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You`re almost ready, you should be at the ``Account overview`` section and right in the middle there is another sub-option called ``Account security``. If everything went well, you will be redirected back to ``Account overview`` section and you should be able to read this message: ``Your information has been saved``. Before we start, please note that this article will show how to change your Hotmail password if you have access to your Hotmail - Windows Live account.

I wrote this article from my Hotmail account but everything should look the same if you have a different Windows Live account, I mean other than Hotmail such as Live or MSN. Regarding the regular process of changing our Hotmail password, it`s pretty easy so let`s get started. Also, don`t forget that if you will change your password this means that it`s going to affect all other Windows Live services such as Windows Live Messenger known as MSN Messenger.

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