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Common usage is fine when you're still incorporating part of your child's legal given name. How you go about changing the name on your baby's birth certificate depends on the state in which you live. Some states allow you to change your baby's name within the first 6 months to a year without a court order. A good first step is to contact an attorney, regardless of your reason for wanting to change your child's birth certificate.
In some states, free forms can be downloaded from the internet; in other states, forms must be purchased. The Social Security Administration has the data behind all of those "most popular baby names" lists we so enjoy. Formerly known as Messiah DeShawn Martin, when the baby’s mother Jaleesa Martin and his father could not agree on what his last name should be, they had no idea Tennessee Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew would order them to strip their son of what she viewed as a divine title. But Martin, who sees nothing wrong with her son’s Messianic name, expressed an opposing view.
But Judge Ballew, who has never ordered that a first name be changed before this case, argued that the decision is right for the child, who is growing up in a heavy Christian population where a name like Messiah could cause him lots of problems.
The mother is currently appealing the decision and at this point, still calls her son Messiah. WBIR reports that, despite the judge's ruling, between 2011 and 2012, Messiah was in the top five for male baby names growing in popularity in the U.S. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. If you appreciate football, you probably have a favorite group from the National Football League or two and have a list of players who like to have noticed.

Internet Star Caramel Kitten Breaks Her Back After Doing “Arch That Back Challenge”! Home Articles Ciara Files Paperwork To Change Baby Future’s Name To Russell Wilson Jr.! Future apparently got wind of the pictures, too, which he appeared to address in a series of expletive-laden tweets. If there such thing as going too far, this might be it but apparently Ciara is okay with the switch. No response has been seen from Future on social media about this recent development but we will keep you updated on the story. Named Future Zahir Wilburn at birth, Ciara has stated that she is changing his name for several reasons. But now that you've gotten to know him or her better, you realize that it's not the right name at all. He will use this name throughout his life, on his driver's license, passport, insurance policies, loans and tax forms. For example, you may have named your son Donald Scott (after his father and grandfather), but you introduce him to family, friends and teachers as "Scott." Everyone will know him as Scott, but he'll have to use Donald Scott on legal documents.
But this practice is not appropriate if you plan to call your child by an altogether different name.
Excited, exhausted new parents may miss typos on the certificate before it is filed as a permanent record. Most states require a petition for a name change, along with public notice and court authorization.
After you complete the above steps to legally change your child's name, report the change to the SSA. A child support hearing over what a seven-month-old child’s last name should be, ended with both his first and last name being changed.

While sitting on the steps of her residence, holding her son, she said, “I never intended on naming my son Messiah because it means God. This is according to information obtained from the Social Security Administration's annual list of the top 1000 baby names. A recent photograph of son, Future, wearing a replica Seahawks jersey and hugging her man has caused some bad blood between Ciara and her son’s father, rapper Future.
Reporters have been able to verify that documents were recently filed in court for a Petition Of Name Change to change baby Future’s name to Russell Wilson Jr. Please note that articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only. Doing so will place your child in the unfortunate position of having to reidentify himself every time he crosses paths with a legal document. If your son's certificate reads "Jonathon" when it should read "Jonathan," then Jon will be stuck using the incorrect spelling unless formal steps are taken to correct it. In some cases, the original birth certificate is amended, and sometimes a new certificate is issued. If you opt to skip the legal fees and handle the name change yourself, start with your county courthouse.
Contact your local social security office or download the required forms from the SSA website.

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