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The BlueSky Solutions team have experience in the Public and Private sectors and can offer assistance in all aspects of the above, undertaking a partnership approach with your staff to ensure there is a strong focus on Delivery.In this current climate BlueSky Solutions understand how important it is to utilise resources effectively and it is with this in mind that we promise to leave a legacy of best practice with your staff. BlueSky Solutions’ experience of delivering training ensures that our team has a culture of learning and teaching and that extends to our Change Management team.
In addition, we provide job and competency profiling, team competency evaluations, gap analyses and needs assessments. This team has experience in developing and leading major business transformation initiatives through their full life-cycle, as well as providing business analysis and project Health Checks.

Change management draws from human behavior, business goals, economic conditions, organization practices, and a host of other considerations. Our change management know-how works equally well in large nation-wide change efforts and in small company changes impacting only a local department. Our well-integrated planning and team approach provides the foundation essential for a successful change. Our team has also turned around situations where a change effort has started to fail, enabling the merger to continue successfully.

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