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We’re excited to start blogging about the latest education topics for those who are considering going back to school. Project-focused or consistent workflow:  Projects are typical of client-focused work (for example, in a marketing firm), while a consistent workflow is usually found in more traditional, structured environments.
Think of these questions as a starting point to better understand your preferred work style, then incorporate that information into your career-change choices. Acclaimed Career Coach, Kim Dority is a frequent presenter for Bryant & Stratton College Online.
A ceremony and reception was held for the first graduating class of the Adult Machine Tool Technology Training program. For adults looking to change careers or become more specialized in their field, the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex (WSWHE) Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) provides several programs.
For Vice President of Enterprise Information Management at VMware, Theresa Kushner, staring fear of change straight on helps propel her and the community around her forward. Launched as an enterprise-wide initiative in January 2014, the VMwomen initiative at VMware is taking actionable and measureable steps at all levels to increase the representation of women so that VMware leads our industry globally. These programs, supported by action plans up and down the organization, are helping to broker conversations and behavior change while providing an environment that openly supports diversity. You are sitting on the Accountability and Metrics for Gender Diversity panel at the Grace Hopper Conference (#GHC14). If we truly want to improve the representation of women in computing in all levels, then we need to focus on metrics first. This entry was posted in Life at VMware and tagged #GHC14, #whatsnext, Architect of What's Next, Grace Hopper conference Speaker, People Spotlight, Theresa Kushner, VMware on September 30, 2014 by Price Peacock. Price Peacock leads social and communications strategy for Employment Brand at VMware, Inc. The career change cover letter is meant to get you the job you’ve chosen at the company you’ve chosen, in the industry that you’ve chosen. If this is clear then invariably people get hired and we even found that with this clarity people get jobs at companies where no jobs existed or was planned, because they see wow, this man is enthusiastic about my industry, my company, his job and himself.  I have to have such a person in my company, I cannot let him pass. If you look at a cover letter it’s you choosing the job, the work you want to do, choosing the company you want to do it in or with, and the industry you want to operate in. If you then look at your career change cover letter, it must have a maximum of three paragraphs; it cannot be more than three paragraphs. You require stories that show your manageability, stories that show your willingness to be involved, stories that show commitment, commitment to results, stories that show initiative.
A: Thank you, very importantly, I would advise that you have this clear because what I found is that this has a huge input in the words of the cover letter.
If your stories are ready and you can tell me why the job, why the company, why the industry and why you, I’ve hardly ever seen anybody fail to even create a job where none existed.
Secondly, what I find people have great difficulty with is that most of us can’t talk about ourselves, we get totally stuck, so I find that you’ve got to have a soundboard, somebody you trust that is able and capable. A: It is for you to understand and communicate your possible contribution, your unique approach, why you are a valuable addition.
A: Then you find an advisor in that industry, the one that you want to change to, that is how you engage in the industry. Q: And the reason you want to spend this amount of time on your cover letter is that your cover letter gets your CV into the interview bundle?
A: Yes, you’ve got to get your CV out of a huge pile into a shortlist, survive the shortlist and then get into an interview.
We find that people with this clarity are very successful in our second process, where once you have done this, we can assist you to get into companies that don’t even advertise for a job.
About Unre VisagieI am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. I have watched your video and thank you for your advised and it looks pretty helpful to me for career change. What others are saying:Llewelyn VenterCurrent Professional Coaching Student"Roughly 3 weeks ago I was in a terrible place. If so, you may want to invest some time in identifying your work preferences first to ensure the change you’re making turns out to be a great fit. The “Getting from Here to There” webinar provides advice and tips on how to create and execute an effective career plan, including information on strategic planning, targeted goal setting and identifying valuable contacts and resources.

