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You can only do a change of name with your marriage certificate, you contact the newspaper adverts on change of name and they will tell you what next to do. But if you know that you just want to do the traditional alone without getting marriage certificate( you get it in the church or registry) you still contact them and they will give you all the information you need to get.
But if you are not working in any organisation, say you are a complete housewife, so to say, then you can go ahead and start bearing your husband's name.
Although some big organisations wld not mind all that, just write a memo to ur HR attaching ur i.v and stating ur new status and name u want to be addressed with.

A To the best of my knowledge, you cannot just go to a newspaper whether you are a man or woman and just declare that you want your name to be change. Una knw how much d bros spend to paint dat woman to look like dat eh?Bro I support you I think say no only me seyan.They didn't know that they guy has done his behind the scene work to polish the babe. To change you name in your place of work or schoolThose in the Legal profession should also help with this matter. I just went with a write up and i ve used dis same publication to change name on my cheque book (i had an Islamic wedding).
A However, you don't just present a marriage certificate without an affidavit for change of name in order to apply for a change of name for International Passport, bank account, or at a place of work etc like you have posted.

A The fact that a woman is marry and possess a marriage certificate does not automatically mean she's now a Mrs. A In fact she may choose not to change her name even while she's still married!I've seen situation where a lady got married but she and the husband agreed that she should bear the husband first name and surname as A a compound name e.g.

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