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This is a short tutorial to show how to install Mysql and PHP on a Centos 6 server with the Webmin control panel. In 1955, Isaac Asimov published a short story titled "Franchise", about a system that decides who should be elected president (in 2008) by picking a single voter to represent the whole population. If a single voter is regularly selected at random then, over time, a larger, more representative sample of the population will build up. Distributed systems say "after a certain amount of time, enough votes will have been cast to be sure enough of a consensus". Each voter must be selected at random, but if this selection is performed by a central machine, that machine must be trusted. The system will, generally, consume energy up to the value of the reward for casting each vote. To save energy, votes can instead be given to those who have purchased the most shares (stake) in the system (i.e. Another alternative, valid for small populations, is to collect the sample in a single poll: invite all members to participate, and generate the consensus after a certain amount of time has passed. I didn’t know Aaron, personally, but I’d been reading his blog as he wrote it for 10 years. Philip Greenspun, founder of ArsDigita, had written extensively about the school system, and Aaron felt similarly, documenting his frustrations with school, leaving formal education and teaching himself. In 2000, Aaron entered the competition for the ArsDigita Prize and won, with his entry The Info Network — a public-editable database of information about topics.
Aaron’s friends and family added information on their specialist subjects to the wiki, but Aaron knew that a centralised resource could lead to censorship (he created zpedia, for alternative views that would not survive on Wikipedia).
In order to pull information in from other people’s databases, you needed a standard way of subscribing to a source, and a standard way of representing information. RSS feeds (with Aaron’s help) became a standard for subscribing to information, and RDF (with Aaron’s help) became a standard for describing objects. I find — and have noticed others saying the same — that to thoroughly understand a topic requires access to the whole range of items that can be part of that topic — to see their commonalities, variances and range.
He found that it was difficult to make political change when politicians were highly funded by interested parties, so he tried to do something about that.
To return to information, though: having a single page for every resource allows you to make statements about those resources, referring to each resource by its URL.
Aaron had read Tim Berners-Lee’s Weaving The Web, and said that Tim was the only other person who understood that, by themselves, the nodes and edges of a “semantic web” had no meaning. To be able to understand this information, a reader would need to know which information was correct and reliable (using a trust network?). He wanted people to be able to understand scientific research, and to base their decisions on reliable information, so he founded Science That Matters to report on scientific findings. He had the same motivations as many LessWrong participants: a) trying to do as little harm as possible, and b) ensuring that information is available, correct, and in the right hands, for the sake of a “good AI”.
As Alan Turing said (even though Aaron spotted that the “Turing test” is a red herring), machines can think, and machines will think based on the information they’re given.
As much as individual, composable objects are interesting, the real understanding comes when a collection of items is analysed as a whole (or a part, if filtered). There’s more to a collection of items than is immediately obvious - it’s not just a [1, 2, 3] list, with "array" methods for filtering and iteration: the Collection itself is an object with its own set of observable properties - many of which are summaries, in some way, of the properties in the items in the collection. These summaries describe some aggregate quality of the collection, and - ideally - an indication of the variance, or confidence intervals, for that value within the collection. If you look around, you’ll see trees with different coloured leaves, depending on their genotype and phenotype. So: observed properties of a collection can vary over time, or over space, depending on the conditions in which they’re found and the conditions of observation.
The observed colour of a tree - or a collection of trees - is a function with many inputs and one output: the wavelength(s) of light that leave the tree and enter your eye (or some other detector). For any collection of items, a function can be written that describes one of their properties under certain conditions. For example, the value(s) that this function outputs might be the mean (average) and standard deviation of a series of measurements over time, or it may group those values into buckets (the sort of data that might be displayed as a bar chart).
If you’re working with JSON or HTML (which is probably the case), these interface names make no sense.
As is apparently the way with all DOM APIs, XMLHttpRequest wasn’t designed to be used directly.
When an action (get, put, delete) is performed on a Resource, a Request is made to the URL of the resource. Instead of sending hundreds of requests to the same domain at once, send them one at a time: each Request is added to a per-domain Queue. Google Plus was formed around one observation: most of the people on the web don't have URLs.
For example, to show you which restaurants people you trust* have recommended in an area you’re visiting, a recommendation system needs to have a latitude + longitude for the area, a URL for each restaurant (solved by Google Places) and a URL for each person (solved, ostensibly, by Google Plus).
People might be leaving reviews in TripAdvisor, or Yelp, and there’s no obvious way to tie all those people together into any kind of coherent social graph.
Google Plus has an extremely clever way of linking together all those accounts, which involves starting with one trusted URL (Google Plus account), linking to another URL (GitHub, say), then linking back from that URL to your Google Plus account to prove that you own the GitHub account and can write to it. The problem is (and the question “why” is an interesting one), even after people had their Google Plus account, they didn’t use it to post reviews.
When Google tried to connect YouTube accounts to Google Plus accounts, and failed, it was because people felt that those personas were distinct, and wanted the freedom to do certain things on YouTube without having it show up on their “personal record” in Google Plus. This also perhaps explains why people are wary of using Google Plus authentication to sign in to an untrusted site - they’re not so much worried about Google knowing where their accounts are, but also that the untrusted site might create a public profile for them without asking, and link it to their Google Plus profile. Anyway, Google Plus is going away as a social network, and maybe even as a public profile, but the data’s still going to be connected together behind the scenes - perhaps using fuzzier, less explicit connections as a basis for recommendations and decision-making. You might notice that the published property is represented as a String, when it would be easier to use as a Date object.
From this definition, you can see that the publishedDate property has a dependency on the published property: any computed properties should be updated when any of its dependencies are updated.
This is fine when the dependencies are all stored locally, but it’s also possible to imagine data that’s stored elsewhere. The Resource object used above is a Web Resource, part of a library I built to make it easier to fetch and parse remote resources. In either of those cases, the data is being fetched asynchronously, and a Promise is returned. I talked about this kind of thing at XTech in 2008, illustrating the object as a Katamari Damacy-style of “ball of stuff”, being passed around various different services and accumulating properties as it goes.
Talis’ data platform had a similar feature, where results from a SPARQL query could be augmented by passing each result through another data store, matching on identifiers and adding selected properties each time.
The SERVICE feature of Wikidata’s SPARQL endpoint is also similar: it takes an object in each result and passes it to a specific service, assigning the resulting data to a specified property.
In OpenRefine, remote data can be fetched from web services and added to each item in the background. The web is no longer a desktop publishing platform, it’s most often a networked medium for machine-machine communication. All the old “features” that came part and parcel with printed documents are relics of an age where information was fixed in stone (well, wood pulp). Emscripten comes with its own SDK, which bundles the specific versions of clang and node that it needs. I’ve made a fork of xml.js which a) allows all the command-line arguments to be specified, so can be used for validating against a DTD rather than an XML schema, and b) allows a list of files to be specified, which are imported into the pseudo-filespace so that xmllint can access them.
For third-party libraries, you can either download production-ready code manually to a lib folder and include them, or install with Bower to a bower_components folder and include them directly from there. The benefit of this approach is that you can edit the source files through GitHub’s web interface, and the site will update without needing to do any local building or deployment. Keep the config files in the root folder, but move the app’s source files into an app folder. Use Gulp to build the Bower-managed third-party libraries alongside the app’s own styles and scripts. While keeping the source files in the master branch, use Gulp to deploy the built app in a separate gh-pages branch.
The actual app source files (index.html, app styles, app-specific elements) are in the app folder.
Earlier this week I attended a “Big Data Investigation Workshop” run by British Library Labs as part of the International Digital Curation Conference. The workshop was an introduction to working with tools for cleaning, analysing and visualising collections of data: OpenRefine (which is great but showing its age), Tableau (which is ridiculously impressive) and Gephi (which has fast graph layout but lacks usability). As the workshop was co-organised by the Internation Crime Fiction Research Group, the theme of the data was “Crime Fiction”.
Although the news story didn’t link to any source data, it almost certainly came from the Electoral Commision’s register of donations to political parties. Running a basic search of the Electoral Commision’s register, with no filters, produced a CSV file containing all registered donations since 2001, which we then loaded into Tableau Public (Tableau’s limited, free desktop application for data visualisation). The first visualisation was a simple bar chart of the total donations to each party, including only “political party” recipients, coloured according to the type of donation.
The next visualisation was a summary of the donations from the individuals named in the news story. Getting Tableau to recognise UK postcodes is a bit tricky, as it doesn’t recognise the full postcode - we had to write a function to separate out only the first part of the postcode. I’d been making graphs of Spotify’s “Related Artists” network, but was finding that pieces of the graph often remained disconnected.
To connect these disparate parts of the network, I queried for the top tags that had been attached to each artist, and added those to the graph. This brought the network together nicely, so I applied it to a larger data set: all the unique artists that had ever been played on a particular BBC 6 Music radio show. The full graph of artists and their tags was interesting, but to get a clearer overview of the show’s musical themes, the artist nodes were hidden after the graph had been laid out (using Gephi's "Force Layout 2" algorithm).
This left just the tags, laid out in two dimensions, where the most similar tags are closest together and the most frequently used are largest.
As some of the labels were overlapping, I used Gephi’s "Label Adjust" layout algorithm to shift their positions enough that most of the overlapping was avoided. One problem was that when several artists shared the same name, irrelevant tags would be attached to an artist. In a sense, the artists are the “dark matter” of the graph: they pull the tags together and organise their macroscopic structure, but remain invisible in the final, visible map. It may be that a highly-concentrated cluster of artists (as well as one or two very loosely-connected artists) pushed some tags further apart than they deserved to be. Process those two CSV files into a list of pairs of connected identifiers suitable for import into Gephi.
Switch to the Preview window and adjust the colour and opacity of the edges and labels appropriately. It would probably be possible to automate this whole sequence - perhaps in a Jupyter Notebook. Among CartoDB’s many useful features is the ability to merge tables together, via an interface which lets you choose which column from each to use as the shared key, and which columns to import to the final merged table. CartoDB can also merge tables using location columns, counting items from one table (with latitude and longitude, or addresses) that are positioned within the areas defined in another table (with polygons).
