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The ADVIS Change My Password web part lets you change the password of your Active Directory or local computer user account.
With the Change My Password web part you will be able to let your users change their passwords directly with the browser on a SharePoint site or a Sharepoint portal area!
Version 3 of Change My Password even shows your users the current password policies like password expiration and length requirements. In an effort to increase network security and comply with NY State Security Audits, we are implementing a password enforcement policy. Your password should not contain personal information, such as your name, your child's name, your dog's name, or your birth date, a prior password, or any common words. Enter your Old password, followed by your new password in both the New password field and Confirm password field.
Whenever you need to change your MC domain (computer login) or Exchange email account password, you can do so instantly online using the myPassword web site.

You must have already set up your myPassword profile with security questions before you can change, reset or unlock your password. After changing your password make sure the old one isn't still stored on mobile devices, off campus computers and encrypted computers. If you have a smartphone or tablet that is connected to your Exchange email account, put the device(s) in Airplane mode BEFORE changing your password.
NOTE: There is a 6 minute Inactivity Countdown timer at the bottom of most pages in the myPassword web site. Generate - to have myPassword to pick a new secure password for your account, make sure the radio button to the left of Generate is selected and click the Generate Password button. Support Center » Knowledgebase » How do I change my email password from webmail (without using Plesk or DirectAdmin)? This policy will require that all users change their password twice yearly (every 180 days).

This prevents it from trying to connect using a password that is no longer correct and locking the account.
Memorize the password that appears, then click the Change Password button at the bottom of the page to instantly make this your new password.
Follow the instructions to change the password and then take the device(s) out of Airplane mode.

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