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Mr Adams believes his birth certificate is inaccurate and that it is having a dehumanising effect on his lifea€?The current legal practice for donor conceived children is for the receiving couple, or commissioning couple, to be listed as parents on the birth certificate,a€™ Mr Adams told Daily Mail Australia.A a€?This means my birth certificate is technically inaccurate. Mr Adams says he has received support from groups like donor conception Australia, as well as the full support of my friends and familyMr Adams filed his his application with the Magistrates Court in Adelaide two weeks ago, but he says that this is something he had resolved to do several years ago. Mr Adams believes there is no certainty in the outcome of his case to amend his birth certificate, however he believes the case of Emma Crosswell, the only person to have successfully achieved the same pursuit, will assist in his caseHowever in another sense it proved how difficult the process will be.
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I've had two people enable this on accident and neither of them could figure out how to fix it. Now Mr Adams is hoping to remove some of those psychologically harmful feelings he has felt since discovering he was conceived by a sperm donation.But rather than tracking down his biological father, something which he is legally forbidden from doing, Mr Adams hopes to address a less acknowledged hurdle. In July this year, 26-year-old donor-conceived British woman Emma Cresswell became the first person to have achieved the feat, albeit after a six year legal battle.
Mr Adams said he wasn't initially influenced by Mrs Creswells plight, but that it was vastly assuring.'I had decided to do this before I heard about her, but it was very assuring to know that someone had achieved this.

Many animals have have a more accurate birth record than I do and I find that completely dehumanising.'A Mr Adams said that his profession was instrumental in the pursuit. If I do get to take this to a Magistrates courtroom, I will certainly be able to use her case to my advantage.

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