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Suggestion, perhaps impliment functionality to take over from the 'show picture' for people who like to use bust shots in their dialogue? I have tried both "6f" and "ChalkboardWindow" so i've tried both just text and a text with number.
Many users (i'm sure you know) use "Show Image" and bring in a bust sized image, and I don't know if it's necessary, but you could always implement functionality so we don't need to go through two avenues to create a dialogue box if we choose to use Bust shots. And if you want to change the variable ID you do changes in the constant WINDOW_VAR to the value you want.
I was kinda curious, do you have a setting that changes the opacity of a windowskin or do we have to do that to a windowskin before we import it?And if by the "I think I have it set to false" you mean it shouldn't alter the window, it does by default for me.Thank you for looking into the issues.

When I try to change the "Msg Skin" to "ChalkboardWindow" Which is the name of my imported skin, nothing happens.
For example (And this may be a bug), you say "Namebox" but I Don't know exactly what that means. So then I just made a random event with only text in it, just to see if it "held the settings" as i'd call it. And it did, it showed the window, and then it crashed with an error.but it only crashed after I used my first event, then went to it and interacted with it.
When I interacted with it first (So it had no variable changes) it was fine.On a side note, I made a brand new game, where my windowskin was untouched (Still default blue) and then added your "Core" script only, and it changed the windowskin to a grey.

Isn't this how you make text bold?Now, when we are talking about the other areas, which are changed with a variable before the text and which aren't?
Are those changed only in the script settings or are they to be called in each event too?Sorry if this is an annoyance to answer these questions, I hope the above wasn't a bug and i'm just doing something wrong, and thank you for your help.

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