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What Paradigm 3 can do is … manage a disciplined change request, change investigation and change implementation for processes, products or services.
The change control methodology is designed as a style with a new page and fields to be completed for each sign-off section using the Improvement Module.
Paradigm 3 is supplied with a Change Control style ready to go, or you can design your own. Xin Inventory 2.0 is a comprehensive, handy, cost effective and network ready invoice software with stock control features. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage quotation, invoice, purchase order, credit note, delivery note, inventory, customer payment by using one software?
All of this could be changed with comprehensive, cost effective and user friendly software that can handle all the task mentioned above.
With such a system, you could handle multiple task with ease, such as creating purchase order, receiving payment, create invoice, scheduling recurring invoices, creating credit notes, packing lists, store receiving, and more!! Xin Inventory Software is a comprehensive, smart, cost effective and all-inclusive productivity management solution for today’s needs.
Get organized with Xin Inventory and never worry about losing track or control over your stock! With Xin Inventory’s ability to track customers’ payment status, you’ll never overlook any customers who are behind in their payments again. Xin Inventory features customizable reports providing detailed and summarized information on sales, revenue, profits and inventory levels.
In Xin Inventory 2.0, data is password-protected so you can restrict access and have peace of mind that only the right people are allowed to view and share important purchase and inventory information.
There’s no better way to get your business organised and enhance efficiency while looking professional and staying in-sync with your business all at the same time! We have customers from Croatia, Mauritius, Maldives, Malta, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lebanon, South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Brazil, Barbados, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Panama, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Bermuda, United State (US) and Canada. Try it for yourself and experience this comprehensive productivity management software for your business! See More Interactive Xin Inventory demo like how to create new invoice and how to create new quotation here. After 20 years in business and a slave to the Books software and the outrageous pricing from them I had enough, I then turned to Xin and they where the right price and the software was just what I needed. Xin Inventory comes with professional purchase order (PO) template, invoice template, quotation template, debit note template, customer statement template and others.
I searched for a long time to find software that would keep track of inventory along with customers and invoicing.

My company and me are absolutely happy with the program Xin Inventory 2.0 and all its functions and features. Since the program is not Microsoft Office based it takes time to find out, how things have to be done, but almost all demands our company has had towards an inventory and invoicing software were met. Especially the service including technical support for all kind of questions allways within 24h should be mentioned here.
So far Xin Inventory has come closest to being the inventory software that I want for my manufacturing business, most are not well suited to the changes and variations of inventory and daily running but Xin Inventory has so far worked out well. Working in Thailand it is difficult to find a system that does Quotation -> Invoice -> Receipt without too many extras that cost a lot of money! Our Document Management Solution automates the organization, storage and management of your company's documents across the enterprise and document lifespan.
By automating your document management process with AssurX, you can easily manage, organize and sort documents, as well as control access to them with configurable permission and security settings.
Like all our products, AssurX Document Management can be fully integrated with any of our other quality and compliance solutions - such as Training Management, Audits, CAPA and Complaint Handling—to create an Enterprise Quality and Compliance Management System that meets your specific business needs.
AssurX solutions seamlessly connect related quality & compliance processes so issues can be easily tracked, analyzed and resolved across all operations.
The problem we see is that when this process becomes too rigid it cannot accommodate common sense.
Change Management, however, refused to grant us permission to make the simple config change and restart the backup daemon.
Often this level of difficulty in implementing changes forces DBAs to implement things without proper controls and documentation. Tags: Change Management, PRIMARY About the Author As Expert MySQL DBAs, we realized that many enterprise-worthy tools were lacking so we decided to do something about it.
It helps in stock control and speed up billing process by creating quotation, invoice, PO in minutes and email to customer. It is crucial to any business long-term survival and the lack of proper management can be disastrous and costly. It works to ensure that your business will only carry the necessary amount of stock and stay aware of which stock need to be replenished or shifted to keep costs down. This software takes care of all your business needs; making it the only software system you’ll ever require for daily operations of your business. This all-in-one software is a platform packed with amazing features to help you stay on top of your business operations at all times!
The stock control features and automatically reorders stock when it reaches a pre-determined level to ensure that every purchase order is fulfilled without having to wait for restocks.

Just add your business logo and choose from professional-looking Purchase Orders, Invoices, Quotations or Estimates, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes or Packing Slips, Customer Statements and more! There is nothing more important to a business than a good flow of revenue to maintain efficient operation.
This powerful feature can help you better plan ahead and tweak your business strategies for ultimate success and see how your business is doing on paper! System admin able to create own user group with dedicatated user accessibility to different module.
By apply the correct setting, the database can be accessed by different computer at the same time either using same user account or different user account in the same network or LAN.
System administrator able to create own user group according to their needs and assign user to the correct group.
This software provides collaboration tools to access, create, modify, review and distribute documents in a controlled manner—all from a secure central repository, which maintains all documents, revisions and history. You can be certain every document is current and every revision can be easily processed and tracked. You also have the flexibility to create your own or edit existing templates to fit your needs. In addition to this feature, the software supports and processes multiple tax rates, such as the regional State Sales Tax (US), GST (Australia, New Zealand, Canada), and VAT (UK, South Africa). Europe country like United Kingdom (UK), Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Latvia, Georgia, Romania, Finland, Estonia, Belarus, Slovakia, Lithuania, Serbia, Ukraine , Slovenia, Russia. I've tried dozens of programs where you have to accept a compromise somewhere, but Xin Invoice is awesome! The system alerts appropriate staff of new or revised documents as they are released, and records their acknowledgement. It also has an option to define your own tax rate making it a simple and burden-free tax calculation system. Asia country like China, Taiwan, Macau, Mongolia, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam and many more.
Not only that, Xin Inventory is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Slovenian, Slovak, Croatian, Dutch and Japanese!

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