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Cortana speaks in American English, but you can change her language and make her speak in a language you want. Below this, you are also given the option to recognize non-native accents for this language. Click on that grey button, a drop down menu will open from which you have to choose German and confirm that choice by clicking on the grey OK button.
If you have chosen the desired language, the Languages will appear again with a gray and a white field. For confirming click on both buttons, it will then say: This language is used for spell checking and in the yellow window it will say Please close all Google Chrome windows and restart it for this change to take effect.
Close your Google Chrome by clicking the X in the upper right corner, and restart it and you will have your browser in German.
If you have a printer, print these instructions, if not, write down the steps on some paper if you can’t remember them. If you are using another browser, activate both of them and follow the instructions from one, and adjust Google Chrome. One of our company branches located in Saudi Arabia and their manager asked me to change his windows 7 language from English to Arabic. When changing the display language to Arabic, the change display language option is not available.
Cortana however supports very few languages as of date, but more languages are expected to be added soon.

Now to be able to change Cortana’s language on Windows 10, you will have to first install the language on Windows 10. Here under Speech language, you will be able to choose the language you speak with your device, from the drop-down menu. This browser feature blocks JavaScript from running locally on your computer.This warning will not display once the menu is on-line.
20, 2013 Related CategoriesComputer Beginners GuidesYou downloaded Google Chrome, you installed it and you can’t wait to try it out. Then finally, put these skills to the test and make a name for yourself by offering these skills to others by becoming a freelancer.
Extra Display languages can be installed in Windows 7 with MIU (Multilingual User Interface) or LIP (Language Interface Pack) language packs. The Cortana supported languages currently are – like American English, British English, German, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and French. You can easily switch back and change Facebook’s interface language to English or any other language of your choice.
For example, the texts including those on the menu bar or the content of a Chinese software may¬†appear to be cluttered, messed up or showing random characters that don’t make sense. Here a greater problem emerges, because you will do everything guessing, and if you want more, you won’t dare to try it. The first is to download Windows 7 language pack according to your requirement, the second is to install language pack through Windows Update.

Facebook support number of languages and you can use either of language to network with friends on Facebook.Modify language settings of Facebook account1. I recommend the 1st method since it is very easy and also you can use it for any computer at any time once you download the set up file. You can select any one language as default primary language for using Facebook account.Facebook supports translation into over 97 languages from around the world.
If it doesn’t help to use the default setting, you may just change to your desired language and override the Windows display language. Just select these one by one and see the interface text change on your Facebook profile – for sure fun!More Related ReadingHow to change Twitter language settings Twitter is hugly popular micro blogging service.
Please take note that changing this setting may affect other programs that needed the previous language you’ve set. However, when I select the language and hit apply a message comes up asking me to insert the XP Pro SP3 CD.

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