I've found that UK parliamentary constituencies are useful for visualising data, as they have a similar population number in each constituency and they have at least two identifiers in published ontologies which can be used to merge data from other sources*. Once the parliamentary constituency shapefile has been imported to a base table, any CSV table that contains either of those identifiers can easily be merged with the base table to create a new, merged table and associated visualisation. So, the task is to find other data sets that contain either the OS “unit id” or the ONS “GSS code”. Given an index of CSV files, like those in CKAN-based stores such as, how can we identify those which contain either unit IDs or GSS codes?
As Thomas Levine's commasearch project demonstrated at csvconf last year, if you have a list of all (or even just some) of the known members of a collection of typed entities (e.g. In a General Election, the residents of each UK parliamentary constituency elect one Member of Parliament to represent them in the House of Commons. Each party can nominate a maximum of one candidate per constituency, often chosen from a shortlist of potential candidates in a selection contest. Candidates who wish to stand for election must submit their nomination papers within one week after the notice of election has been published (i.e. However, candidates usually start their campaigning several months earlier, and their intention to stand for election will often be announced in a local newspaper. AndyJS’ spreadsheet and a derived list of candidates by constituency, via the Vote UK Forum. Dods People, a commercial monitoring service, used as the data source for the MHP General Election Campaign Outlook (GECO).
As well as prospective parliamentary candidates, some MPs will be contesting their seats again, and some will be standing down. Every 5 years, the Boundary Commissions for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland review the UK parliamentary constituency boundaries.
The last completed Boundary Review recommended 650 constituencies, and took effect at the General Election in 2010.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has produced a guide to parliamentary constituencies and a map of the current constituencies. The Office for National Statistics publishes a CSV file listing the names and codes for each parliamentary constituency (650 in total), under the Open Government License. The parliamentary constituencies of England are named in The Parliamentary Constituencies (England) Order 2007. The Ordnance Survey produces the Boundary-Line data, which includes an ESRI Shapefile for the boundary of each parliamentary constituency.
The Ordnance Survey’s administrative geography and civil voting area ontology includes a “hasUnitID” property, which provides a unique ID for each region, and a “GSS” property that is the ONS’ code for each region. The Boundary-Line Shapefile includes the Unit ID (OS) and GSS (ONS) code for each constituency, so they can easily be used to merge the boundary polygons with other data sources in CartoDB. If using CartoDB’s free plan, it is necessary to use a version of the Boundary-Line Shapefile with simplified polygons, to reduce the size of the data. Following the next Boundary Review, the number of constituencies will be reduced from 650 to 600 by the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act, introduced by the current coalition government. Via Nautilus’ excellent Three Sentence Science, I was interested to read Nature’s list of “10 scientists who mattered this year”.
One of them, Sjors Scheres, has written software - RELION - that creates three-dimensional images of protein structures from cryo-electron microscopy images. I was interested in finding out more about this software: how it had been created, and how the developer(s) had been able to make such a significant improvement in protein imaging. I was hoping for a link to GitHub, but at least the source code is available (though the “for free” is worrying, signifying that the default is “not for free”).
On the RELION Wiki, the introduction states that RELION “is developed in the group of Sjors Scheres” (slightly problematic, as this implies that outsiders are excluded, and that development of the software is not an open process). The file is downloaded over HTTP, with no hash provided that would allow verification of the authenticity or correctness of the downloaded file. There’s an AUTHORS file, but it doesn’t really list the contributors in a way that would be useful for citation. Original disclaimers in the code of these external packages have been maintained as much as possible.
The source code for RELION should be in a public version control system such as GitHub, with tagged releases. The CHANGELOG should be maintained, so that users can see what has changed between releases.
There should be a CITATION file that includes full details of the authors who contributed to (and should be credited for) development of the software, the name and current version of the software, and any other appropriate citation details. Each public release of the software should be archived in a repository such as figshare, and assigned a DOI. There should be a way for users to submit visible reports of any issues that are found with the software. The parts of the software derived from third-party code should be clearly identified, and removed if their license is not compatible with the GPL. For more discussion of what is needed to publish citable, re-usable scientific software, see the issues list of Mozilla Science Lab's "Code as a Research Object" project.
I used a PHP client to connect to Twitter’s streaming API as I was interested in seeing how it handled the connection (the client needs to watch the connection and reconnect if no data is received in a certain time frame).
The streaming API uses OAuth 1.0 for authentication, so you have to register a Twitter application to get an OAuth consumer key and secret, then generate another access token and secret for your account. The dat server that was started earlier with dat listen is listening on port 6461 for clients, and is able to emit each incoming tweet as a Server-Sent Event, which can then be consumed in JavaScript using the EventSource API. Big companies (Google, IBM, Wolfram) are positioning themselves to be the repository where sensors store their data. Other companies are building platforms for applications to make use of that data in real-time. There’s a piece missing: it should be possible to query those data stores to build up a snapshot of information, then document and publish the collection of data (and the harvesting process) for others to read and explore. Firstly, seed-harvester imports an initial collection of items (which may be as simple as a list of identifiers or URLs) from CSV, JSON, or a JavaScript function that fetches the initial data set.
Secondly, leaf-builder provides an interface for adding leaves (properties; computed or otherwise) to each item of the data set. Thirdly, vege-table itself extends HTML tables to present the collection of items, generating a row for each item and a column for each leaf.
Once all the leaves have been added, the data collection can be published by exporting the table description and data files, placing them in the same folder as the main index.html file, and switching off the database.
In one day, two separate authors demonstrated that they’ve solved the problem of “how to publish your research on the web”. Dominic Tarr analysed the performance of different JavaScript cryptographic libraries, and Jure Triglav collected tweets mentioning sunny weather and correlated them to actual weather reports.
The reports are online for anyone to read, and the code and data are in version-controlled repositories, with instructions for anyone to reproduce them. The README file describes the purpose of the project, the dependencies, what was tested, how to reproduce the experiments, and what license the project is released under.
The process for generating the data (a Bash script that calls node commands) is present, and its usage is documented in the human-readable README.
All the machine-readable metadata needed for the project, including the list of dependencies, is present in package.json.
The results are written up as a paper in Markdown (including figure images directly from the output folder).
The data is continuously updated in the background, and the figures and text are updated in real time. Note that neither of the reports have “references” sections at the end, for the simple reason that they don’t need to: if they need to refer to anything, they just need to link to it in the (hyper)text.
The Microdata DOM API allows JavaScript programs to read and write data embedded in HTML as Microdata. As specified by the W3C Working Group, document.getItems(itemtype) returns a collection of all the elements with an itemscope attribute in the current document that have the given itemtype attribute. Each itemscope element has a properties object that provides access to all of the element's itemprop descendants (either contained directly or referenced elsewhere in the document using the itemref attribute).
These methods and properties allow the program to access all the Microdata nodes and values in the document. The HTML is very simple: a single container for the whole card, with two sections inside - one for the front and one for the back. If you can't tell why a technology would be useful to you, it's not for people, it's for the robots. Google Glass provides machines with vision and access to a network of institutional knowledge.
Bitcoin allows machine-machine transactions to be processed without needing any evaluation of trust. Stephanie Haustein and colleagues recently described the lack of correlation between tweets about an article (using Altmetric data from July 2011 - December 2012) and formal citations of the article. I decided to look at the data for smaller sets of articles, published in specific journals. Import a CSV file, with columns "doi" and "citations", to a new project named "citations_scopus". One limitation of the data used here is that the dates of each tweet and citation are not known; it might be interesting to correlate tweets and citations during specific windows of time after article publication.
Il Personal Computer - SOSO A? stato realizzato utilizzando un Pentium IV a 3 Ghz, con 2 Giga di RAM e 250 Giga di hard disk.A  Con questa configurazione, dopo piA? di un anno di funzionamento ininterrotto, non si sono mai manifestati problemi tecnici (esaurimento di risorse o blocchi causati da un hardware). Il software - Prima di giungere all'attuale configurazione software, ho inizialmente fatto una ricerca, tramite internet, di eventuali programmi che potessero soddisfare le caratteristiche prefissate per la realizzazione dello strumento SOSO, orientandomi verso quei software che da tempo erano utilizzati dagli astrofili, cacciatori di bolidi e meteore, e quindi per l'osservazione automatizzata della volta celeste.
Le schede di acquisizione - Prima di procedere oltre nella spiegazione, occorre spendere alcune parole sulle video grabber supportate dal SOi?? Linux e di conseguenza di quelle che si possono effettivamente utilizzare in accoppiata con Motion. Crontab, seguito dal parametro -l, visualizza le varie attivitA  schedulate dall'operatore sul personal computer. Giunti a questo punto non ci rimane che implementare un sistema di connessione sicura per amministrare da remoto il nostro strumento. Fatta questa operazione mettiamo mano al file di configurazione del server sshd_config contenuto nella medesima directory.
Per il mondo windows A? stato sviluppato un client libero che permette di collegarsi a server remoti SSH attraverso l'applicativo PuTTY.
Una volta lanciato questo comando da SOSO verrA  richiesta la password con la quale l'utente massimo si autentifica sul proprio personal computer domestico e, una volta instaurato il collegamento, SOSO resta in attesa di un collegamento dalla parte di un altro client SSH verso cui inoltrare la propria shell di comandi. Una volta avviato questo comando SSH verrA  richiesta la password relativa all'utente remoto presente sul personal computer di SOSO e a questo punto avremo a disposizione la shell di comandi domestica riferita al personal computer remoto. Durante la generazione delle chiavi verrA  richiesta una passphrase che verrA  lasciata vuota.
La direttiva respawn fa si che il processo che gestisce venga riavviato in caso di chiusura accidentale dell'applicazione.
La custodia per telecamere - Come ho spiegato in precedenza, lo strumento che si va a realizzare deve funzionare continuamente a prescindere dalle condizioni climatiche presenti sul luogo di installazione.