Dority is an information specialist, consultant, career coach, published author and adjunct professor at the University of Denver in Colorado. Adults may enroll in programs such as cosmetology, auto body repair, criminal justice, landscaping, early childhood education, information technology, and welding. Classes include security guard certification, trade mathematics, AC circuit theory, and residential wiring.
Connect with Theresa, and learn a little bit more about how VMware’s VMwomen initiative is fostering conversations and behavior change around diversity within the technology community at the 2014 Grace Hopper Conference and beyond.
Having metrics tells us first where we are starting from and helps us decide where we want to go.
They bring such different perspectives and I am constantly amazed at their intelligence and creativity.
She works as a global communicator to highlight both internally and externally the dynamic and diverse people culture along with the innovative projects that are driving what's next in IT! We’ve found that if the cover letter is clear it demonstrates that the man has a plan and he is clear on the why and what about the industry, the company, the job and himself. We’ve used it for the last ten years in our pro bono community work where we’ve empowered people to get jobs starting from nothing. You must state that you have a plan, that you are excited; it must contain facts about the job, the company and the industry. The main reason for doing it at this time is to ensure that you are actually backing up your cover letter.
In recent examples for instance, the best soundboard we found for a guy that’s earning $140000 was one of his clients. You’ve got to now indicate what your skills are, because you bring a skill set, it’s not like your bringing industry knowledge as such, because you’re making a career change.
If you want to really join accompany and you are clear on this, there’s a process whereby you hook yourself in. I am a mechanical engineer, I have working in consultant company for about 4 years ( major in design mining equipment).
Do you feel more comfortable with established standards of dress and behavior or prefer a week of casual Fridays?
Hierarchical enterprises are primarily top-down, flat ones more likely to distribute decision-making responsibilities (which may impact quality and speed of decisions). She has written extensively on career development for students and new graduates and is a frequent presenter, lecturer and panelist on career-related topics. There are medical billing and administrative assistant programs, as well as phlebotomy technician programs. Although my father owned a computer software company when I was in high school, I did everything I could to avoid computers and technology. Scroll down to watch a video of Master Career Coach, Unre Visagie explain how to craft your career change cover letter. Today young people with very bad home conditions and education are fully qualified mining engineers.
The words in your cover letter reflect your confidence, that’s why you must gain the confidence. Getting somebody to craft you a clever letter which is not your words is a very dangerous thing.
You go with respect, you go with knowledge, you go with enthusiasm you are irresistible, and you have it in you.
I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company.
And what surprising is, I have never found out they have open job for junior role, it always come out with 10-15 years working experience.
I have a background in Physiotherapy and have recently completed my MBA degree with an aim to enter the medical -business sector. It will improve the value of the time should you work through the free course on Ruthless resume sidebar. Naturally, for some choices your responses may be more of a mild preference than a strong response, but this still gives you useful information, by telling you that this particular issue isn’t a deal maker or breaker for you. Kim’s areas of expertise include professional branding, career transitions and career sustainability.

Online healthcare courses are offered through Health Ed Today.Classes are offered for adults to learn basic computer instruction. After I graduated from college, I realized I couldn’t pay my credit card bill because of the low pay my chosen field provided.
Kroon at the North-West University where we’ve been developing and running this program for seven years. The second thing that your cover letter must show is that you have a clear thread in your past decision making, to actually get you to this point. It’s a simple technique, to go and say thank you to the client, and to say wow, it’s really great what you are doing and I want to ask you a weird question today. Significance, recognition, acceptance and respect are the most powerful approach to humans. Meantime, I also have try the graduate position , and got rejected too because they said that position is open for recent graduate students. We are also working on a new cover letter system and will send you the details once it is complete.
I discovered that computer firms in the technology industry paid better than any of the other industries and my skills were transferrable. It also works for several people we coach at a $100000 plus level that gets 30% increases in the jobs they want towards building their career; it’s always aimed at the long-term career. They will ask you closed questions, for which you must have facts or one of these short stories.
How are you going to show it if you don’t engage people in the industry, read the magazines, go to some trade shows? As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want. Actually I have still not got any interviews even though i am trying for the last 4 months. These are great classes for adults with careers that require computer knowledge, or those who want to learn for personal use.Adults who need additional preparation in basic math and reading can take classes at BOCES. My first technology job was at Texas Instruments in product marketing for consumer products.
He uses these metrics to help recognize where we need to concentrate our efforts and to understand which of our actions are helping. Trust is about four elements: reliability, acceptance, openness and congruence and openness. We’ve worked through thousands of CV’s and interviews in our companies and if there is a lack of clarity it goes to the bin. When we get the younger or older people that we coach to get into companies and jobs that didn’t even exist, this is one of the things we prepare them with.
This process of having clarity on the how and what of each element we call the golden key to success. Since then, I’ve spent my entire career in the world of technology with IBM, Cisco Systems and now, VMware. The people who stated clearly in their cover letter why they wanted to work for our company in our industry they got an interview without exception. To get it clear, be ready with factual stories, remembering that we are still a story-telling society. We don't want to offer programs that people like, but aren't really useful."New programs include the Adult Machine Tool Technology Program, in collaboration with the Workforce Investment Board and area employers. A general education is great, but industries are really looking for people who can do a certain skill.
Donald Myers Education Center, at 15 Henning Road, in Saratoga Springs; or the Southern Adirondack Education Center, at 1051 Dix Ave.

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