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Aside from having a jailbroken iOS 7 device, you will also need to install WinterBoard, the utility that we'll use to choose and apply the icon shapes. Applying Icon ShapesNow that you've installed Icon Masks, just open WinterBoard, select your shape, then Respring.
Hmm, it'll be nice you can help me with getting that theme, shape, etc, like on the 2nd picture, the exact same. When you are in possession of these items, you have my permission to slice (your SIM card).
Step 4: Use a ruler + marker to accurately mark the five lines along which you have to cut. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. Recently opened the iPhone 5 notice that the Sim slot is large enough to fit in my micro Sim. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Being able to change your boot logo on your device has always been something jailbreakers have loved to do and it’s no different on iOS 7. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a quick download and auto-install, you will have to work for it a little bit, but not too much.
Once you have these, give your device a respring and you should be able to see a new settings panel in Settings>Bootlogo. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. While there were many highlights during Apple's keynote address at WWDC this year, the new advancements to the sassy personal assistant Siri in iOS 7 were amongst the most talked about—and something I was eager to test drive myself.

How to Change Siri's Voice from Female to MaleWith the updated Siri, you can now change the gender of Siri's voice to either the original female or to the new male voice. Whether it's the device we choose, the case it dons, or the ringer it bellows, we like to personalize. With over 80 shapes and variations, it'll be much tougher to be bored with your device's look. In order to reduce thickness, Apple had to completely overhaul previously used technology – like replacing the 30-pin connector with the new Lightning connector – or further reduce size of existing components, something you’ll notice when you realize that your shiny new iPhone doesn’t have enough room for your standard SIM or Micro SIM card; the iPhone 5 uses an even smaller Nano SIM card.
The first thing to do is to visit your wireless network’s local customer service center and get them to replace your current SIM with a Nano SIM, or you can follow the guide after the jump and turn your SIM into a Nano SIM at home. Again, be very careful in this step as it may damage the SIM card’s circuitry if you sand the SIM more than needed. There is a chance that you may permanently damage your SIM card, so proceed with extreme caution. As of right now there are no iPad boot logos, but imeyeless stated yesterday he will create those today. Also, keep in mind if this is done incorrectly, you could get stuck in a reboot loop, so make sure you backup your device beforehand. Siri's overhaul comes at an opportune time, given the availability of more functional personal assistant apps on Android devices and Siri clones like Sara.To go along with these new features, which are sure to raise the numbers of those using Siri, she also has one other big surprise—She's gotten a sex change.
Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things, 18 coolest new features, and 18 sneaky privacy-betraying settings in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about. If you don’t have any backup SIM to use with your current phone, I would highly suggest going through the effort of visiting your local customer service center; it’s better than being stuck without a phone. The next generation of SIM cards – I’m betting they’ll be called “pico SIM cards” – will have to reduce the contact area itself rather than cutting off the area around them.

For that, you can use Circulus, which makes them all round, but if you don't like round icons, you can now choose pretty much any shape or variation you like with the installment of just one simple tweak, which I'll show you below. Redmond Pie will not be held responsible if you damage your SIM card in the process of following this guide. If you’re on an iPhone 5s then you will have separate installation instructions, make sure you follow them carefully. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Also, the shapes are not applied to folders, although the icons in the folder are shaped.Liking your newly shaped icons?
Spruce them up further with more WinterBoard themes, and check out our other mods and tweaks for jailbroken devices. He has worked with ModMyi, one of the leading iPhone communities, as an author for more than a year.
He spends most of his free time on the Internet fetching the latest news regarding Apple and its entire product range.
Or is it only if you install OpenSSH?chrimuxusually root is never enabled on apple devices (except for mac os x server).

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