All search engines index websites based on their contents and their link relevancy with third party websites. A search engine friendly website is a website which is developed according to the requirements of the major search engines and their crawlers.
As a general understanding of search engine crawlers, page rank is a specific index of ranking websites according to the quality and relevancy of the incoming link. You should choose dedicated server hosting when you notice your web users at your site is growing to approximately 3000 daily web users per day, or when you notice your web pages are loading very much slower when you initially started your website. For those who are not familiar with Google's Page Rank, which is commonly known as PR, is Google's calculation or score of a web page based on external and internal linking of a site, as well as on-page criteria of the web page being linked to as well as the web page being linked from. Internet Service ProvidersIf you want to use the Internet, you need to have an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Linux and Windows are the two most common and readily available operating systems, and there are many good reasons for using both.
The following list of common web design mistakes addresses the needs of commercial websites, but it can be easily applied to personal and hobby websites, and to professional non-profit website as well.
Design a Website that Pushes Customer Hot Buttons The website should meet customer needs and build excitement about your products or services.
Get informative responsesTo be effective, your website should have the ability to respond to your clients' needs, provide them with the information they need and convince them of the value of your product or service. Online SalesSelling products or services either directly or indirectly through your website. There are many aspects (design concerns) in this process, and due to the rapid development of the Internet, new aspects may emerge. To avoid this, everyone in the system is given a task that is guaranteed to give each participant an equal chance of completing first - a chance which is increased only by how much work they do.
When it turned out that he wasn’t going to be writing any more, I spent some time trying to work out why. Also, some people might add high-quality information, but others might not know what they’re talking about. To teach yourself about a topic, you need to be a collector, which means you need access to the objects. It could contain metadata for each item (allowable up to a point - Aaron was good at pushing the limits of what information was actually copyrightable), but some books remained in copyright.
He also saw that this would require politicians being open about their dealings (but became sceptical about the possibility of making everything open by choice; he did, however, create a secure drop-box for people to send information anonymously to reporters). Each resource and property was only defined in terms of other nodes and properties, like a dictionary defines words in terms of other words. If an AI is given misleading information it could make wrong decisions, and if an AI is not given access to the information it needs it could also make wrong decisions, and either of those could be calamitous. Your eye analyses the light arriving from the tree, and your brain tries to summarise the wavelengths that it’s seeing. To be able to understand the shared properties of items in a group, and differences from items in a different group, is to begin to understand them. They’ve read Tim Berners-Lee’s books, and understand that there are Resources out there, with URLs that can be used to fetch them. And that’s before you get into the jQuery.ajax option names (data for the query parameters, dataType for the response type, etc).
It also doesn’t return a Promise, though there’s an onload event that gets called when the request finishes.

Even with Gmail, there's no way to say that the person you email is the same person who's left a review, unless they have a URL (i.e. Now that both of those URLs are trusted, either of them can be used as the basis of a new trusted connection: linking from the trusted GitHub URL to a Flickr URL, and then from the Flickr URL to the trusted Google Plus URL (or any other trusted profile URL), is enough to prove that you also own the Flickr account and can write to it. In this case, when the published property is updated, the publishedDate property is also updated. The intense focus is on performance of Blink as a platform for mobile applications, and not at all on document rendering features. Hardly anyone writes English (though a lot of people, and some machines, can read it to some extent). This makes running xmllint in the browser much more like running xmllint on the command line. We added a filter on the donor name, searched for their surname and selected those names which matched (there were several variations on each donor’s name in the database), then used Tableau’s grouping to group together the name variations. Once this was done, Tableau easily mapped the location of each donor, to produce the final visualisation: a map of each donation to a political party, coloured according to the recipient party and sized according to the value of the donation. To avoid this, only the artists that had been given MusicBrainz IDs in the BBC data were included, and these MBIDs were used to query for tags. I'd like to be able to do the same thing in D3, as Gephi is quite awkward to use, and has cropped the node labels when exporting the above images (it seems to only take the nodes into account when cropping the output, and not their labels).
Fusion Tables creates a virtual merged table, allowing updates to the source tables to be replicated to the final merged table as they occur.
The UK parliamentary constituency shapefiles published by the Ordnance Survey as part of the Boundary-Line dataset contain polygons, names and two identifiers for each area: one is the Ordnance Survey’s own “unit id” and one is the Office for National Statistics’ “GSS code”.
Although there’s usually a property name in the first row, there’s rarely a datapackage.json file defining a basic data type (number, string, date, etc), and practically never a JSON-LD context file to map those names to URLs. For example: country names (a list of names that changes slowly), members of parliament (a list of names that changes regularly), years (a range of numbers that grows gradually), gene identifiers (a list of strings that grows over time), postcodes (a list of known values, or values matching a regular expression). The Boundary-Line data is published under the OS OpenData license, which incorporates the Open Government License. On that page is a link to “Download RELION for free from here”, which leads to a form, asking for name, organisation and email address (which aren’t validated, so can be anything - the aim is to allow the owners to email users if a critical bug is found, but this shouldn’t really be a requirement before being allowed to download the software).
They are difficult to find: trying to download XMIPP hits another registration form, and BSOFT has no visible license. Apart from the folder name, the only way to find out which version of the code is present is to look in the configure script, which contains PACKAGE_VERSION=‘1.3’. The data table is paginated, sortable, filterable, and includes footer rows that summarise columns using facets where appropriate. This is most likely what people will see first, so it links to the code repository for all the information needed to repeat the experiments. In theory this is good, but as it’s published in a system that doesn’t yet have version control, there’s no ability to compare past versions.
However, browsers never fully supported the API, and are dropping any native support that did exist. However, in order to provide this flexibility, the DOM API can be quite long-winded when reading the value of a single property, which is most often what's needed.
A5), divided into two equal halves (front and back), produced using only HTML and CSS (and a PDF conversion).
After writing a few scripts to fetch and parse data to CSV from various web services, using the DOI as the key for each row, I realised that it would be easier to gather the data in OpenRefine by incrementally adding columns. A tale proposito A? d'obbligo orientarsi verso telecamere che, secondo specifiche, montano sensori CCD estremamente sensibili seguiti da una sezione amplificatrice sulla quale si puA? intervenire al fine di determinare, in maniera fine, il livello di amplificazione del segnale. Attualmente i processori P IV sono oramai obsoleti al confronto con i Core Duo e i Quad Core, per cui utilizzando questi processori di ultima generazione si avranno risorse maggiori da impegnare per ulteriori compiti. La telecamera, elemento centrale del sistema, sarA  montata in esterno ed esposta a qualsiasi situazione atmosferica e quindi sia ai rigori dell'inverno (vento, pioggia, neve)A  che al clima caldo e torrido dell'estate. Fra questi programmi ricordiamo Metrec (Meteor Recognizer) di Sirko Molau, funzionante sotto il sistema operativo DOS.
Alcuni produttori di hardware rilasciano i drive di supporto esclusivamente per i sistemi Windows e in alcuni casi non rilasciano nemmeno le specifiche per permettere alla community dei sviluppatori software legati a Linux di realizzare i moduli di supporto per quel determinato tipo scheda. A questo punto siamo comunque in grado di rendere disponibile agli interessati, attraverso internet, lo scorrere delle immagini riprese dalla telecamera, in tempo reale.
Nel caso specifico di SOSO quello che vedete sono le esecuzioni di comandi che di script (lista di vari comandi concatenati fra loro inseriti in un file di testo) schedulati dal sottoscritto per automatizzare quasi tutte le funzioni di cui lo strumento necessita.
Il circuito puA? essere replicato per ogni pin d'uscita della parallela (D0 a D7) potendo comandare con questa configurazione un massimo di 8 carichi. Attraverso la gestione remota possiamo eseguire l'upgrade software, modificare gli orari dello schedulatore, o intervenire in qualsivoglia attivitA  che implichi un nostro intervento diretto su tale apparecchiatura. Normalmente questo presenta una configurazione di massima che rende il server giA  pronto ad essere usato sin da subito, ma suggerisco comunque di riguardarlo e di apportare alcune semplici modifiche per migliorarne la sicurezza. Personalmente non l'ho mai utilizzato ma, sicuramente, una volta configurati i parametri del programma come indicato nel sito di riferimento la sessione di lavoro si svolgerA  come se si trattasse del client Linux visto precedentemente.
Ricordatevi di configurare i file sshd_config e ssh_config in maniera che la porta di ascolto del server e di inoltro del client coincidano. Da un punto di vista della sicurezza sarebbe un problema in caso di furto della chiave, ma dal punto di vista pratico permette l'accesso alla macchina remota senza la richiesta di una password. A questo punto avviando dal nostro personal computer domestico il client Pidgin potremmo vedere il nostro strumento sempre online in attesa di ricevere i nostri comandi. Knowledgebase, Web Hosting, Web Design - Helm User Guide, cPanel User Guide, Web Mail, Email Configuration, FTP, Spam Filtering. It is true that search engines cannot crawl content like java applets and flash movies embedded on a webpage but when a human web surfer views a webpage, flash animations and java applets can create a good impact.
The Page Rank calculation is much more detailed and complex, and we go into the calculation in more detail later in the tutorial, as well point out other places that you can read up on how Google calculates a web page's PR.Before you can begin to develop or increase the PageRank of your website and individual web pages, you will need to evaluate what the PageRank of your site's pages is currently. And many ISPs include a small amount of free Web space to create Web pages quickly and easily. Unix systems are very similar to Linux (and Mac OSX systems are as well) but as I mentioned above, Macintosh systems are few and far-between.Accessing the ServerThe first difference that most people notice with Web hosting operating systems is how you access the server. Some popular feed readers include Amphetadesk (Windows, Linux, Mac), FeedReader (Windows), and NewsGator (Windows - integrates with Outlook). This is absolutely critical, because the sales process may stall when a potential customer visits a poorly designed site. Besides being informative to your clients, you can also gather invaluable feedback from your clients that are useful to improve your business. I didn’t find out why the writing had stopped, exactly, but I did get some insight into why it might have started. If everyone had their own wiki, and you could choose which trusted sources to subscribe to, you’d be able to collect just the information that you trusted, augment it yourself, and then broadcast it back out to others.
