’ll effectively see 108 of the best (most are free!), hand-picked by our very staff, and broken down in 14 categories.
You may discover that a cool and exciting app, for example, turns out to be offered only in another country. Open either the iTunes or the App Store in your iPod, navigate to the bottom of the page you’re on. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. To edit your first name and last name, press phone’s “Menu” button in Recents -> Settings -> My Account -> Press first name or last name -> Change the name as you want to -> Save.
I don't want to write it here, of course, but it was not a code that seemed (to me) to be obvious.
I have manually changed my passcode already as a precaution, but there was nothing on that page of the Settings that indicated I needed to change it.
If you’re on an App Store product page for an app, simply go back to the main screen or tap on Categories or Top 25 (where you can see Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing apps) and just navigate down.
If you choose to change your Country or Region, you’ll need to follow the on-screen instructions, agree to the terms and probably even change your billing information.
Jeffry posted a detailed article on how to create a US iTunes account without a credit card to access US-only items (and judging from the comments in that post, the method seems to work for many people around the world). If you have ever purchased an app, even a free one, you have had to either create a new Apple ID or sign in using an existing ID. My suspicion is your change will dismiss the warning and you don't need to remove the pin as I described.

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