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On the Windows side of things if you are using Adobe Reader there is no UI or interface for changing the font.
One workaround I have found is copy some text with the font you want to use from another application and paste it into the PDF form fill field.
Did my suggestion of copying the formatting (with font) from another application and pasting work? Writable or fillable PDF files allow you to include text directly on the PDF file and save the document as if you were filling it out with a pen or pencil.
What Nelson is sayingg is that those options only apply to text you add in text entry fields of a pdf form, not text that already existed the first time you opened the pdf in Preview.
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Type the letter (create each letter in the separate layer), use font size around 130pt for this size of Photoshop document. To create smooth and sharp edges for the transformed letters, you may convert them into the vector shapes using Illustrator, but you may keep raster letters as well.
In order to create 3D layers I used different smaller document without a lot of empty space around.
If you would like to add more light reflections to the tentacles surface, duplicate letter 3D layer.
Return to the textured 3D letter layer, rasterize it and move this shape back to the main Photoshop document.
What fun to get the correct spacing for this particularly French punctuation in a reflowable eBook! PagetoScreen - Want to be part of a collaborative authored project?  Penguin is asking for you. Here we see the example of the first footnote in the chapter and the reference number in the text. Notes: Attention to detail - for PrintFootnotesThese need to be separated from the main body of the text, and are best set with a smaller size and possibly event a different typeface and colour. Acrobat for Life Sciences is a resource that covers the use of Acrobat for those involved in the pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, and medical device markets.

The FDA-supplied 1572 form is an XML-based form in the Acrobat 7 file format (PDF version 1.6). XML-based files are convenient for data collection workflows and may be digitally signed using SAFE signatures. However, for IND and NDA submissions, the FDA seems to insist on receiving Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) level files.
On the surface, it does seem that this is an example of the agency not following its own guidelines.
To be on the safe side, however, sponsors should contact the FDA to check if they may submit files that fall outside guidelines. I covered methods to convert PDF documents to earlier versions in my article Change PDF Versions for FDA Compliance. Unfortunately, that article is not going to help you much if you try to down-convert the FDA-supplied 1572 form.
If you have Acrobat Professional, you can take advantage of the program’s Batch Processing feature to convert many 1572 forms to flattened Acrobat 5-level documents. Acrobat will flatten all the forms by printing them to PDF and placing them in the output folder designated in the Set-up section above. I went through all main menu options and no features for manipulating the color, size, etc are there. Your Mac includes the Preview application built into the operating system that comes with all the tools you'll need to work with PDF documents. This Adobe Photoshop tutorial teaches how to apply octopus skin texture and light reflections to the 3d letters.
You see that the text alignment (left or right), is automatic depending on recto or verso achieved by the paragraph style using Towards the Spine. The idea of any notes is that it is supplementary information and it is entirely optional that the reader even bothers to look, so setting in a style that does not distract from the flow of the reading experience is important.Footnotes are best numbered with an outdented figure, although (for technical reasons) the numbers are most often aligned to the main text block.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides Statement of Investigator forms—commonly known as 1572 forms— in downloadable PDF format. Certainly, the agency has the capability to read an Acrobat 7-level 1572 file if you submit it. For details on how to create that setting, see my article Acrobat Font Embedding for FDA Submissions.
Robert Bringhurst doesn't need to bother with those little superscript numbers because the supplementary information is very much nearby for the reader.Still, tradition dictates that in some books, there are footnotes and some there are endnotes (either at the end of the chapter or the end of the book).

Most publishers will favour the numbers to begin again for each chapter, otherwise the numbers could get unweildy (superscript numbers of more than two digits could look ugly).
Let's face it, book design and usability does not often win-out over commercial considerations. Where footnotes are long, they can be split across more than one page, although this will compromise the usability somewhat.EndnotesNotes are often placed at the end of the chapter or even at the end of the book (before the index). Lots of space for the text to breath.How I dislike some books that give me less than a centimetre of margin.
This approach means that the reader will need to 'hunt down' the note referred to in the text. This usually means that the endnotes will be sectioned by chapter or section.The advantage of endnotes is that the page composition in the vertical plane is not compromised for the sake of the note space. Ridiculous as this seems, we have seen books with footnotes that take more page space than the main text itself!Sidenotes (sometimes called Margin Notes)Clearly the page layout needs to provide the space in the margins for this to be an option. In this we can set the way the references are displayed in the text (superscript etc), and how the footnotes appear at the bottom of the page.
We need a paragraph style set up for the display of the footnotes themeselves and we can (optionally), use a character style for the reference figure in the text.As you can see from the first example spread the footnote list figure is aligned to the left edge of the text box. You will often see this in the books on your shelves, however, a more attractive arrangement is to 'outdent' these listed figures so that the footnotes are are aligned to the text and the figures are offset from this text box.InDesign does not provide the means to set footnotes outside the text box, so we need to plan for this by indenting all of the text inside the text box by an amount that we then remove from the left margins. You will see from the image provided here that we are using guides to make sure that these items align. The one that I use here is called 'convert footnotes to (dynamic) endnotes' – meaning that the numbering will change if further notes are added.As always when using scripts to change content, save your work first! Scripts will often run through a long sequence of actions; you can always use 'revert' (from the file menu), to get back to the previous.
You will see from the image here that the endnotes have their own page(s) with a heading that matches other heading styles.
Using these we can control the width and position as the footnotes are converted to side notes.

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