The colours might cycle over time, as day and night pass, and they might cycle over longer periods, as seasons pass. The further away you look, the greater likelihood that the colour of a tree will be more different from the closest trees - the variance within the collection will increase. If this property was bound to the original table, you would see the new values being filled in as the data arrives! If this was available it would be ideal, as then the bower_components folder could be left out of the built app. In particular, we looked at a recent news story in The Independent, which stated that “three senior figures at scandal-hit [HSBC] bank donated ?875,000" to the Conservative Party in recent years. Pleasingly the totals almost exactly matched those given in the news story, for the three named donors.
There’s no way to know what has changed from the previous version, as the previous versions are not available anywhere (this also means that it’s impossible to reproduce results generated using older versions of the software). Happily, this is the format in which Twitter’s streaming API provides information, so it's ideal for piping into dat.
Once a leaf has been attached to an item, the data added can then be used to build further leaves. That’s ok though, as long as it’s saved in the Internet Archive whenever someone refers to it. I've written a jQuery plugin that provides equivalent functions and makes them easier to use.
Pertanto la scelta del tipo di custodia diventa strategica: ci si deve orientare da subito verso una custodia con indice di protezione (IP) 66. Metrec non richiede un personal computer di ultima generazione e si raccomanda soltanto l'utilizzo di un Pentium con frequenza di clock superiore a 500 Mhz e almeno 128 MB di memoria ram. Per alimentarlo si puA? utilizzare un alimentatore esterno da 12 15 Volt recuperato da un modem non piA? utilizzato. Il software che permette di eseguire queste operazioni A? OpenSSH , una suite di comandi shell che permettono di collegarsi ad un computer remoto attraverso un tunnel criptato e di ottenere da questi una consolle attraverso la quale amministrare il sistema come se si fosse fisicamente in loco. Nel computer domestico, che utilizzeremo per collegarci alla stazione remota (SOSO), dobbiamo installare il client SSH, attraverso il solito metodo visto precedentemente anche se la maggior parte delle distribuzioni Linux includono giA  di default il client SSH (considero scontato che anche nel personal computer di uso quotidiano vi sia presente un sistema operativo Linux).
Passiamo ora ad illustrare un collegamento ad uno strumento SOSO posto dietro ad un firewall che non permette l'accesso a delle chiamate dal mondo internet, la qual cosa ci complica leggermente il lavoro!
Di prassi il servizio SSH funziona sulla porta 22, ma nulla vieta (anzi A? buona norma) di modificare tale valore scegliendone un'altra libera, per incrementare la sicurezza. The main purpose of SEO remains optimisation of the internal site structure, site contents, inbound and outbound links.
Cloaking is used to set flash content display to humans while alternate text will be shown to the search engines.Spammers use the technique of cloaking to effect search engine result rankings. SEO is basically performed to achieve higher search engine rankings against specific search terms.
To view the PR of your site you will need to download the Google Toolbar.PageRank is in some ways related to link popularity, but the calculation is dependant on the quality and strength of the links, not just the number of links. In most cases, the reason it's free is because the company will place advertisements for other websites all over your web page.
ISP Web pages are perfect for people who want to put up small sites with low amounts of traffic.
Both Windows and Linux offer FTP access to your files, but only Linux will generally offer telnet or ssh access. Either include a brief descriptive blurb on the homepage of your website, or provide an a€?About usa€™ (or equivalent) page with a prominent and obvious link from the homepage, which describes your website and its value to the people visiting it.It is even important to explain why some people may not find it useful, providing enough information so they will not be confused about the site's purpose.
To achieve effective results, ensure that the essential information is included in the meta tag of your web pages. Define the purpose of your website First, identify the type of business you are in, be it B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer).
The usability: The site should be user-friendly, with the interface and navigation simple and reliable.
Each of my online profiles on different sites is literally a different “profile”, and I only choose to link some of them together. Authorship is immaterial (jk, partly), and when is anything ever authored by a single person, anyway? E' previsto che debba lavorare in localitA  remote dove l'osservazione A? facilitata o dove si suppone che tali fenomeni si presentino piA? facilmente (vedi ad es. Motion (il software di rilevamento) permette l'uso anche di network-camere o IP-camere, di cui sconsigliamo l'uso, vista la loro scarsa sensibilitA .
Non bisogna perA? lesinare sulla i??dimensione della memoria RAM e nei confronti dell'hard disk, punti nevralgici del sistema. La presenza nella custodia di un tettuccio costituisce una buona scelta in quanto l'intercapedine d'aria che si forma fra corpo della custodia e tettuccio costituisce un buon sistema per proteggere da eccessivi innalzamentiA  della temperatura all'interno della custodia quando A? esposta al sole. Nella vastitA  di software teoricamente disponibile per la piattaforma di SOSO sono andato alla ricerca di un programma che meglio supportasse il nostro strumento. Una volta programmati i pochi parametri inerenti al web server all'interno di motion.conf, chiunque puntando il proprio browser verso l'indirizzo e la porta specificata potrA  osservare ciA? che viene ripreso in quel momento dalla telecamera. Per comprendere meglio le varie attivitA  schedulate attraverso crontab vediamo quali sono le attivitA  svolte dal nostro strumento e attraverso quali comandi (o script) le realizziamo (gli orari che indichiamo qui di seguito sono in UTC).
Per aumentare la sicurezza si consiglia di lasciare separata la massa proveniente dal personal computer (porta parallela) da quella del circuito.
OpenSSH crea un tunnel blindato attraverso l'adozione di protocolli e chiavi di criptatura che proteggono il traffico da possibili intercettazioni. Nota bene che le righe (commenti e opzioni) che iniziano con # non vengono considerate dall'eseguibile. A questo punto sembrerebbe tutto concluso se non fosse che vi sono due piccoli problemi da risolvere riguardo quest'ultima procedura che ho appena mostrato. Non bisogna perA? lesinare sulla dimensione della memoria RAM e nei confronti dell'hard disk, punti nevralgici del sistema.
SEM, on the other hand, covers both SEO and paid advertising campaigns.There is a common misunderstanding that SEO is aimed at advertising in organic search results and SEM is aimed at paid search results.
Different versions of the same page are displayed to users and search engines based on their IP addresses. A SEO friendly website development, on the other hand, deals with restructuring of the website by adaptation of tools and technologies for making it more visible to search engine crawlers.A common misperception is that web developers can perform SEO while the truth is that search engine optimisation is a detailed research based process which goes well beyond the scope of web development. Google specifically lists websites according to their themes so it is best to link to a website which has the same theme as yours.Social media websites are considered by search engines as information exchanging and interest sharing portals. Download the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Toolkit (223.9 MB) fromClick here to download* select all components to install3. In a nusthell, when you have a lot of concurrent web users on your website, you need a hosting server that serves your site only.
There are usually rate restrictions, and most ISPs don't offer a lot of features with their Web space.ISP hosting is best for personal Web pages that don't get a lot of traffic. It is better to send away someone uninterested in what you have to offer with a clear idea of why he or she isn't interested than to attempt to trick such a person into wasting an inordinately long time finding this out without your help.
My Yahoo, Bloglines, and Google Reader are popular web-based feed readers.Once you have your Feed Reader, it is a matter of finding sites that syndicate content and adding their RSS feed to the list of feeds your Feed Reader checks. Get outside of your box and get feedback from folks other than your site developer, friends or co-workers. Of course, it will not be easy to always secure top rankings as you will be competing against thousands of others. The appearance: The graphics and text should include a single style that flows throughout, to show consistency. A seguito dell'esperienza acquisita in questo anno di vita di SOSO, una volta messo a punto il software di rilevamento si avranno da 1 a 2 Giga byte di materiale video (jpg e avi) registrato per notte. Anche l'eventuale montaggio di una ventola interna, a fianco della telecamera, puA? costituire una ulteriore salvaguardia per il dispositivo ottico. L'utilizzo di un hardware preciso e l'impossibilitA  da parte del software e, piA? in generale, del sistema operativo di far fronte alle altre caratteristiche che lo strumento deve possedere, mi hanno fatto desistere da questa scelta di utilizzo, fermo restando il convincimento che rimane un ottimo software per la cattura e l'analisi di eventi meteorici e straordinario per le sessioni osservative assistite da un operatore.
Un'ultima considerazione riguardo agli orari: le osservazioni vengono compiute indicativamente dal tramonto all'alba, quando l'oscuritA  permette una migliore individuazione e osservazione dei fenomeni FLTA, pertanto gli orari mostrati ora sono quelli utilizzati al momento della stesura di questa mini guida e cioA? relativi al periodo invernale. Prima di tutto bisogna trovare il sistema di avviare un collegamento con lo strumento remoto ogni qualvolta ve ne sia la necessitA . In questa dir troveremo oltre ai file contenenti le chiavi (id_dsa file contenete la chiave privata e contenete quella pubblica) anche i fileA  authorized_keys e known_hosts. Both of the above statements are not true because a structured SEM process starts with SEO. This type of cloaking, which is deliberately aimed at modifying the search engine results, is classified as a black hat or illegal SEO technique.Spamdexing is also known as search engine spamming. There are certain web development companies who also specialise in providing search engine optimisation or SEO services but they perform it separately from web development.Another major difference is that SEO is an online marketing technique while search engine friendly website is a web development process. These websites usually have a high page rank due to the high volume of traffic on the website.
When a hosting server devotes solely to your web site, it is called dedicated hosting or dedicated server hosting.
If you plan to run a business, you should only use your ISP hosting for testing and preparation of your site, rather than the site itself.Free Web HostingIf you have an ISP that doesn't offer Web space, free Web hosting is good. Telnet and SSH are a way to open a window directly on the Web server and manipulate files right there, usually using Unix command line commands.Writing Your PagesBoth Windows and Linux servers will serve HTML pages and JavaScript.
