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Changing careers can be a big transition and a stressful time for many people; right up there with major life events like getting married or becoming a parent.  Given that the full time working adult spends 30 per cent of their average day at work, it stands to reason why!
A new career is riddled with unknowns and uncertainties:  a new environment, a new culture, new work relationships,  a new routine, new expectations, new responsibilities, a new identity and an overall lack of feeling of control….
While some people are excited and driven by change, for most it’s a big step out of their comfort zone and can cause stress and anxiety.
Here are 7 tips to help you move through the transition of a career change more effortlessly! You may not be able to control the unknown or see in the dark, but you can go in with a flashlight!  Get clarity around your current position in terms of your resources. If you’re changing careers because you’re running away from a job you hate, or you’re pressuring yourself to please others, or even if you’re choosing to change purely for financial rewards – you may find that it won’t give you enough long term satisfaction to stick with it!
During a time of huge uncertainty and change, keep other areas of life consistent and constant.

Late night TV, comfort eating and drinking alcohol can be a comfort and a crutch in times of uncertainty, but they can be a form of self-sabotage too!
Being tired, lethargic and frumpy on the job won’t do wonders for your performance OR your self-esteem. Let them support you and if you need a little extra help while stepping into your new version of your life, ask for it! Do you have the finances, the support, and the capabilities that you need to make this change? And just like getting hitched or becoming a parent there’s a period of adjustment, so have reasonable expectations.
Don’t neglect or put on hold your other activities like exercising, hobbies and socialising.  Maintaining these will help to level out feelings of uncertainty. So go to bed at a reasonable time, eat healthy, drink water and keep boozy nights to a minimum!

Will it give you anything more than remuneration?  Will it give you an outlet to grow, to achieve, to be fulfilled, to contribute, to learn, to be flexible, to be creative, to make a difference?
If you were close to all of your previous colleagues, remember that those relationships once took time to build.
If you were the master of your craft in your last role, or perhaps that “go to person”, remember that it didn’t start out that way.  Allow yourself the time you need to create a new “normal”.

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