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How to make a CV when you have changed careers?Changing your career can be a daunting time for most, but how to convey the change in your CV? Career Change: Stop hating your job, discover what you really want to do with your life, and start doing it!
If you hate your job, but you don’t know what to do with your life, you’re not alone! So I wanted to rewrite and re-release this book with updated material in order to share some of what I have learned along the way. There’s also a free workbook downloadable below so you can print and write your answers to the questions posed in the book.
IT can be a very simple thing to do if you can convey how your existing skills and experience would benefit you in the new career.
I write fiction, speak professionally and sell multimedia courses teaching authors about online business.

The example I am going to show you is for a Kennel Hand to change careers to work in Childcare. I wanted to love my work or find something more fulfilling, but I didn’t know how to start.
You would try and show correlation between aspects of animal care, and aspects of childcare, such as the importance of keeping to schedules, the importance of being able to communicate without clear English being spoken between two beings, the responsibility over another living thing etc.
The idea is basically to show that although you have gained your skills in a different setting, they are clearly relevant to a number of other avenues. You should also use your covering letter to detail reasons for the career change and to encourage being given a chance.
I have always enjoyed working with dogs as I can get to know them, and provide excellent care for them. I would like to now use the skills and experience I have gained caring for dogs in a career in childcare.

I believe many of the skills I have gained would be incredibly useful in a childcare setting.
I would have to meet with the owners at check in to establish the needs of each dog, before ensuring that they were settled into a kennel, fed, walked and given any medication if required.
I would be responsible for grooming and monitoring of pregnant dogs, as well as assisting delivery of pups, and dealing with prospective buyers.January 2007 ? January 2008Kennel Hand, RSPCA, LondonWorking for this charity as a kennel hand it was my job to ensure that all the stray and abandoned dogs were logged as they came in, in case owners came looking for them.

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