Many sites display a small icon with the acronyms RSS, XML, or RDF to let you know a feed is available. It allows you to develop a qualified list of potential customers or database of potential members of your target market. Nello specifico, il software di rilevamento del movimento dovrA  essere facilmente programmabile in ogni suo parametro e possibilmente adattabile ad ogni situazione. Molti file tra cui falsi allarmi dovuti alla scintillazione stellare, aerei e uccelli, verranno successivamente eliminati, ma A? fondamentale avere un alta capacitA  di memorizzazione specialmente se non si ha una buona linea ADSL con cui scaricare da remoto l'HD. Attraverso l'utilizzo del comando SSH, non solo possiamo sostituire efficacemente l'oramai obsoleto e poco sicuro telnet (poco sicuro in quanto tutto il traffico compresa l'autentificazione tramite user e password risultano in chiaro), ma possiamo attraverso l'utilizzo di un sofisticato sistema di chiavi asimmetriche (chiavi pubbliche e private), realizzare una autentificazione automatica con il personal computer remoto tralasciando l'utilizzo della password. Come ricordato precedentemente, nel caso non disponessimo di un indirizzo ip nostro, ma solamente di uno dinamico, ricorreremo al servizio gratuito di dns dinamico per tenere traccia in rete dell'indirizzo ip verso il quale collegarci. Come abbiamo visto in precedenza quando un client SSH si collega, dopo essersi autentificato al server remoto,A  riceve come servizio la possibilitA  di inoltrare comandi che verranno eseguiti sul personal computer remoto (per intenderci quello in cui gira l'applicativo server): quindi il lato client utilizza una shell del remoto.
Quindi non A? pensabile affidare allo schedulatore crontab l'incarico di avviare il reverse tunneling nello strumento dietro al firewall, in quanto il collegamento dovrebbe avvenire quando vi A? una reale necessitA  e non a orari prefissati della giornata, magari dovendo attendere diverse ore prima di instaurare l'atteso collegamento. However, it is true that the main purpose of SEO is to improve organic search result rankings in search engines but this is not the only purpose of SEO.SEO starts with optimising the websites for search engine friendly structure and contents. The primary purpose of a search engine friendly website is to prepare the website for SEO processes.
When you share your information on such portals, a lot of people will see your promotions and product information.
Backup your Email by 'Drag and Drop' all your important email from the system folders (Inbox, Sent Item, Outbox, Deleted Item) into this New Folder. With a dedicated server, you have complete admission to the fundamental administrative functions of the server. Shouldn't you be able to keep the visitors that you have paid to receive through your own ad campaigns? There are many free hosting providers and a lot of them offer advanced services like CGI, shell access, PHP, SSI, and other advanced topics. This information is of critical importance for accessibility when the website is visited using browsers that do not support images, and when more information than the main content might otherwise be needed.The most commonly important reason for this is accessibility for the disabled, such as blind visitors who use screen readers to surf the web.
Classifieds in IT Magazines You can reach thousands of potential customers in your targeted market in this manner. Then you must provide them with the appropriate information and a meaningful call to action.
The visibility: The site must also be easy to find via most, if not all, major search engines and advertisement media.
Questo pacchetto software nato espressamente per la cattura e analisi di movimenti video di bolidi, meteore e TLE (Transient Luminous Event - SOSO, Wikipedia, NOA -) e operante sotto S.O. Inizialmente concepito per la video-sorveglianza si A? poi sviluppato ed evoluto arricchendosi di numerose funzionalitA , grazie al fatto che essendo open source (i sorgenti vengono liberamente rilasciati) alcuni utilizzatori, anch'essi programmatori, lo hanno col tempo migliorato, implementandolo di nuove funzioni e rendendolo capace di adattarsi alle applicazioni piA? disparate, e non ultimo il controllo della volta celeste.
Una volta raggiunto il server SSH, se A? la prima volta che ci logghiamo, ci chiederA  di accettare le chiavi di criptazione, e uno volta risposto affermativamente ci chiederA  la password di autentificazione.
Inoltre, ogni volta che viene avviato da remoto un collegamento SSH, bisogna fornire la password per validare il collegamento e quindi bisogna realizzare una procedura che automatizzi l'autentificazione.
Passiamo ora ad illustrare il sistema da me adottato per far eseguire nel momento di necessitA  il client SSH reverse precedentemente discusso. The graphics, headings, layout, designs, contents and links of the web pages are optimised for easy crawling by search engine crawlers.
If a website does not have a SEO friendly structure and design, it will be hard to optimise it further through search engine optimisation techniques.Some web development companies who claim to perform SEO during the development certainly do not tell the truth.
If you are good, you will have a good fan following and a good chance of exposure to other businesses, communities and potential customers.Apart from increasing your website page rank, you can easily promote and market your new products and services on these social media websites.
With most dedicated server plans offered by web hosting companies, you need to know how to manage a dedicated hosting where technical support is concerned. With "free web space" sites, you'll give away more business than it would cost you to get your own domain and hosting service. Free hosting is usually supported by advertising.Free hosting is best for personal Web pages and very small business Web pages. But there are Linux servers that offer this service as well.CGICGI and Perl access are often found on both Windows and Linux servers, but it is more typical on Linux. Never include too much text in the alt or title attribute, however a€” the text included should be short, clear and to the point. META tags are HTML codes that enable the Search Engines to determine what keywords are relevant to a specific site. Explore the hundreds of IT magazines available to find a medium that works for your product or service.
Per chi non avesse a disposizione una connessione a banda larga A? auspicabile l'utilizzo di un vecchio modem analogico a 56 Kbyte: questo non tanto per il download dei dati (con un disco capiente si puA? lasciare il sistema in funzione per alcune settimane prima di raggiungere lo strumento ed effettuare un backup in loco) ma quanto per la verifica del sistema ed eventuali piccoli interventi da remoto.
Comunque, prima di descrivere il programma e di addentrarci nella sua configurazione, vediamo come installare Linux su un personal computer dedicato a questo tipo di ricerca. Inizialmente avevo pensato ad un sistema di attivazione basato su comandi inoltrati attraverso una mail al sistema SOSO, ma questo metodo non offriva sufficiente garanzia di immediatezza nel recapito del messaggio contenente il comando di attivazione.
The second step of SEO involves providing incoming links through articles, blogs, free business directories and social networking websites.The scope of search engine marketing goes beyond SEO. The primary objective of spamdexing or search engine spamming is to influence search results within a category. SEO is an ongoing process while development is a process that has definite start and finish dates. When more people link to your profile, you will easily be able to generate targeted traffic to your website. If your not competent in managing a dedicated server, choose managed dedicated server hosting. The speed you experience can be attributed in part to the efficiency of our search algorithm and partly to the thousands of low cost PC's we've networked together to create a superfast search engine. If you need to program forms, you should make sure that your hosting service provides CGI or another way to process them. Do not inundate your visitors with paragraph after paragraph of useless, vague information in numerous pop-up messages; just make it as accessible as possible. Avere piA? personal-computer, ognuno specializzato in un determinato compito, non A? proponibile a fronte di una fonte di alimentazione energetica basata unicamente su pannelli solari.
Dal nome assai evocativo, Ufocapture oltre alla cattura di immagini e video sequenze permette attraverso altri programmi un'accurata post-analisi per poter risalire all'identitA  dell'oggetto fautore dell'allarme. Per poter usufruire del servizio bisogna installare nel proprio personal computer un client che all'atto della connessione in internet, aggiornerA  immediatamente il server del DNS dinamico del lip posseduto, in modo che chiunque possa essere indirizzato verso di voi. Nel caso dovessimo inoltrare comandi con privilegi da root useremo il comando su per cambiare identitA . Allo stesso tempo, chi si deve collegare aA  SOSOA  avvierA  una sessione SSH normale verso il server SSH indicando a quest'ultimo di volere essere messo in collegamento con il client proveniente dallo strumento: il gioco A? fatto.
Esiste una procedura semplice e nel contempo sicura ed affidabile per collegarsi attraverso un tunnel SSH senza dover fornire alcuna password di autentificazione ed affidandosi all'utilizzo di una coppia di chiavi (pubblica e privata).
Once you have completed the SEO process, there are other methods of advertising on search engines as well. Spamdexing is also a black hat SEO technique.Although a site gets fast results due to these black hat SEO techniques but it eventually gets blacklisted from search engines. High page rank incoming links automatically increase your website's page rank as well.In general, social media networking is a great way of increasing your website's page rank.
This service allows you to rent an entire server that is supervised by a specialized hosting company. The heart of our software is PageRanka„?, a system for ranking web pages developed by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. Limited hostingAvoid hosting packages that will not allow you to add order forms, statistics, or multiple email accounts to your website. If you plan to run a business on your site, free hosting is great for testing your site and preparing the pages, but not good for running the business unless you can turn off the advertising.Standard Paid HostingWith paid hosting, you pay some money typically once a month for space and services on a Web hosting provider's site.
It would be a good idea to make sure you have done your homework and fully understand how to optimize your web pages prior to designing your site. Most importantly, it is essential that the website indicates the full contact details of your business so that it allows your potential customers to reach you more easily.Entice users to come back to your website Elements that make people come back to your website include high quality content, offers and incentives, online purchasing ability etc. Anche questo programma pur essendo eccezionale e fornendo risultati incredibili (basta visitare i siti web della Sonataco e di suoi utilizzatori, per rendersene conto) non soddisfaceva a pieno le caratteristiche previste per SOSO.
