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When you first sign up to create a Hotmail account, you will be asked to pick a password to protect access to your email account. You`re almost ready, you should be at the ``Account overview`` section and right in the middle there is another sub-option called ``Account security``. If everything went well, you will be redirected back to ``Account overview`` section and you should be able to read this message: ``Your information has been saved``. The Windows Live ID (email address) for which you are about to change password is listed above, so use it to make sure that you are logged in to the correct Hotmail account. For more information about Microsoft's Windows Live webmail service, check out our extensive Hotmail Tutorial.
If you have setup your Hotmail account in an email program designed for it, learn how to change Outlook Express password or change Windows Live Mail password.

In fact, it is recommended to regularly change your password for security reasons, especially if you sometimes use Windows Live Hotmail from a public computer or other unfamiliar location (like school, work, the public library, etc.) In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your Hotmail password.
Use uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers, to make your new password even harder to guess or hack. For an in-depth overview of login and password protection, see Windows Live Hotmail Sign in.
No warranty expressed or implied;use our website resources at your own risk, and use common sense when dealing with online security - never share your user name and password or publish them online.
Before we start, please note that this article will show how to change your Hotmail password if you have access to your Hotmail - Windows Live account.
The length of the password is also important (the shorter the password, the easier it is to guess).

I wrote this article from my Hotmail account but everything should look the same if you have a different Windows Live account, I mean other than Hotmail such as Live or MSN.
Regarding the regular process of changing our Hotmail password, it`s pretty easy so let`s get started.
Also, don`t forget that if you will change your password this means that it`s going to affect all other Windows Live services such as Windows Live Messenger known as MSN Messenger.

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