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Pilot FireTools, Fuel, and Steering Instructions to Make a Life You Believe Inarticles11 CommentsAre You Facing Big Change?
Most of us have dealt with big changes like moving, breakups, graduations, career shifts, loss. Yay, I tried to build a community of loving families that shared a home, a garden, meals, tools, an investment, and a vision of cooperation, and I failed! Yay, I tried intimate collaboration around a business that would change people’s lives and make a bunch of money, and I failed! Yay, I tried to make another marriage work by listening hard, sharing deep, asking for the moon, and giving blood, and I failed! As the last millenium clocked out, along with the first half of my life, I started to invent what I now call Designing a Balanced Life.
Facing change and failure could be one of the scariest things ever, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and no doubt that after you go through it you would be relieved. You’re are starting something big here, and maybe this your living is what you need to go to the next level of your dreams. You have created some thing valuable and important here, a platform to speak the raw and honest truth of your situation, feelings, fears.

The thing that really scares me though, is my screwed up family, and how that might affect me. Nice Motivational Quote About Life – Every New Day is another Chance to Change Your Life. I’m losing my home, my wife, my business partner, and the community I built around my beautiful household. Two years ago in the midst of the economic crisis I left my secure, more or less well paid job in pursue of a better future. This blog and your complete honestly makes me wonder how anything bad could ever happen to such an open minded person. I can really relate, having lost everything some years back – it was the scariest thing that ever happened to me, but I can truly say now, looking back, that it was the right thing, and that I learned so much from it.
You have created community and in this community, support and compassion for the challenges and changes that you now face.
Even if I was calling out for what scares you, and suggestions about what you would need (and trying not to sound pathetic because I hardly feel that way), I’m deeply moved by your words of kindness for me. So while I stoke up the ol’ Pilot Fire I wonder, when facing a big change, what scares you?

My own experience has been that the events, feelings, and conflict that LEAD up to where you now bravely stand IS the worst part of the process of evolving. It only scares me when I think about it, and I don’t really think about it that often! I think for many people the fear of death is about that, being alone forever… powerless. I’m a little concerned about finding a decent place where my daughter and I can live. We all want to come out the other side stronger, wiser, more balanced, and more passionate… don’t we?
What I go to when facing uncertainty or difficulty, big choices or big failures, is the Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement, as if going to get advice from an old uncle that know things.
I do not want to sound trite here, but when a door closes, another opens, and I hope you are able to see, sooner than later, that new dawn, horizon and path forward.

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