L'approccio migliore A? quello di dedicare un personal computer specificatamente a questo lavoro, nel caso invece si volesse utilizzare il proprio personal computer con giA  installato Windows (XP, W2000), occorre creare una nuova partizione nella quale sarA  installato Linux e quindi attivare un dual bootloader. Se le politiche di sicurezza della rete lan in cui lo strumento A? inserito risultano restrittive e permettono esclusivamente un traffico uscente verso internet, e non in entrambe le direzioni (come e' avvenuto nella realta per SOSO), allora la questione si complica leggermente, dato che non potremmo contattare direttamente il nostro apparato remoto e dovremo ricorrere al sistema del reverse tunneling SSH e all'attivazione di quest'ultimo attraverso un programmaA  di messaggistica istantanea (Instant Messaging, IM, basato su Pidgim, ex Gaim) ed uno script in Perl realizzato da Michael Schilli. In questa modalitA  di funzionamento, che A? poi quella reale in cui opera SOSO, il server SSH A? installato nel mio desktop domestico collegato a internet attraverso un ADSL a 20 Mbit la quale A? sempre rintracciabile avendo attivato un servizio di Dynamic DNS (cosA¬ oltre ad avere tutte le comunicazioni criptate ho anche il controllo sul server).
La procedura di autentificazione A? demandata all'utilizzo di chiavi SSH e viene rimossa la richiesta di password (tra l'altro se l'accesso al personal computer remoto (SOSO) viene eseguita da un computer in qualche modo visibile ad altri, meno volte si digita la password e minore A? la possibilitA  che qualcuno possa carpirla).
Tralasciando la parte hardware della€™articolo che esula dai nostri scopi (la€™articolo era rivolto a chi si interessa di domotica) lo script in Perl ( era proprio il software che faceva al caso nostro, previa una piccola modifica inerente ai comandi da eseguire.
You can buy sponsored search results, purchase ad spaces on third party websites and place paid links on relevant business directories. You can market and promote your website and if people like your products and services, they may also become potential buyers.
Most hosting companies provided managed dedicated hosting, but if you think you can manage and maintain the dedicated server by yourself, you can opt to choose unmanaged dedicated hosting which is slightly cheaper than managed dedicated hosting.Because a dedicated server do not share its server resources with other website sites, as with shared hosting, it allows for more control over your server performance and bandwidth for your website.
And while we have dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of Google on a daily basis, PageRank continues to provide the basis for all of our web search tools. This can make it extremely difficult to build up significantly good search engine placement, as links to pages of your site become broken.

For USD12.50, you can have your little classified ad placed in view of people on a service where the ads are actually read.
Su tre diverse custodie testate, tutte di tipo professionale, solo una ha retto alla prova mostrando l'interno completamente asciutto e la carta priva di qualsiasi segno d'umiditA . Il software infatti riesce a gestire una sola telecamera e se non A? disponibile almeno un P IV a 3Ghz con piA? di 256 MB di RAM il funzionamento non A? garantito. In questa situazione consiglio la creazione di una ulteriore partizione, del tipo FAT32 estesa, nella quale verranno memorizzati le immagini jpg, png e i video catturati nelle sessioni osservative.
Lo script deriva da una utility scaricata dal sito di Motion e realizzata quando ancora Motion non creava il file di pid (identificativo di processo) per la verifica diretta. La procedura dovrA  essere eseguita sia sul personal computer di SOSO che nel computer domestico. Ma vediamo in dettaglio come si svolge questa attivazione in quanto le spiegazioni fino ad ora fornite potrebbero risultare un poa€™ complicate. SEM covers all the aspects of marketing your business online while SEO represents only a part of the whole SEM process.When you talk about SEM, goal conversion is the responsibility of SEM expert as well. PageRank Explained PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. It's best to choose a hosting service that offers many options such as: - Multiple POP Email Accounts - Dedicated Hosting - Secure Servers - Web Usage Statistics - Web Space Allocation (you can get how much web space you'll need) - URL Redirection - Autoresponders These are just a few "necessary" services to look for when choosing a web host for your new website. When you first create your website, ensure you do so in a manner that allows you to move content into archives without having to change the URL.
The key on AOL is to create a killer headline for your ad so it stands out above the hundreds of other ads in every category.
Le restanti custodie, dopo pochi minuti di esposizioni ad un flusso d'acqua battente si sono trasformate in un acquario. Il software Ufocapture, come il precedente, A? stato concepito per funzionare quasi esclusivamente durante le relative sessioni osservative e non permette di automatizzare altre attivitA  se non quelle strettamente necessarie a tali scopi. Questa partizione permetterA  di avere un'area di interscambio file ed evitare che il SO di un tipo interagisca con la partizione dell'altro.
By conversion, we mean that the traffic directed from the internet to your website actually converts into sales. Hence, the cost of a dedicated server is always higher than the cost of a shared hosting services. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Services include CGI access, database support, ASP, ecommerce, SSL, extra space, extra bandwidth, and more. Not everyone who visits your site have fast connections, some can't install the Flash plug-in, knowing your target audience and your goals certainly help to set your usability and accessibility standards. After each Web page is created, they are typically linked together using a navigation menu composed of hyperlinks. Pertanto quando acquistate una custodia, partite giA  con un grado di protezione 66 e quindi controllare che il corpo centrale sia un unico pezzo realizzato in pressofusione e non da parti diverse assemblate fra loro in quanto, anche se munite di guarnizioni, col passare del tempo e con gli sbalzi termici a cui A? sottoposta, questa tende a crepare,A  permettendo alla pioggia di infiltrarsi. Inoltre, utilizzando sistemi operativi come XP e Windows 2000, assai avidi di risorse di sistema, risulta impensabile delegare ad altri pacchetti software quelle automazioni minime tali da rendere il sistema completamente autonomo e gestibile da remoto. Nel caso in cui, come A? accaduto per SOSO, il personal computer sia configurato all'interno di una rete lan con politiche di sicurezza estremamente restrittive, per evitare intrusioni dalla rete esterna (quindi un firewall che blocca ogni tipo di traffico entrante), opereremo in altro modo.
Michael Schilli, appoggiandosi ad un server Jabber, realizza un programma in Perl che identifica chi gli invia un messaggio contenente un comando e, se il mittente A? autorizzato, esegue il comando ricevuto. Choosing a good dedicated hosting servicePlease research carefully before you want to sign up. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. ColdFusion can be found on both.DatabasesIf you're going to run a dynamically driven Web site, then you'll want a database. This will usually come in the form of expert advice, or knowledge, about your product or service, not self-promoting content. Yahoo Classifieds There are very few free classified ad sites that actually work but Yahoo is one of the few that stands out above the crowd of mediocre free ad sites. Faster browsing speeds have led to shorter attention spans and more demanding online visitors and this has resulted in less use of Splash Pages, particularly where commercial websites are concerned.Once a Web site is completed, it must be published or uploaded in order to be viewable to the public over the internet.
Un dispendioso utilizzo delle risorse di sistema (non ha senso avere un sistema operativo grafico su un apparato che deve funzionare senza l'ausilio di un operatore), l'utilizzo di ulteriori programmi specifici per raggiungere un minimo di automazione e infineA  l'impossibilitA  di realizzare tutte le specifiche previste per il progetto SOSO mi hanno fatto scartare anche questo software.
La€™utilizzo di un file system (fs) di tipo FAT32 rappresenta la migliore soluzione per l'interscambio dei dati.
Il server http gestito da Motion sarA  allora disattivato ed abiliteremo la funzione di snapshot, presente in motion.conf, indicando la cadenza di salvataggio dell'immagine jpeg di una al secondo.
La presente attivitA  procede fino al completo trasferimento dei file o termina quando parte l'attivitA  osservativa serale successiva, che pone fine al trasferimento dei file per non sprecare inutilmente risorse di sistema ed occupazione di banda.
Ricordo che nel caso il collegamento ad Internet fosse realizzato attraverso l'utilizzo di una linea ADSL con ip dinamico, si ricorrera all'ausilio del DNS dinamico per poter essere sempre rintracciabili in rete, come illustrato precedentemente. Nel caso invece che un messaggio arrivi da uno sconosciuto il programma si limita a scartarlo senza rispondere. Il pannello frontale recante la finestra in vetro dovrA  anch'esso essere accuratamente controllato per verificare che il vetro risulti perfettamente incollato al pannello stesso. Then go to Outgoing server tab to check on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication as it is our currently mail server policy to allow sending from mail client.12. Then go to Outgoing server tab to check on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication as it is our currently mail server policy to allow sending from mail client.11. The profitability of your website is determined by the average goal conversion ratio of your websitea€™s traffic. Find a hosting providers that offer you good network stability, reliable support and better operation of sophisticated applications in a dedicated server compare to shared hosting. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important." Important, high-quality sites receive a higher PageRank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a search. They usually require something in return, which can take away profits from your online business. This content needs to be dated, so that your website's visitors know what is new and in what order it appeared. Deflect Sales Objections with Your Web Site When objections arise, send people to your web site.
Pensare ad un NTFS risulterebbe laborioso in quanto all'interno del mondo Windows vi sono delle piccole differenze fra un NTFS generato da XP o daA  Win2000 ed ancora ulteriori differenze con quello generato da Vista. I file non trasferiti non verranno cancellati, ma saranno eventualmente trasferiti il giorno seguente.
In questa caso il personal computer di SOSO A? il remoto e su questo andiamo ad installare il pacchetto software SSH server. La capacitA  di riconoscere il mittente amico A? data dal fatto che agent-robot si interfaccia alla buddy list o lista di amici del client per messaggistica istantanea Gaim (recentemente il progetto ha cambiato nome ed A? divenuto Pidgin).
