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When Patrick moved to Boston from Ohio in 2012 he was unemployed and a little lost, by his own telling. From a friend who works at Boston Medical Center, he heard about Goodwill's Human Services Employment Ladder Program or HELP. Patrick completed the two-month program in February 2014 and not long thereafter was hired as a vocational counselor at MABWorks, a community-based day program, operated by MAB Community Services, a non-profit that serves the visually impaired as well as individuals with brain injuries and developmental disabilities. Mary Moylan, the director of day services at MAB Works, said Patrick was a good fit for their organization and a natural at helping others.

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He had attended a Jesuit high school where community service was held in high regard and he wanted to help others, but he wasn't quite sure how to do it and he needed a job. In fact, Patrick was promoted to assistant program manager not long after he started at MAB Works.

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