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There are several angry pixiv artists on twitter and 2ch that complain about people taking their art without permission, edit them, and sometimes put watermarks on them. There was one thread on 2ch that started a small movement to have Pixiv’s regulations, making it only accessible to people inside Asia, until the US site was opened. Though there are very few people who do ask for permission, even if there’s a language barrier, the illustrators will try to communicate back to the person. Courier New:Loos great, but not always easy to use as it gets pixellated very fast and I almost always need a double layer for it to be readable. You will learn how to code a complete Tumblr theme from scratch with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Mailinator - I’ve never used this before, but you can use your url for the email, I’m sure! In addition to changing the theme, you can also change the font to look different with a few simple tricks!

When you’re writing paragraphs I would tag them as para1 or chara1, just to keep track of that specific para with that person.
As seen in the example, you can set the width of the header to the full width of the screen just by changing the structure of the html code. Here she will posts her latest creations in themes and occasionally reblog useful resources. Not always very readable and takes some fitting when you have more than a couple words, but can look very cool. It’s relatively simple-looking but it took me a while to make the codes user-friendly and customizable.
It’s to avoid the same mistakes that I had made when I started roleplaying on tumblr, as well as a few tips as to how to stay organized. When tumblr roleplaying first started it was popular to state that you were a roleplayer in the url but you don’t need to do that anymore!

That means if you’re not familiar with colour schemes you should stick with black and white themes. Some people opt for popular quotes from books, or songs that they think represent their characters. I probably would have avoided a lot of mistakes if I knew how to do something like this, but unfortunately I didn’t.
You can do that by clicking html and in the html click ctrl+f and search for the font-size. You do this by going to the dashboard and pressing settings (top right corner) Then press on your characters account.

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