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In this article we will discuss different examples of user administration on CentOS 7 & RHEL 7. Now try to login as mark and see whether user is getting a prompt to change password or not.
Now if your password got expired and the user tried to login then it will be prompted to change password. Unix & Linux Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of Linux, FreeBSD and other Un*x-like operating systems. So this means that 2 weeks after the last password update of the user the password will expire, but because of the "maxexpired=-1" the password will never expire, and the user [that has for ex.: only FTP access] will not be locked out? Defines the maximum time (in weeks) beyond the maxage value that a user can change an expired password.
If you set maxexpired to a positive value, the user can still change their expired password themselves (on login) during that many weeks.
When you set maxexpired to -1, this means that the user will be able to change their expired password (and thus log in) whenever they want - they won't need assistance from an administrator to be able to update their password and log back in.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged users password aix or ask your own question. After publishing my manuscript in a relatively new journal can I then withdraw it and publish the same manuscript at a different journal? It’s the system administrators responsibility to find a way to force developers to change their password.
In this article let us review how you can use Linux chage command to perform several practical password aging activities including how-to force users to change their password. As shown below, any user can execute the chage command for himself to identify when his password is about to expire.
If user dhinesh tries to execute the same command for user ramesh, he’ll get the following permission denied message. Please refer to our earlier article: Best Practices and Ultimate Guide For Creating Super Strong Password, which will help you to follow the best practices while changing password for your account.

If the password expiry date reaches and user doesn’t change their password, the system will force the user to change the password before the login as shown below. You can also use chage command to set the account expiry date as shown below using option -E. Typically if the password is expired, users are forced to change it during their next login. I have been reading your articles from last few months, its great site for newbies as we all as for experienced ones. I take it there is no way to do this as a global policy, for all users now and forevermore? Use this Contact Form to get in touch me with your comments, questions or suggestions about this site. Advanced users who spend a fair amount of time in the command line may wish to adjust their sudo password expiration to be more secure (or less secure, by extending the password grace period timeout). In order to change or remove the sudo password grace period timeout, we’ll be using visudo, this trick applies to Mac OS X as well as linux by the way. You can also adjust timeouts to specific users, which is helpful if you have added a user to sudoers and want to set a specific password grace period for an individual user account. There is quite a bit more to learn about the sudoers file which may be relevant to advanced users on Mac OS X and linux platforms, exploring the man page is helpful and offers many other options. Local accounts or users in Linux like operating system is managed by useradd, usermod, userdel, chage and passwd commands. But if the user never logins and the date passes 30 days then the user account will be locked (inactive).
Feel free to get back to us in case on any difficulty and do share your valuable comments and suggestions. Past that delay, only an administrator can update the password (and thus the user cannot log in at all after that delay without help from an administrator). The user will be locked out, which is not a problem but a security measure to prevent users that haven't used their account for a long time (for example got fired), not to be able to access their accounts by changing passwords if they gained access somehow to a workstation inside the company.

But typically developers and other users of Linux system won’t change the password unless they are forced to change their password. In the following example, user dhinesh password is set to expire 10 days from the last password change.
You can also set an additional condition, where after the password is expired, if the user never tried to login for 10 days, you can automatically lock their account using option -I as shown below.
When a user in Linux wants to change their password, it won’t let them use a word based on a dictionary reference.
Would you please epxlain what should we do if root itself is gets locked and how to prevent to be happening again.
I will be posting instruction guides, how-to, troubleshooting tips and tricks on Linux, database, hardware, security and web. Typically this means removing any password timeout so that the default five minute password cache is abandoned, thus requiring the root password to be entered anytime a command is prefixed with sudo. If you do not know what you’re doing with sudo, vim, or visudo, and are not very experienced at the command line, do not attempt to change any of this. How can I disable a user’s login without disabling the account on a Linux based server? A broken sudoers file can lead to a huge swath of problems and issues, and may require restoring from a backup. Only in some situations, this is not happening and hence it is not prompting for password change during first login. It is performed by rendering the encrypted password into an invalid string by prefixing the encrypted string with an !.

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