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To trick Siri into showing results from Google instead of Bing, you just have to precede any search query with “Google”. Over the period of time, we have a lot of pictures, files, documents, and many other things on our Mac. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.
Search engines are becoming ever-more integrated into mobile operating systems, but you can still change your default search engine on your smartphone or tablet.
As services are integrated more deeply into each operating system, changing your search engine is becoming more difficult. Android is the most open, so it’s easiest to change your search engine on an Android device. Firefox for Android makes it easy to add a search engine from any website — just long-press a search field and add it.
You can change the default search engine for the touch-first version of Internet Explorer on Windows 8, but Microsoft hid this option well.
If you really want to use a different search engine, you may have to download a dedicated application for that search engine and use it instead of the device’s built-in web browser.
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Clicking the "Browse" button [Slide 5] will bring up a pop-up showing the files on the hard disk of your computer. As an example, I have uploaded a photograph of someone I highly admire - the great Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli. You can drag and pull the corners of this selection area and even move it around the photo.

Page contents: Change the photo on your Yahoo account: simple instructions for the beginners using the Yahoo!
Safari, the web browser of choice for most iOS users, lets you search on Google, Bing or Yahoo quickly. Instead, you just type the search term in the unified bar and you get to the results page right from here. It’s a strategic move from Apple to get away from Google services as much as possible (the first to go was Maps and YouTube). So if you’re looking for information about iPhone 6 rumors, you just say, “Google iPhone 6 rumors” and Siri would bring search results from Google. You don’t have to stick with the search engine the device manufacturer chose for you. To change your search engine in Chrome for Android, open the Chrome app, tap the menu button, tap Settings, and tap Search engine. Even search engines you add to Chrome on your PC aren’t automatically synced to Chrome for Android. For example, both the DuckDuckGo Search and Bing Search apps include widgets you can add to your home screen.
Open the Settings app, tap Safari, tap Search Engine, and choose your desired search engine. To use a different search engine as your default, you’d have to install an alternate web browser or similar app. You can’t actually change your default search engine from within the Internet Explorer app. Open the Internet Explorer app, tap the menu button, tap Settings, tap Advanced Settings, tap Default search provider, and select your desired search engine. Open the Silk browser, swipe in from the left edge or tap the menu icon, tap Settings, tap Search Engine, and choose your preferred search engine. You can usually only choose from a handful of default search options — generally Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Pulse, a social networking web site, it's now kind of important to use a 'proper' photo on your Yahoo! Choose from among the search engines in the list — Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, and Ask are all options here. Instead, you’ll need to head to the desktop, open the desktop version of Internet Explorer, and change your default search engine in it. Microsoft is beginning to remove this option on some new Windows Phone devices, so you may be forced to use Bing instead of Google. Still, it’s worth checking out and popping in once in a while to see if they continue to improve. You can either change mailto setting in respective web browser preferences or use free utility to set any email service for default mailto links.1. If you haven't embellished your account with a photo, a default graphic image will be displayed instead.
We’re not sure if this might change in iOS 8, the upcoming iOS firmware to be showcased at WWDC 2014.
Searches you perform from Safari’s address bar will use the search engine you choose here.
The Windows 8-style version of Internet Explorer will use the same search engine you choose on the desktop. One very noticable thing is that the images they display can’t always be found on the resulting web site.

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