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This presentation is for course participants in Penn State's WFED 597G Fall Semester 2011.
Chapter 9 SummaryThis chapter defines change agent, lists the twomain problems faced by change agents and theseven roles of the change agent.
DirectionsClass participants – please review and completethe 3 of the 5 assignments included in thispresentation. TargetingTargeting is the process of customizing the designand delivery of a communication program basedon the characteristics of an intended audience(Dearling et al., 1996).

Assignment 1Please provide an example of when WFEDprofessionals may have been “targeted” during thediffusion of an innovation. Communication CampaignsThe term derives from military origins and fromLatin meaning “to go to the field”. Assignment 2Please share a communication campaign relatedto WFED you believe was successful and explainwhy you feel that way. The Use of Opinion LeadersOpinion Leadership is the degree to which anindividual is able to influence other individuals’attitudes or overt behavior in a desired way with arelatively high frequency.
Assignment 4Rogers states, “Change agents usually posses a high degreeof expertise regarding the innovations that are beingdiffused.

Assignment 5Please take a moment to comment on two of thevideos included in this presentation. The chapter alsolists eight generalizations related to an agent’ssuccess in securing the adoption of innovations byclients.

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