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Android users have quite a few choices when it comes to web browsers on their phone or tablet.
Depending on how you are using your Android device, you may have noticed that your favorite browser may not be that suited depending on the connection type.
Even if you do not notice that, you may want to test other browsers that work better in low bandwidth environments. You can set one default web browser on your Android device, but that is about it.  To find out how to change default apps on Android, check out the linked guide. While you can start web browsers manually depending on the connection type, Opera for mobile connections for example and Chrome or Firefox when you are connected to WiFi connections, it is not really that comfortable.
The Android application Browser Toggle takes care of the switching automatically for you, provided that you have already picked two browsers that you want to use. You can now launch the "right" browser manually by tapping on the Browser Toggle icon on your Android device. Note: While you can use Browser Toggle for Android to launch web browsers based on connection type, you will notice that it won't have an effect on in-app browser launches, for instance when you tap on a link in an application. Browser Toggle automates the process of selecting the right browser for your connection type for you. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.

If you don’t like the stock standard default Android browser, you can change if for Free in the Google Apps Store.
Once you download the free browser, make sure you set it to the default browser so that you can use it every time you use the internet. If you have multiple apps that can perform the same function on your Android device, you'll be prompted to pick which one you want to use when you tap on a shortcut.For instance, if you have another Web browser -- like Dolphin -- installed on your device, each time you tap on a link you'll be asked if you want to use the stock browser or Dolphin. They can use the stock browser, or install a third party browser of which there are plenty available. It may be blazing fast if you are connected to a wireless network, but once the connection changes to mobile, it may slow down to a crawl.
If you have not already, you may want to experiment around with different types of browsers until you find the one that you want to use for each connection type. Just tap on the bar underneath mobile connection and wireless connection to select a browser that you want launched depending on your type of Internet connection.
The app will check the connection type and launch the selected browser according to it automatically. This displays the browser selection menu instead or launch the default system browser automatically.
While you could as easily place the icons of the browsers that you want to use next to each other, to start them manually depending on connection type, it speeds up that process for you as you do not have to check your connection each time you start the web browser.

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Search for anything in the search bar and then press the Search Button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
Changing the default web browser will give you greater functionality like being able to create new tabs more easily. In previous versions of Android, if you accidentally tapped "Always" and later changed your mind, you could head to the app info and press the Clear defaults button. They can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example, Opera Mini or Mobile, or web browsers such as Dolphin, UC Browser or Boat.
It displays all installed browsers by default, so that you can select one easily for each connection type. This button still exists, but for the browser, phone and SMS apps on Marshmallow, it will not clear the default setting.

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