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Even if you are putting aside money every month for car repairs and maintenance, it’s a good idea to try and save on maintenance costs wherever possible. One other benefit of learning to change your car’s oil yourself is that you won’t be sucked into buying other overpriced car add-ons and accessories when you go into the shop. The things that you will need for changing your car’s oil are, a container of new car oil and a new car oil filter. To fill the engine with new oil, remove the oil cap, place the funnel in the hole, and pour in the new oil. If you are hesitant to do change your own oil or simply do not have the time then go to trusted car maintenance and repair service. Oil Capacity 2 qts**Kit Includes One Genuine Pure Polaris Oil Filter 25400862 Quarts of Polaris PS-4 Full Synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil. In fact, it is prudent to set aside a reasonable amount of your monthly budget each month so that you have the funds available when repairs or maintenance of your vehicle is required. These types of items include car deodorizers, chargers for your mobile gadgets and new windshield wipers not to mention an array of items found at the cashier when you pay for your oil change.

Although the quality difference between economy and quality filters is huge, the price differential is not. Depending upon the type of vehicle, it can be reached from the top or from beneath the engine. Among the characteristics for this part is the 2 quarts of polaris ps-4 full synthetic 4-cycle engine oil. Finally, you are also going to need an oil filter wrench as well as an open-end wrench to do the job.
If you change your oil frequently then you might be able to get buy with an economy filter.
Now, position the container for the used oil underneath it and, with the wrench, twist the drain plug open.
After this, check the level of the oil and see to it that it is at the proper level before putting the oil cap back on. The money saved can then be set aside to pay for other repairs or maintenance that you may not be able to take care of yourself.

However, if you know that you don’t change your filter regularly or forget to change the filter when you should, it’s much more prudent to go with the better filter. Be careful that you do not spill the used oil on the ground since it is very messy and annoying to clean up.
Hold the new filter in an upright position to avoid spilling the oil and then gently screw it back into place. If you want to make sure you protect your engine so that it will last, changing the oil, though a simple job when you know how to do it correctly, is one of the most important tasks that will help maintain your vehicle.

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