There are a lot of hosting companies out there that offer dedicated server hosting services. And don't focus solely on price - changing hosting providers can be difficult and expensive.Domain HostingDomain hosting can be hard to understand. Even in the rare case that website content does not change regularly, it will almost certainly change from time to time a€” if only because a page needs to be edited now and then to reflect changing information.Help your readers determine what information might be out of date, by date stamping all the content on your Web site somehow, even if you do so only by adding "last modified on" fine print at the bottom of every page of content. Once published, the Web master may use a variety of techniques to increase the traffic, or hits, that the website receives. L'inconveniente descritto si presenta in quanto la custodia, nel nostro caso, viene montata verticalmente e non in posizione canonica orizzontaleA e quindi le vie di scolo per l'acqua risultano inefficaci con il tipo di montaggio da noi richiesto. Linux supporta la lettura e la scrittura in NTFS, ma se si dovessero riscontrare dei problemi nell'utilizzo di questo fs occorrerebbero conoscenze non superficiali di questo SO per risolverli.a€?E' impensabile utilizzare uno dei vari file system adottati da Linux in quanto sarebbero illeggibili da parte di Windows, anche se ultimamente si sta lavorando con buoni risultati alla creazione di programmi che permettano la loro gestione. L'avvio di questo trasferimento ciclico avviene attraverso l'ausilio di uno script da eseguire in concomitanza con l'avvio di Motion e da interrompere unitamenteA  alla fine della sessione osservativa. Linux supporta la lettura e la scrittura in NTFS, ma se si dovessero riscontrare dei problemi nell'utilizzo di questo fs occorrerebbero conoscenze non superficiali di questo SO per risolverli.E' impensabile utilizzare uno dei vari file system adottati da Linux in quanto sarebbero illeggibili da parte di Windows, anche se ultimamente si sta lavorando con buoni risultati alla creazione di programmi che permettano la loro gestione. Many hosts offers both Linux and Windows platform, while some are only specialized in dedicated hosting. So, Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search. Each time an advertisement banner is placed on your website, it's designed to get your visitor to click out of your website and go some place else. Instead of paying for the Web page space, you pay for your domain and then have your Web site hosted anywhere you like.
Inform them that others have had the same concerns and the web site will clarify the situation.
Eventuali piogge con relative gocce d'acqua sul vetro della custodia genereranno allarmi continui ed un conseguente aumento delle registrazioni. Sia con SOSO che con il personal computer domestico dal quale lo gestiremo, avviamo per la prima volta Pidgin. I list the hosting companies below to help you find good and reliable dedicated hosting services.
Google goes far beyond the number of times a term appears on a page and examines all aspects of the page's content (and the content of the pages linking to it) to determine if it's a good match for your query. Most free or low cost web hosting services place these banners at the very top of your web page - giving the visitor an opportunity to click out of your site before getting to the first words of your presentation.
With Domain hosting, you can use your ISP or free hosting service, and still reap the benefits of having a personalized Web site URL.
The common-sense tendency is to be as informative as possible, but you should avoid providing too much of a good thing. Trade Links If you have a strong content-oriented site, you may be able to persuade other webmasters to link to you or to trade links with you. Come potete verificare dalle pagine di spiegazioni a corredo, il comando lftp risulta essere un sofisticato programma di trasferimento file con decine di opzioni attraverso le quali si riescono a realizzare le azioni piA? sofisticate che ci prefiggeremo di svolgere (si possono consultare le funzionalitA  di lftp da shell richiamando le pagine di man col comando : man lftp). Ci verrA  richiesto di configurare in nostro account di messaggistica istantanea con il quale saremo sempre identificati e contattati in Internet. After accept, go back HOME go to -> Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Tap (email account you setup earlier) and check POP and SMTP (outgoing mail server) setting.
If you do not see any files in the folder that opens, click Folder Options on the Tools menu, click the View tab, and then click "Show hidden files and folders" and click OK. Integrity The Google Page Rank value relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the Internet by using its vast global link structure as a prime indicator of an individual page's value. One complaint that comes to mind about a free hosting service was that the company's server became overcrowded and the customer could not get their website to come up 50% of the time.
When too much information is provided, readers get tired of reading it after a while and start skimming. The website will allow the customer to look at the information with no pressure to respond or act.
Develop content that people want to link to and then make contacts by visiting other websites, sending out personalized emails to webmasters you have visited and networking in discussion groups. Come detto precedentemente, per questo servizio utilizzeremo Jabber e quindi selezioneremo nella lista di protocolli possibili proprio questa€™ultimo. Domain name hosting is perfect for small businesses that don't have a lot of money to spend on Web hosting.ColocationColocation puts your Web server in the machine room of a larger company. Security is more important at the hosting service's administration level than it is at the operating system level. When that gets old, they stop reading altogether.Keep your initial points short and relevant, in bite-sized chunks, with links to more in-depth information when necessary.
A good rule of thumb is to use colors based on the type of effect you are trying to achieve.
Con poco piA? di 200 Giga, SOSO ha un'autonomia, nel caso non si scaricassero i dati quotidianamente, di circa 3 settimane. Questo comando permette da shell di schedulare ogni attivita' del sistema e di automatizzare ogni operazione ad orari prestabiliti rendendo superfluo l'intervento dell'operatore. Inizialmente si A? utilizzato un timer esterno del tipo di quelli utilizzati per attivare ad orari prestabiliti dispositivi e luci.
Una volta configurato su entrambi i personal computer il relativo account eseguiamo il primo collegamento fra i due personal. If you have good administrators, your server will be more secure - regardless of OS.The Bottom LineThe differences between the operating systems is much less than you might think. Bullet lists are an excellent means of breaking up information into sections that are easily digested and will not drive away visitors to your Web site.The same principles apply to lists of links a€” too many links in one place becomes little more than line noise and static. A good website, that pushes customer hot buttons, will help ease objections and build the customer's confidence. Crontab ci permette inoltre di vedere o modificare le attivitA  programmate nel personal computer. Poi ci si A? resi conto della mancanza di flessibilitA  di un tale sistema: ad esempio l'essere legati ad una programmazione oraria rigida e al doversi recare in loco per modificarla, senza contare che l'orario del timer non poteva essere sincronizzato attraverso un server ntp o tramite un dispositivo GPS. Questo passo A? necessario in quanto, alla€™avvio del primo collegamento, il client ricevente la chiamata fornirA  l'autorizzazione valida anche in futuro per essere raggiunto da questo contatto, inserendolo nella lista degli amici, la famosa buddy list, che poi verrA  sfruttata anche dallagent-robot per identificare i messaggi provenienti dagli amici.
Keep your lists of links short and well-organised so readers can find exactly what they need with very little effort.
Infine, l'utilizzo di una partizione dedicata esclusivamente alla memorizzazione dei dati acquisiti dalla telecamera mette al riparo lo strumento da eventuali blocchi di funzionamento dovuti alla saturazione dello spazio su hard disk. Sempre attraverso la shell A? possibile comandare singolarmente la variazione dello stato logico dei pin di output (D0 D7) della porta parallela. Si consiglia di fare questa operazione con i due personal computer vicini in modo da facilitarne lo svolgimento.
Votes cast by pages that are themselves important or are favorably viewed as "established firms" in the Web community weigh more heavily and help to make other pages look established too. Colocation is a great option for small to medium sized businesses that want more control over their Web hosting. This trust is built through credibility and competence, which are the keys to building trust and reducing objections.
Not only can they be very distracting, but they can also cause your page to look unprofessional. It is also the best way to build the credibility you need to make sales to your targeted market. In quest'ultimo caso si avrebbe il blocco delle registrazioni ma lo strumento sarebbe ancora gestibile da remoto in quanto la partizione dedicata al sistema operativo risulta diversa da quella di memorizzazione dei dati (e quindi integra).a€?Pertanto anche nel caso si utilizzasse un solo SO A? caldamente consigliato usare una doppia partizione per non incappare in questo possibile inconveniente, specialmente se lo strumento A? collocato in una localitA  remota difficilmente raggiungibile.
Fatto ciA?, sul personal computer che gestisce SOSO chiudiamo Pidgin in quanto questo programma ci A? servito per configurare la€™account con cui raggiungere il computer ed a creare la buddy list dei manutentori del sistema. In quest'ultimo caso si avrebbe il blocco delle registrazioni ma lo strumento sarebbe ancora gestibile da remoto in quanto la partizione dedicata al sistema operativo risulta diversa da quella di memorizzazione dei dati (e quindi integra).Pertanto anche nel caso si utilizzasse un solo SO A? caldamente consigliato usare una doppia partizione per non incappare in questo possibile inconveniente, specialmente se lo strumento A? collocato in una localitA  remota difficilmente raggiungibile. Google's complex, automated methods make human tampering with our results extremely difficult.
With managed colocation, it's almost like having an IT department, even if your company is still fairly small.Direct Internet AccessWith direct access, you host your site yourself.
Use images to illustrate content when it is helpful to the reader, and use images when they themselves are the content you wish to provide.Populate your Web site with useful images, not decorative images, and even those should not be too numerous.
A well-designed site communicates to your customers that you know what you are doing and you understand their needs. Per chi avesse quindi il personal computer con l'intera partizione dedicata a Windows A? consigliabile partizionare il disco rigido in maniera da non mescolare i due sistemi operativi fra loro e con una partizione dedicata ai dati.
1), A? possibile comandare da personal computer l'accensione o lo spegnimento di uno o piA? carichi. Dall'articolo citato in precedenza copiamo lo script Perl e creiamo un file di testo con estensione pl (perl). Google combines Page Rank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search. You need a Web server computer and software and a very high-speed Internet connection with a dedicated IP address. Images load slowly, get in the way of the text your readers seek, and are not visible in some browsers or with screen readers.
Banner Ads on Individual Sites When people mention banner ads, one will almost always think of the major search engines or major sites online.
Diversi sono gli schemi reperibili attraverso la rete e tutti si compongo di una sezione opto-isolante che permette di separare l'elettronica di potenza, che comanda il carico, dall'elettronica della porta parallela e quindi dall'intero personal computer. Lo script cosA¬ ottenuto deve essere modificato per poter avviare i comandi utili alla gestione remota di SOSO.A  La parte che ho variato A? quella relativa alla parte finale dello script incaricato di identificare i comandi inviati e di farli eseguire.
