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Do note that making this change will impact all links opened throughout apps in Mac OS X, as all will be redirected to whatever browsing app is set as the default. Changing the default web browser in prior versions of Mac OS X is also very easy, but regardless of what browser you want to use as default, you adjust the setting through Apple’s web browser, Safari. Yes, you use Safari to change the default browser, even if you have no intention on using Safari as the default and instead want to switch the default to Chrome, Firefox, or whatever else.
This process is identical and works for setting the default to Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Safari, and just about any other native browser in Mac OS X.
I downloaded Firefox and I’ve made it my default browser but every time that I restart my mac this setting automatically change to safari.
Thanks, I’ve just spent half an hour looking through all the settings and options in firefox!
I appreciate the person who asked the question as simple as it may seem to cyber tech folks. Every great web browser has a layout engine that explicitly decides how to turn our markup, stylesheets, and scripts into living, breathing websites. As on a Mac, all of these browsers use the system default text rendering engine and OS font smoothing settings.
I haven’t done enough research yet on type rendering in mobile devices, but they certainly deserve a dedicated post (or two). So — when is Typekit going to provide us with a way to switch off webfonts when a) fonts aren’t hinted and b) one of the Windows rendering engines is used? As it is now, fonts like Calluna are pretty much unusable on Windows platforms: people complain that they are ugly and unreadable.
I was using the Firefox 4 beta where DirectWrite is enabled, and had to turn it off straight away as I could not read more than 500 words without triggering a migraine. In our tests (with a competing web fonts service which suplied Trade Gothic) we’ve had strikingly different results in Firefox Mac as compared to Safari. OSX also tends to faux bold fonts — fonts on osx look consistently heavier than windows fonts. Change Default Search Engine Mac - How to change the search engine in safari for mac os x Changing the default search engine in safari in mac os x setting the default search engine in safari for os x is possible in all versions here s how How to change the search engine in safari for mac os x.
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Maybe you prefer Chrome to Safari, or maybe you want to use Firefox instead of Safari, or vice versa?

Another thing to keep in mind is that most browsers will ask you, often repeatedly on each launch, if you want to set them as the default for the web.
This is possible because most third party web browsers apps also have an option within themselves to set their own app as the new default across Mac OS X, Chrome has this and it will ask usually upon launching the app if you want to set it as the default. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Every time i go to change it back to google it says it has changed, but it STILL USES BING!
On a Mac, all web browsers use Core Text – the system default text rendering engine – and OS font smoothing settings. In general, a given font, on a given operating system installation, will render consistently in all of these browsers.
This preference is enabled by default, which means that users of IE7 will usually see type that is antialiased with ClearType — even if they are using Windows XP or have explicitly chosen standard font smoothing in their OS settings. However, when IE8 is installed it forcibly changes the OS font smoothing setting to ClearType sub-pixel antialiasing. IE9 bypasses OS font smoothing settings in favor of Microsoft’s DirectWrite text rendering engine, which makes type look incredible.
I had no idea the rendering engines were specific to both the OS and browser in combination. It’s great to see the collective knowledge of the webfont community put together in one place like this for easy reference.
I know of a few CSS-related factors that can subtly change how type is rendered in different Mac browsers (which I plan to explain in a future post), but as far as I know the browsers themselves are not responsible for rendering differences. Android devices and Linux systems should be largely similar, since they both use Freetype, but they may not be identical, since there are options in using the Freetype engine that can be set differently. I would really like to be able to fall back to standard fonts on any platform which will render these unhinted fonts as crap. For example Firefox supports more OpenType features than Safari which can heavily influence how things look.
Try adding a text-shadow (text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #ffffff) to some Century Gothic with a font-size of 21px or less.
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Whatever your choice, it’s easy to do in OS X Yosemite and new versions, and older versions of OS X too. Choosing those options within those apps will make the modification for you automatically, though to change it manually at any point you would need to return back to Safari’s Preferences.

Firefox and Opera usually will ask the user the same question too, so it’s really easy no matter where you start. And when i say not working safari its really non working at all it stops after 1 sec with lot of lines with kill command in it . This explains why type in the same web browser renders differently on different operating systems.
As I explained in the previous post, Windows 7 and Windows Vista have ClearType sub-pixel antialiasing enabled by default, whereas Windows XP has Standard grayscale antialiasing enabled. Also play with font-weight, there’s a few differences there between IE, Chrome and FF.
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Furthermore, browser preferences can override or change default OS font smoothing settings. For example, if you’re a Windows XP Firefox user who has never modified your smoothing settings – and you happen to install IE8 – you would subsequently see ClearType-antialiased text in Firefox. Learn to change the default browser on a Macintosh with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on Mac computers. This makes the process of converting a given monitor color to an equivalent printer color a challenging problem. Again, this will impact how all links open on the Mac, so expect new links to open in whatever is set as the default. Let’s look at how type rendering is affected, or not affected, by each popular web browser.
Note that the end of the string is indicated by a null character ('0') in some languages, such as C and C++. Intel uses this convention, I suppose just to be different. Who Cares? Suppose you read a binary file written on a big-endian computer system using a little-endian system?

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