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When I first received my HTC One M8, I was in love with the 5-inch screen size, but the icons and font just seemed too big, wasting valuable screen real estate.
WarningKeep in mind that altering your DPI may cause the Google Play Store to incorrectly label your device as incompatible when downloading apps. Step 1: Install ADBThis whole process relies on issuing ADB commands to your device, so if you don't have it installed on your computer, use one of the guides linked below to grab a copy. Step 2: Find Your Original DPIBefore going any further, you should check your original DPI in case you need to revert back later. Hey man, I have just one question, how the hell did you get your keyboard to adapt with your screen after changing the dpi ??
For me it doesn't, I have a screen of 160 dpi, can you tell me what's the best for a screen this size without having that keyboard problem nor force closes in samsung apps ?? It sounds like you left "DPI" in the second command instead of replacing it with the chosen DPI value. I have a question though, regarding the app error issue, do I have to revert back to the original DPI before re-installing the app?
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NOTE: You WILL need to repeat the process to set your screen back to normal so, keep note of your original screen size. You may need to reset your lockscreen wallpaper, mine doesn't seem to restore to proper size when i perform these commands. Given that OP hasn't mentioned which Android device is installed would you mind mentioning am display-size as well? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged samsung-galaxy-s-3 screen-resolution or ask your own question. Why did Queen Amidala decline a Senate investigation of her accusations against the Trade Federation?
I received a CV from an agency but received it direct from the person first - where do I stand? Phablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, have only slightly larger screens, but don't seem to have this problem since manufacturers lowered the device's DPI, or dots per inch.I want to keep my phone as stock as possible, but I also want to find a way to alter my screen's pixel density without needing root access (which tools like Window Manipulator require), and that's when I stumbled across Kyle Gruel's method, relying only on ADB commands to do the trick. This is caused by developers limiting their app's compatibility based on a device's DPI value. Android devices ship with DPIs ranging from 120 up to 640, but know that as you decrease the value, the icons and font size decrease as well.

I have a rooted HTC Desire 510, and I have UI Tuner, an app to change my screen resolution and DPI. Thank You for this tutorial.For devices that has 480 DPI, I would recommend tweaking it into between 380 - 420 for best look and performance, meaning your screen will look neatly condensed but you won't suffer any difficulty in reading the texts. So if for any reason you get an error, all you have to do is revert back to your original DPI and download the app again. Below you will find examples of various DPIs running on an HTC One M8, so use those as a guide. After I change my resolution to anything above my default screen size, my screenshot no longer works. If and when the user clarifies which Android version, then they will accept the given answer or request additional information.

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