It also builds credibility by showing that you have the savvy and knowledge to build a web site that works. However using banner ads on these high-traffic-high-cost sites is extremely difficult and risky. Esistono vari tools reperibili in internet, con un buon grado di affidabilitA , ed A? utile ricordare che A? sufficiente un solo istante per perdere mesi se non anni di lavoro e di dati accumulati sul disco rigido. All'uscita del dispositivo optoelettronico A? presente un transistor che comanda un relA? collegato all'alimentazione della telecamera.
A Google search is an easy, honest and objective way to find high-quality websites with information relevant to your search. Companies that have large data centers or just want to control every aspect of their Web and Internet access should look into this type of hosting.
There are far too many major content providers who violate this rule, such as news Web sites that redirect links to specific articles so visitors always end up at the homepage.This sort of heavy-handed treatment of incoming visitors, forcing them to the homepage of the Web site as if they can force visitors to be interested in the rest of the content on the site, just drives people away in frustration. How many times have you visited a site and never figured out exactly what they were selling?
Seek out individual sites who gets relatively high traffic (50,000 hits to 1,000,000 hits a month) instead to lower your dollar per impression cost.8.
Pertanto, dopo essersi procurati alcuni dvd riscrivibili, effettuate il backup dei dati, anche se non dell'intera partizione, e poi procedete al ridimensionamento della partizione utilizzata e alla creazione di 2 nuove. When they have difficulty finding an article, your visitors may give up and go elsewhere for information.
Websites Qualify ProspectsThe Internet is still very young and there is some novelty to having a web site, as not everyone has one, yet.
If your potential customer cannot find your product or service, they definitely will not waste a lot of time looking for it. Freebies Attract traffic to your site by providing the kind of free content and services that you know your target market will be magnetized to.
Personalmente consiglio un ottimo programma open source per questo tipo di lavoro: Parted Magic. We are talking about providing free articles (such as this), free downloads, links to useful tools, links to downloadable software. A a€?Parted Magic A? un programma completamente grafico, avviabile da CD, che permette di ridimensionare e creare nuove partizioni conA  qualunque tipo di file system.
A Parted Magic A? un programma completamente grafico, avviabile da CD, che permette di ridimensionare e creare nuove partizioni conA  qualunque tipo di file system. Any Web site with content that changes regularly should make the changes easily available to visitors to the Web site. New content today should not end up in the same archive as material from three years ago, especially without a way to tell the difference.New content should stay fresh and new long enough for your readers to get some value from it. If they do not take the time to visit your web site, then they probably are not going to buy or move forward with the project. This can be aided by categorising it if you have a Web site whose content is updated very quickly a€” by breaking up new items into categories, you can ensure readers will still find relatively new material easily within specific areas of interest.
Parted Magic si installerA  nella memoria RAM e vi farA  vedere in formato grafico lo stato e le dimensioni del disco. Effective search functionality and good Web site organisation can also help readers find information they've seen before and want to find again. However, don't give up on prospects who do not visit your site, but learn from this process.
E' bene quindi che prima vi informiate, ricercando attraverso la rete internet eventuali forum in cui viene discussa tale operazione. Thumbnail images, in case you are not familiar with the term, are smaller versions of images intended to give the viewer an idea what the main image will look like when it is viewed. Email is non-threatening and very customer focused because the client can respond on their time. Come vedremo, utilizzeremo una distribuzione largamente diffusa per le sue doti di facilitA  d'impiego, con procedure automatizzate d'installazione e tools automatici di riconoscimento hardware che permetteranno a chi non conosce Linux di giungere a fine installazione senza problemi. When images are resized using markup, the larger image size is still being sent to the client system a€” to the browser the Web site's visitor uses. Per una maggiore conoscenza delle potenzialitA  di Parted Magic consiglio la lettura del tutorial di approfondimento presente all'interno del sito di riferimento.
When loading a page full of thumbnails that are full-size images resized by markup and stylesheets, a browser uses a lot of processor and memory resources.
Come distribuzione Linux, personalmente uso da molti anni Debian, flessibile, robusta e dotata di un parco software vastissimo, ma riconosco anche il fatto che un utilizzatore alle prime armi potrebbe incontrare notevoli difficoltA  d'installazione, soprattutto se l'hardware presente nel personal computer non risultasse immediatamente riconosciuto durante l'installazione.
This can lead to browser crashes and other problems or, at the very least, cause extremely slow load times. The email should clearly express what you are going to do for your customers and how it will be a direct benefit to them. Occorrerebbe allora mettere mano agli scripts di configurazione del sistema, operazione semplice solo per chi ha giA  acquisito una certa conoscenza di Linux. A a€?Consiglio Ubuntu, una distribuzione derivata da Debian che nel mondo dell'open source riscuote da tempo un notevole successo in quanto sempre aggiornatissima a livello di software e con dei tools di configurazione automatica e riconoscimento hardware che rendono la vita estremamente semplice anche ai novizi di questo sistema operativo. Una volta collegati al sito, seguite le indicazioni e scaricate l'iso della distribuzione e, anche in questo caso come per Magic, masterizzate il CD, quindi inseritelo nel lettore e riavviate il personal computer, avendo cura di controllare che venga effettuato il boot da questa periferica.
This is obviously a mistake, if only because search engines identify your Web site by page titles in the results they display and saving a Web page in your browser's bookmarks uses the page title for the bookmark name by default.A less obvious mistake is the tendency of Web designers to use the same title for every page of the Web site. Vi verranno presentate alcune semplici domande alla fine delle quali si avvierA  il processo di installazione del SO. It would be far more advantageous to provide a title for every page that identifies not only the Web site, but the specific page.
Abbiate cura di selezionare la partizione primaria libera in cui effettuare l'installazione (l'altra partizione primaria contiene XP, mentre quella estesa conterrA  i dati salvati durante le varie sessioni osservative). Importante: ricordatevi, durante l'installazione di Ubuntu, di impostare il nome e la password di almeno un utente altrimenti a fine installazione non riuscirete a loggarvi al sistema, in quanto per sua natura Linux A? un SO multiutente e quindi il sistema vi porrA  le fatidiche richieste di user e password.
A Webpage title that is too long is almost as bad as no Webpage title at all.The above considerations for Web design are very important, but often overlooked or mishandled. A couple of minor failures can be overcome by successes in other areas, of course, but it never pays to shoot yourself in the foot just because you have another foot to use. Questo per avere una maggiore dimestichezza con lo strumento con cui si opera e per il fatto che le spiegazioni fornite attraverso la presente mini guida non sono sicuramente esaustive e non possono coprire ogni aspetto dell'installazione e del funzionamento di un sistema operativo come quello di Ubuntu. Se il numero di pixel variati supera la soglia precedentemente impostata allora si attivano diverse procedure, fra le quali il salvataggio del frame variato sotto forma di immagine jpg o ppm e la registrazione della sequenza video (mpeg4, msmpeg4, swf, flv, ffv1) con la possibilitA  di salvare n frame prima e dopo il termine dell'allarme (pre-cattura e post-cattura). If you are planning on using graphic buttons to navigate your site, keep in mind that each graphic you add to your page will cause the page to take longer to load. Ricordo inoltre che motion non dispone di un'interfaccia grafica, ma solamente di un comando shell attraverso il quale si richiama un file di configurazione per il settaggio di tutti i parametri, dopo di che il funzionamento passa in daemon-mode fintanto che non lo si termina. Installiamo ora il programma motion e le relative dipendenze (altri pacchetti software di cui motion necessita per svolgere le sue attivitA ) attraverso il gestore grafico di pacchetti Synaptic. Durante questa procedura il computer si collegherA  attraverso internet a particolari siti definiti repository, in cui sono contenuti tutti i pacchetti software relativi a quella specifica distribuzione.
Una volta avviato il programma di installazione attraverso la funzione cerca troverete e selezionerete Motion e, una volta confermata la sua installazione, il programma verrA  scaricato ed automaticamente installato. Try to keep the number of clicks required to get from your main page to any other page on your site down to three. Lanciamo il nostro editor preferito Gedit, Kedit o Kwrite , nel caso si lavori con interfaccia grafica, oppure nano o vim da shell. Always have good navigational links on every page and place your company logo at the top of each page. Come si puA? osservare ogni parametro A? preceduto da una esaustiva spiegazione della funzione svolta e dei valori che puA? assumere rendendo il settaggio estremamente semplice e intuitivo. Resta comunque inteso che la migliore messa a punto dei parametri A? quella ottenuta sul campo, quando anche la vostra stazione osservativa si dovrA  confrontare con una realtA  piena di eventi indesiderati che innescheranno falsi allarmi (foschia, nuvole, scintillazione stellare, seeing non ottimale, pioggia, insetti, etc.).
View your site through different browsers and screen resolutions so you will see how your visitors will view your site.
Noterete molti parametri che attualmente non sono configurati in quanto non utilizzati ed altri settati a seconda della configurazione hardware posseduta. The proven fact is - the simple, well-designed, professional looking web sites make the sales. In questo caso si utilizzeranno dei file supplementari denominati thread, dove in ciascun file specifico ad una determinata telecamera verranno inseriti i relativi parametri dedicati. Diverse schede dispongono inoltre di vari ingressi video (composito, s-video) ragion per cui bisogna indicare a motion quali di questi utilizzare (parametro input). Uno dei parametri fondamentali per il tipo di lavoro che svolge SOSO A? despeckle che permette di inserire un filtraggio flessibile e personalizzabile per eliminare gli effetti della scintillazione stellare e del rumore nell'immagine. Dopo varie prove ho trovato un buon compromesso fra soppressione di falsi allarmi e capacitA  di rilevare piccole variazioni impostando il despeckle a edD. Una volta terminata la configurazione di motion.conf, basterA  eseguire da shell il comando motion ed automaticamente si avvierA  il programma di monitoraggio, portandosi in daemon mode.
Nel caso di SOSO il comando A? avviato tramite lo schedulatore, il quale gestisce anche altre attivitA  vitali per il buon funzionamento dello strumento (chiusura sessione osservativa, trasferimento dei dati al server remoto, programmi di diagnostica per la verifica di SOSO).

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