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This change-centric approach, which applies concepts of change psychology to the selling process, is an important evolution in selling theory.
Yes, they do.    And leaders who fail to absorb this concept into their core being are perfect candidates to be left behind the pack in a cloud of business dust. So it was with that question in mind that I waded back into my own timeline of leadership evolution, which, by virtue of this blog, has been recorded for posterity for almost 7 years now (wow, that was weird to even type that). 2) Teach instead of just tell, by using repetition, consistency, plain English, common sense, and best of all, rolling up the sleeves and showing them how it’s done.
4) Develop a Zen-like mantra of goals that permeate the minds of all your teammates, and watch great stuff happen.
This is it right here, period (attention all startups) : Figure out a way produce, leverage, and use your key data to propel your business (AND, include customer feedback in that data) and you will gain a huge competitive advantage.

My conclusions here?  The lessons are timeless, but they must be put in the proper context of what’s happening TODAY. To me, leadership is timeless because people are the same, meaning once their sustenance needs are met they have the same five basic needs; to be heard, to be respected, and to have competence, autonomy, and purpose. Definitely agree, leaders should know how to adopt changes so they can cope up with competition. It operates on the premise that salespeople create the most value when they help customers achieve their goals.
The Change Leadership Framework® was created, therefore, to capture key concepts in the psychology of change and to describe a process for leading change in people and organizations.
Over the last 20 years top sales professionals have been taught to uncover the customer’s problem, define a solution, and discover the benefits of solving the problem—a reactive process that, today, occurs more and more frequently over the Internet, thereby devaluing the role of the salesperson.

To preserve their value and prevent their company’s products from becoming low-margin commodities, salespeople must proactively create value by leading the changes necessary to unlock customer value.
He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.

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