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While this number decreased slightly from the prior year, it remains the top reason that motivates case managers and other non-bedside nurses to pursue employment elsewhere.
No matter if you are only interested in SCM Software, Document Management or Engineering Control to name but 3 of the many out there. You need Voting in your change management. Voting allows consensus decisions to be made at critical points in a Change Management life-cycle.
Ready to use out-of-the-box configurations can be used as they stand or can be tailored to individual requirements. Comply with Legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and answer auditors' questions, who changed what, when and perhaps most importantly, why?

Implement a rigorous IT governance framework using AllChange's in built templates (including ITIL®) to achieve best practice or customise to your own requirements. Customise templates and forms including testing fault reports, problems, requirements and enhancement requests. Automate tasks and release your highly skilled teams from routine change management and configuration management tasks. Integrate the management of software, hardware, documents and web content, together with the issues, changes release and delivery processes.
Perfect for Manufacturing and Engineering for linking part and serial numbers etc with Bill of Materials (BOM).

This may be used, for instance, to email Change Management and Problem Management users whose assigned Change Requests (CRs) and Problems are overdue, escalate them if they have not been acted on promptly or run reports on daily activity.
This allows files to be checked in and out directly from within the Eclipse environment, deletion and moving of files and team synchronisation.
Audit trails of all changes are automatically recorded and easily accessible ensuring visibility and traceability.

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