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I quite like the look of Windows 10, and the images that come with it, but like all previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system it’s easily customizable. Changing the look of the wallpaper and lock screen is done through Start, Settings, Personalization, and you can spice things up with your own photos.
Screen contains all of the lock screen images and Wallpaper is where you’ll find all of the available wallpapers. The Nook Simple Touch (or Glow Light) features a couple of different screen saver themes (nature or authors) to display whenever your device goes to sleep.
Give the folder an appropriate name and connect the Nook to your computer with the USB cable. Earlier, we showed you how to prevent PC users from accessing Internet Connection Properties dialog, so that they can not change the DHCP settings and DNS server address. The Local Group Policy Editor holds two categories, namely Computer Configuration and User Configuration. The Personalization Setting page holds numerous desktop personalization objects’ settings including color scheme, theme, windows & buttons visual styles, screen saver, window color and appearance, desktop background, mouse pointers and more. Similarly, you can prevent standard User Account holders from changing the screensaver by disabling the Enable screen saver option. When a PC users open Personalization dialog to change the desktop background, default Windows sound etc., they will find these options greyed out. In case, you’ve enforced a specific screen saver, standard user account holder won’t be able to change the pre-defined screen saver.

The Personalization setting folder includes numerous desktop and visual personalization settings that you change, and apply limits on accessing personalization objects’ settings.
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AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Using the built-in Microsoft Management Console snap-in called Local Group Policy Editor, you could define a wide range of system components’ usage constraints to limit users’ access to core system settings as well as visual configurations. If you’re not logged in as administrator, then first log off and log back in to Windows via an administrator account. To change the default Personalization settings, expand User Configuration followed by Administrative Templates. If you for instance want to revoke access to Desktop Background dialog, just open the Prevent changing desktop background option, and select Enabled option to restrict user from changing desktop wallpaper. Moreover, if you want to enforce a specific screen saver for all user accounts, open Force specific screen saver, select Enabled, and then specify the screen saver file you want to use for user accounts.
It’s worth mentioning here that, unlike other type of Windows access restrictions, the personalized options don’t prompt users to enter the Administrative password to proceed. You might also want to take a look at our guide to preventing users from accessing Control Panel.
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By having systems and controls, like pc policies, the for mentioned results are at a more obtainable grasp. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Like previous Windows versions, Windows 7 lets you prevent PC users from tweaking the default or specified Desktop Personalization settings, including theme settings, screen saver, sounds, desktop background, and other visual styles.
Once logged in, bring up Windows 7 Start Search and enter group policy or gpedit.msc to launch the Local Group Policy Editor.
Apart from enforcing a specific visual style file across network, you have the option to load a specific theme, prevent users from changing mouse pointers, desktop icons, window color and appearance. This post shows you a simple way of applying user access limits on Personalization and Visual Styles in order to prevent PC users from changing their settings. This will open all the personalization-related settings in main window, allowing you change the default options and apply limits as per requirement.
This is why you will not find an employee at a brick and mortar store playing candy crush on a company cash register pc.

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