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Google and Samsung has announced the next version of Google Phone which is the new Galaxy Nexus phone manufactured by Samsung Electronics. We have the news that Android 4.0 will also introduce a new font package called “Roboto font”.
As the Roboto font comes with the new OS, unfortunately majority of the Android users except the Samsung Galaxy Nexus users. Superuser access was not found on your device and therefore this application will have to be closed.
As I already said you in the article itself, it requires you to have Root Access on to your phone.
Its working for few others as mentioned in other comments, try to do the process correctly.
Glad it worked for you, it seems like our editor added a CAP A in the beginning of the password which is creating issues for others. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Kyith is a blogger with interest in all things on Wealth Mastery, Technology, Business and Productivity. Using the paper, and ink, metaphor, Google has come up with a way to present clean layouts and interfaces. With a more minimalistic approach to design, attention has been shifted away from making things look "correctly 3D" to making them visually pleasing. One aspect of user interface design that is both underrated and at the same time abused is animation. But more importantly, animations give users immediate feedback, to let them know what is going, even the fact that there is actually something going on. There are, of course, other bits of the interface that are not exactly covered by those sweeping major arcs of Material Design. Fonts are probably one aspect that hasn't change much since Roboto was introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. One last interesting part of Material Design is that this isn't just for Android this time.
Personally, I think most of the color palettes they’ve shown us so far look like sh**.
Along with that Google also introduces an updated version of Android in the form of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which was the most awaited Android update. We thought this would be announced during the launch event of Google Nexus phone but oflate Google has announced it. This attractive font would make users to eagerly awaits for the Android 4.0 update to their phone.

But what is it really as a design standard and how does it fit in with Android L and the rest of Google. Android users will not be strangers to this type of flatness since it was introduced earlier via Android 4.4 KitKat. Material Design encourages the tasteful but restrained use of images in user interfaces, at least in places where they do matter. Ever since mobile devices gained the ability to display fluid motion, some have taken them to the extreme, even in user interfaces.
As Google says, animations bridge the gap between a user's finger and the interface beneath the glass. Google isn't switching out fonts yet, but it did shower some love and attention to perfecting the font. Material Design is something that Google intends to implement across all its products, across all Android incarnations and devices. The Roboto is a derivative font of Sans Serif font with pleasing roundness, good space between two characters and the font is very much pleasure to read. No worries for them as they can test this font on the current existing Android phone that they have. I asked the developer how to do it, because i couldn’t find a way, and they said it can only be done with the application drawer page.
In a sense, Material standardizes and makes explicit the thinking behind that minimalist design.
When put side by side, in what Google calls "seams", two sheets of paper move together and proportionally.
And the higher a sheet is, the stronger and larger the shadow it casts on a sheet that stays on the same level. Photo gallery apps are no-brainers, but calendars, travel apps, media players can all benefit from a slathering of pictures or clipart. There are still those that hold that animations like sliding sheets and whatnot are excessive and unnecessary, but Google believes they are key to putting the user in control of the interface. That said, Material Design does give a bit more emphasis on typography, making recommendations on the size, weight, line height, and even contrast used depending on context. This means Chrome OS, Chromebooks, Chromecast, Android Auto, Android TV, Android Wear, Gmail, and more. This gives the appearance, and feeling, of depth and a bit of realism without going overboard with the skeumorphic trend of the past. Google makes recommendations of what types of images to use, advising to stay away from stock photos, overloaded illustrations, and excessively manipulated images. Bottom line is that every element, even text, spacing, and margin, are thoughtfully placed and not haphazardly slapped on.

This will be Google's unifying visual image across its presence on the Web, devices, and cars. With Material design, Google is using a new metaphor in crafting user interfaces, that of paper. The more interesting convention is "steps", when sheets of paper are put on top of the other. Quite interestingly, in this new design paradigm, most buttons on the interface don't "sink" when you tap on them, unlike their more 3D counterparts. One hard part about the design guidelines is making sure that images are able to scale to different screen sizes and that text laid out on top remain legible. Especially using this paper and ink metaphor, interface elements can have their own mass, weight, and therefore animation properties. While previous icons are also "flat" in design, they aren't particularly flat in perspective and still give of a slightly 3D feel.
But Material Design isn't simply a set of rules to be followed or even guidelines to be kept in mind. Each component of the screen, whether it be a dialog window, a toolbar, or even a button, has an elevation level, with some layers beneath and others above. Of course, Google isn't running a dictatorship (yet), so these really are more like guidelines and recommendations, but Google, and users presumably, hope that app developers would exercise common sense and good judgment.
Google calls it a living document, one that it intends to update and improve along the way. So while Material design adopts a seemingly flat-like minimalist aesthetic, in truth, it isn't totally flat. But to make that appeal to developers, Google is also simplifying the way developers can define colors.
There are hooks for the most basic color roles, like a main color highlight and a secondary one. Google is also suggesting picking a consistent accent color for interactive visual elements like buttons, checkboxes, and sliders. So for Android L and forward, Google is dropping the last traces of Holo, a name that evokes the word "holographic", with something a bit real.

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