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Chakras are the energy centres, or vortices, connecting our physical and psychic energy systems. With the complexities of modern life making it more difficult to find true joy of the soul, Mary Mays has set out a range of items to help you develop the tools required to make the most of life on planet earth.
Power packed with antioxidants, this blend of rooibos red tea, blueberries, and acai is an all natural slenderizer. Seven main Chakras form a vertical line from the base of our spine to the crown of our head.

Energy-workers, spiritual healers and holistic therapists have used crystals in healing practices for centuries and this Chakra CD together with the relevant healing stones and crystals are brought together in one healing system pack for you to use in the privacy and relaxation of your own home. Each chakra spins at a different speed and has its own energy vibration or frequency and is drawn into the body via the endocrine system.
Each chakra is associated with a particular gland of the endocrine system which govern growth, development and daily physical activity. Each stone possesses a unique energy and aids in balancing each Chakra which is essential for optimal well-being.

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