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I think im just going to quit collecting unless i can pick up items in person or just locally and no more overseas! Most Shippers cant pack well or safely enough to handle hazards of delivery, and delivery personell cant handle packages properly in order to be delivered safely!
All Skyland models are made from vac formed plastic, as opposed to the Westway models of the time, which were made mainly of fibreglass. Return it and pay the $200 shipping cost , send it out for total refurbishment and pay another thousand or so or leave it as is and be an eyesore ?

Vac formed plastic is not a particularly sturdy material when new, and it certainly doesn't improve with age. These Skyland models can of course be restored, but they are what they are, hollow plastic and so will never have the structural integrity of Space, AMI or Pacmin, which is a shame as Skyland made some great models in some nice liveries.
They tend to become progressively brittle, with cracks commonly found along the wing to fuselage joins, the upper and lower fuselage joins, as well as those at the junctions of the wings, tail planes, and tail fin. I've known the seller for over 20 years, and I'd be very surprised indeed if he had knowingly despatched the model to you broken.

I'm sure the long gone company never envisaged its models still being around decades after they were made. I don't for one minute disbelieve what you've said ref the state the model arrived in, it's never a good feeling when you open a long awaited box, only to find what you have.

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