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You may set a search engine, a favorite website, a social site as your home page or you could set it so that a blank page opens when you launch your browser.
Launch your Internet Explorer, click on Settings in the top right side and select Internet Options. In Chrome, click on the Customize and control Google Chrome button in the top right corner.
After you have launched Opera, in the top left corner, click on the Customize and control Opera button. To change the home page in Edge browser, in the top right corner of the browser, click on More and select Settings. Using this procedure you can even set multiple home pages in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. A recent software installation changed my Home Page and default Search Engine also changed without my permission. In the pop up window, you will have the list of default search engines including the one that recently changed in your browser. Obviously, the Chrome New Tab page is exactly what you see when you open a new tab in the browser. Right-clicking on an app itself brings up a number of options, which includes the ability to remove it from Chrome altogether. While all of these options are incredibly convenient, the Chrome New Tab page doesn’t exactly look flashy.
If you’re always opening new tabs in your browser (and why wouldn’t you be?), it would be great to open the Chrome New Tab page and see some great artwork, a logo of your favorite team, or just your favorite color.

To find a Chrome browser theme that best suits you, check out Brand Thunder’s ever-expanding library of Chrome themes. ABOUT BRAND THUNDERBrand Thunder interactive themes are available for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music, publishing and the most popular browsers. Under the General tab itself, you will see the setting to create one or multiple home page tabs.
If you wish, you can also lock your Internet Explorer home page, so that no one will be able to change it. Under Open with you can set Edge to open with a Start page, new tab page, Previous pages or A specific page or pages.
Usually a software asks permission before changing the settings, but unfortunately there are softwares which dont follow these basic rules. And if you’re an avid Chrome user, you have probably noticed the New Tab page, which has now been around for a while. When you do open a new tab, you can toggle between your eight most-visited sites and your installed apps. You can also rename the Apps section to whatever you wish simply by double-clicking on the existing title and typing in a new name.
All you have to do is find a browser theme in Brand Thunder’s vast Chrome Theme library and install it. We have something for everyone, including the official themes for all 30 Major League Baseball teams. You can use the Current page which may be open in your Firefox, anyone from your Bookmarks or set it to open a blank page using about:blank.

To open Edge with a blank page, select the last option and enter about: blank in the space provided. If this happened to you, follow these steps to change home page and default search engine in Google Chrome. My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee. You can also look at your recently closed tabs and easily access the Chrome Web Store from the New Tab page. When you open the Chrome New Tab page, you’ll see that the plain white background has been replaced by a great design. In this post we will see how to set, reset or change the home page in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge browsers on Windows 10. Loves blogging about Technical Troubleshooting, discussing latest Gadgets, Games and doing Reviews. You can also use about:Tabs which is the same as selecting Use new tab button, or the Current page which may be open in your Internet Explorer.

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