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Reports early Wednesday of millions of Gmail addresses and passwords being leaked had users of the popular email Web app understandably alarmed — but Google says the danger has been greatly exaggerated. When you reply to a mail, your messages gets grouped as threads because of same subject line. NOTE: Since Gmail sorts mails together in conversation threads based on common subject lines, the recipient will now receive new mail with new subject line but with old conversation. Also remember that Gmail does not show subjects in conversation threads, so you have to keep a tab on it manually. You can also use these steps when replying to many at the same time or forwarding the mail.
Abhishek Mandloi is digital consultant, open source contributor & founder-editor of Gtricks.
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When it first commenced, people could only join when they were invited by a pal, however, as Google grew in quantity and quality, they eventually allowed individuals enroll themselves. Since many people reuse emails and passwords on other sites, such lists can be used by hackers to gain unauthorized access. At times, the topic or the mode of conversation might change and we need to change the subject of the conversation.
First, we curate information from authentic and verified sources and then write the newsletter in an easy to understand format with images and summary for each update. If you might have been affected by the leak, Google should have already alerted you, locking down your account and requiring a password change. However, sometimes we need to reply or forward emails with a different subject while keeping it in the same group or thread of messages.
We want to reply because it is convenient and has previous references but at the same time we want to edit subject because the topic has moved on.

But if you've been meaning to change it anyway, there's no time like the present — better safe than sorry. In such cases, we can start a new thread with new subject which will also have old messages as quoted replies. Gmail was crowned largest email company, surpassing a lot of the leading email companies till then and has now a lot of active users around the globe and number continues to be increasing. Gmail provides a lot of special features and services such as idea of common login you can use to login into Gmail and all sorts of other Google’s services for example YouTube, Picasa plus more at the same time.Do you want to change your gmail account password? In the crowd of countless emailing clients, it truly is almost challenging to write out which email application has better features and great power to fulfill your very own in addition to official requirements.

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