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Why not make your New Years Resolution for you and your family to eat less sugar by taking part in the Change 4 Life Sugar Swaps campaign. It’s surprising how much sugar there is in some of the things we give our children throughout the day, from the cereal they have for breakfast, to the snacks they have after school, the drinks they have during the day and the puddings after a meal. Eating and drinking too much sugar means extra calories, which causes fat to build up inside the body.
If you register for the campaign you get a FREE sugar swaps pack which is filled with hints, tips and recipe suggestions designed to help parents cut down the sugary foods and drinks consumed by their children, plus money-off vouchers, swap cards and stickers.
This website which is funded by Kent County Council and Medway Council and has been designed to help you maintain your wellbeing and link you in to what is available to support you locally. But in the past 40 years, new forms of sugar have crept into food processing at an astounding rate. Last year, when I was writing The Sugar Smart Diet, we recruited volunteers to put our expert-developed 32-day plan to the test. As the editorial director for Prevention, I consult with many of the country’s leading experts about the health issues plaguing Americans, and these experts are saying that our overconsumption of sugar is contributing to a tsunami-size national health crisis.
Many of us struggle with weight, no doubt in part because consuming 130 pounds of added sugar a year adds up!
One of the truly amazing things about developing The Sugar Smart Diet was seeing what just 4 weeks of clean eating can do. Spend a few minutes acknowledging what you hope to achieve, practically or spiritually, and giving thanks for what is good in your life. One important goal of The Sugar Smart Diet is to restore metabolic harmony between the hormones ghrelin (which triggers appetite) and leptin (which signals satiety), along with insulin.
Many people have no idea how much sugar they and their family really consume because it’s in so many things.

If you want to tell us about how you are adopting the Six Ways to Wellbeing or if you want to send your feedback, amendments and suggestions. Our foods are being gunked up with hidden sugars in ways—and to an extent—that most of us don’t realize. Now most American adults consume a staggering two-thirds of a cup of added sugar every single day. We asked them to keep a diary for a few days so they could gain some insight into their own sugar intake. That’s because drenching your body in a continuous flow of sugar has far-reaching health implications.
Research shows that one form of sugar in particular packs on belly fat and stimulates the secretion of toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on the body. Once you get what I call sugar smart and know where sugar is hiding in your diet, you can make smarter choices. When these hormones are working in concert, the result is fewer cravings and less propensity to store fat. DITCH soda (39 g of sugar per can of Coke), and don’t be fooled by sweetened iced tea (36 g in a snapple!).
We could all do with cutting a little sugar out of our diets and helping our kids to do the same. So why not get involved in Sugar Swaps and make some small changes that can have very beneficial effects on your family’s health. We still tend to think about sugar as we did when we were kids: a pure, sweet treat that makes dessert taste like, well, dessert. One panelist, who was not overweight but suffered nonstop food cravings, discovered that he was consuming more than 250 g of sugar a day—more than 10 times the amount recommended by the American Heart Association!

Take a close look at your diet and kick out the hidden sugars, so you stay in the safe zone of about 25 g of added sugar a day. You can decide when and where you want to eat sugary foods and what kinds of sugar are acceptable to you.
Quick options: Greek-style yogurt with a little peanut butter, ? cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of milk and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, or eggs with low-fat cheese. Some good snacks: crudites (half a cucumber or 2 stalks of celery) with 3 tablespoons of hummus, 16 ounces of a fat-free latte with 7 almonds, or a small wrap with a slice of turkey and a stick of part-skim string cheese.
Instead, opt for Panera bread’s Chopped Chicken Cobb with avocado, which has 3 g of sugar. What’s driving this increase is not just supersized cheesecakes or gigantic Frappuccinos. And learning those names is only one step in finding out if your diet is exceeding the recommended limit of daily added sugar (6 teaspoons). He dropped 115 cholesterol points and no longer has a chattering chorus of food cravings in his head. It also means you’re taking your health seriously, preventing diseases that can take years off your life (as they add inches to your belly). You can even reclaim your right, as I did, to enjoy sugar the way you did as a child: as a simple, delectable treat.

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