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Did you set the language of your Facebook account to something you don't understand and now you want to have it again in English?
Once you have done that, at the very bottom of that page, on its left hand side, you will be able to read the word 'Facebook' followed by a copyright sign and the current year.
If you bought your computer with Windows XP in some other language set as default, you need not worry. Right next to it, there is a link written in the current language of your Facebook account. This article explains how to change computer language to English when the default language is something else.
In the first tab, Regional Options, select English (US), English (UK), or any other English (there are many versions of English pre-loaded) as per your wish.

I have made a video that converts Outlook language to Hindi and then back to English so that you get a better idea of what options to select. It is the one that is located between two horizontal bars and does not contain anything else between those bars.
The Advanced Mail Settings has plenty of options arranged in two columns and under different headings.
This way you will have your layout back in your language.In the picture used in this example the link is in Japanese, but this works for any given language.
English, along with several widely used languages, is present in almost all Windows XP installations. The option is available in the first drop down list under Standards and Formats (see Fig 1).

The option to change language is the second one under the second heading in the second column. You may also click the Customize button next to the drop down to customize the format of date, time, currency etc. You can use the same technique to change the language to anything you want and, is included in the list of languages supported by Outlook.
Henceforth, whenever you log into Outlook on the web, you will get English as the default Language.

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