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Her group of newly acquired friends—including Faye, Diana, Melissa, Nick and Adam—reveal that they (Cassie included) are all descendants of powerful witches and belong to a group called the Secret Circle.
So while holiday shopping may not require black magic, we thought it was fitting to ask the show’s leading ladies to offer up some gift tricks, particularly when it comes to picking Secret Santa presents. Check out the rest of the Secret Santa gifts from Shelley Hennig and Jessica Parker Kennedy here. Cassie is normal, happy teenager until her mother dies and she moves to the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington, to live with her grandmother. Principal Chamberlain's daughter, Faye is the resident mean girl, with a tough exterior and seeking to use her powers to benefit only herself, causing a power struggle with Diana.

The twisty drama hinges on an orphan named Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) who moves in with her grandmother in the small town of Chance Harbor. As her relationships with members of the circle begin to strengthen, she learns how to unlock incredible powers. He and Dawn have deadly powers they plan to unleash and ulterior motives for uniting the new generation. She's the leader of the coven and the one with the strongest moral compass, although she has a bit of a controlling nature.
She fears becoming lost in Faye's shadow and feels she must learn to face her insecurities and become her own person.

Outwardly, she seems protective of the witches, but she secretly has ulterior motives as part of her plot with Charles Meade. She, like them, is a witch, and they need her to complete the Secret Circle, a powerful group of six family witches.
British agents in pop culture are a large bunch, and this fall, add Harry Hart to this prestigious list.

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