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Correct capitalization is not required, but can sometimes help to locate names and acronyms. When you make a purchase  from Google Play, most customers can choose to have the cost appear on their monthly Sprint bill instead of paying by credit card at the time of purchase. Quickly and easily enter in all of the phone numbers for your family and friends — deaf and hearing!
ZVRS offers features to enhance your video communication needs such as providing an address book, answering machine and various ways to alert you to an incoming call. So I feel like I have to ask:Does anyone else notice a difference with the tap recognizing for seeking through a track when your device is locked and is playing music? When in the calendar (iPhone), if you turn your iPhone to landscape view you'll get a kinda-sorta week view. Thats a little disapointing, I was looking forward to having a dark keyboard setting on my phone.
7.1 is worth the upgrade so far, but the new shift key look and behavior is throwing me off.

I'm not sure if it is my phone, or a 7.1 thing, but I can no longer register my right thumb or have any of my fingers work (granted, a couple are peeling a bit) with Touch ID. Get driving directions, detailed maps, traffic alerts (on select phones) and one-click rerouting. I remember before this last update that it was quite annoying to actually seek while on that screen but it seems to be pretty easy to do so now.
For me, the iOS7 'buttons' (basically, clickable labels) were a huge UI mistake.I hate the clickable labels. 80x919.jpg) does 7.1 no longer show you an image when you get a call from someone on your Contacts list?
How depressed I am to realize my ipad 3 is so obsolete it isn't worthy of a benchmark on the graph. Apple, please steal:- Android intents- Metro split windows and snap- Expose and let us use SOME sort of filesystem! Sometimes it cant connect to translate my commands, but all im trying to do is place a call.

Admittedly part of the reason it's such a great update is that the initial iOS 7.0 was sort of weak in terms of performance and stability. However, it was a huge software project rewrite, and they delivered it on-time, so I have to give them credit for that.
A sea of thumbnail covers of albums I'm *not* listening to is useless.At least the five finger gestures work on the iPad now.
I've been tending to use simple, subtle gradient backgrounds these days so maybe it doesn't matter.

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