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To do this, go to Settings on iPhone; tap on Wi-Fi, then a list of available Wi-Fi networks will be displayed for your choice. If the password for a WiFi network changes, and it is a network to which you had previously connected, then the stored configuration on your phone will no longer allow you to connect to the network.
Fortunately most people do not change their WiFi passwords very often, which is helpful when those passwords can be long and difficult to enter. Step 3: Tap the blue arrow to the right of the network for which you need to change the password.
When you are once again connected to the network, there will be a check mark to the left of the network name.
If you have been using FaceTime on your iPhone 5, then you are probably aware of how cool a feature it can be. However the password of a known Wi-fi network has changed, your iPhone will have trouble connecting to it. Tap on it and confirm the change, your iPhone will then clear the password of the wireless connection.

First, it allows you to use large amounts of data, whether by streaming Netflix (Start your Netflix FREE trial today!)A or downloading games, without counting against the data on your cellular plan. Plus, when you enter the correct password once for a network on your phone, you will automatically be able to connect to that network when you are in range. Unfortunately it uses a lot of data, which can lead to expensive phone bills if used frequently on cellular networks.
Tap on the blue arrow icon besides the network name, you will get the detailed Wi-Fi network settings of the selected network, such as wifi IP address, router address, DNS and so on.
In most cases it will also provide you with a better and faster connection, which will improve the speed of Web browsing. But people will change their passwords if they get a new router, if they think that the password is weak, or if an unwanted person has gained access to the network, so it is important to know how to make the adjustment on your iPhone 5. Read this article to learn how to change a setting on your iPhone 5 to restrict FaceTime usage to Wi-Fi networks only.
And you are not offered a chance to change the wifi password as your iPhone automatically attempt to connect to the wifi network with the wrong password.

You may have to manually select the wifi network name from available network list, and an authentication dialogue will pop up. But, before you can begin to use those WiFi resources, you need to be able to connect to the network, which typically requires a password.
Once connected to the wifi with the new password, it will replace the old wifi password and your iPhone will then connect to this wireless network with the updated password. He has worked with ModMyi, one of the leading iPhone communities, as an author for more than a year. He spends most of his free time on the Internet fetching the latest news regarding Apple and its entire product range. Or is it only if you install OpenSSH?chrimuxusually root is never enabled on apple devices (except for mac os x server).

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