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Change your friends change your life - how the people you spend your time with affect your life. You Are an Energy Magnet - learning about magnetic energy and how to fine-tune yours so that you attract that which you desire in your life. Creativity a€“ The Voice of the Soul: The importance of connecting with and allowing expression of our creative energy. Reap What You Sow a€“ Secrets to Inner Gardening: The four steps to preparing your inner garden so that your harvest is an abundance of what you desire. The Divine Child: Why our connection with the child within is so important and 3 steps to bring healing to your inner child.
Change Your Life While You Sleep: How to train your subconscious mind to use your dreamtime to create the life you desire.

The Heart-Mind Bridge: The throat chakra is one of the most vital links to self-expression, personal empowerment and following the heart. OK to be Gay: How stories that we accept from external sources and hold onto affect our lives. Embrace Your Inner Child and Change Your Life: How you can build a loving relationship with your inner child that will change your life forever.
There is No Death a€“ Communicating With Those Who Have Passed On: Those who have left the physical plane often have messages for us and love to share.
Divine Gifts: The Universal Divine Source wants you to be abundant a€“ all you need to do is learn how to a€?speaka€? the language that will open the door to receive. A Spiritual Alternative to Abortion: For those who desire conscious termination of a pregnancy and for those (mother or father) who carry grief or guilt from past termination or miscarriage.

If You Cana€™t Change Your Mind - Change Your Body : Do you need a tool to bring an out of control mind back to focus and positive thinking? The Secret Behind the Secret: Learn what it takes to make the Law of Attraction REALLY work in your life! The Secrets of Inner Transformation: Learn what you can do to transform the lead of your life into gold.

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